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Aneta. Manacobeece. Eppera. Parawiannos. Lupulee. Madewini.

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Maburesa. g. Maburesa. g.



kebe very g.

So called after the name of the right honourable the Earle of Essex.

Shebaios. Arwaccas. Panapi. Arwaccas. Arwaccas. Wacawaios. Arwaccas. Iaos. Shebaios. Arwaccas. Charibes. Maripai. Wocowaios. Parawianni. Iwarewakeri. laos. Panipi.

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Caiaremappo. Waroopana. Maripa. Chipariparo. Towtwi. Sarinbugh. Wariwagh. Cooparoore. g.

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Awiapari. Topoo. Tocoopoima. g. Pekwa. g. Arwakima.

51 52

Waini. g. Barima. g. Caitooma. Arooca. Amacur. g. Aratoori. g. Cawrooma. g. Raleana, or Orenoque. Maipar Ita caponea Owarecapater. Warucanasso.

Ilands in the

mouth of Raleana.





Caporaco. great Cap.

beds are here to bee had in plentie, and so
all the coast alongst Eastward.

Some images
of golde, spleenestones, and others may bee
gotten on this coast, but they doe somewhat
extraordinarily esteeme of them, because
every where they are current money. They
get their Moones, & other pieces of gold by
exchange, taking for each one of their greater
Canoas, one piece or image of golde, with
three heades, and after that rate for their
lesser Canoas, they receive pieces of golde of
lesse ne. One hatchet is th ordinarie
price for a Canoa. They have every where
divers sorts of drugs, gummes, and rootes,
which I doubt not by farther trial, will be
found medicinable.

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[111. 690.] Here follow the names of those worthie Spaniards

that have sought to discover and conquer Guiana : Extracted out of the writings of Juan de Castellanos clerigo, who compiled the booke intituled, Primera parte de las Elegias

de varones illustres de Indias. TH

He enterprise of Guiana was undertaken by Diego

de Ordas of the kingdome of Leon, in the yeere 1531. Hee was one of the captaines of Cortes in the

conquest of Mexico. This Ordas made his entrance by The river of the river of Amana, by which wee entred, and spent fiftie Amana by dayes before hee came to the river of Orenoque, which which Sir

we past in fifteene. Hee named the river by which Ralegh first

hee entred, Viapari; which name it still retaineth in the entred, called Spanish descriptions. It lyeth South from Trinidad some by Diego de

five leagues. He transported out of Spaine a thousand Ordas Viasouldiers. He dyed

He dyed afterwards at sea in returning for pari: and by

Spaine. Casas Ivia 2 Juan Corteso arrived at the river of Amazones or

Orellana with three hundred men: Hee marched up into the countrey. But neither hee nor any of his companie did returne againe.

3 Gaspar de Sylva, with his two brothers, departed from Teneriff, accompanied with two hundred men to assist Diego de Ordas. They sought El Dorado by the river of Amazones: but staying there a short time, they fell downe to Trinidad, where they all three were buried.

4 Juan Gonsales set saile from Trinidad to discover Guiana. He reposed himselfe more on the faith of his guides, then on his small number of men. Hee by triall founde the confines of Guiana, so farre as hee entred, to bee populous, plentifull of victuall, and rich in golde. Upon such proofes as hee brought with him, to make good his report, many others adventured to follow his steps.

Barth, de



5. 6 Philip de Uren, & after him Pedro de Limpias, who both successively commanded the Almaines, were leaders in this action. Limpias was slaine by an Indian Casique named Porima.

7 Jeronimo de Ortal undertooke it by the way of Maracapana. After great travell and his substance all spent, he dyed on the sudden at S. Domingo.

8. 9 Ximenes, brother of Don Ximenes de Quesida the Adelantado, and Pedro de Orsua were both at sundry times in the same conquest.

10 Father Iala, a Frier, taking with him onely one companion, and some Indian guides passed into the provinces of Guiana. Hee returned with good intelligence, and brought with him Eagles, idols, and other jewels of golde, An. 1560. Hee assayed the second time to passe in like maner, but was slaine by the Indians.

11 Hernandez de Serpa also undertooke it. The Indians of Cumanawgoto killed him, and defeated his armie.

1 2 Afterwardes, Diego de Vargas, and his sonne Don Juan followed this enterprise, and at their first setting out, were slaine by the Indians.

13 Caceres undertooke this discovery from Nuevo Reyno de Granada.

Hee came no

neerer to it then Matachines, which borders upon the sayd kingdome of Granada. Hee rested there and peopled that place.

14 It was also attempted by Alonzo de Herera, at two severall times. Hee endured great miserie, but never entred one league into the countrey. Hee sought it by Viapari or Amana, and was at last slaine by a nation of Indians called Xaguas.

15 It was also undertaken by Antonio Sedenno, with whom Herrera and Augustine Delgado joyned in the conquest of Trinidad, against Bawcunar a famous king of that place. He passed by Maracapana in the yeere 1536, to discover El Dorado with 500 chosen men. In this journey hee got much gold, and tooke many Indian prisoners, whom hee manacled in yrons; and many of



2 I


them dyed as they were led in the way. The Tigers being feshed on those dead carkeisses, assaulted the Spaniards, who with much trouble hardly defended themselves from them. Sedenno was buried within the precinct of the empire neere the head of the river Tinados. Most of his people perished likewise.

16 Augustine Delgado searched the countrey to the Southward of Cumanawgoto with 53. footemen, and three horsemen. The warres that were then betweene the Indians of the vale, and those of the mountaines, served well for his purpose. By which occasion he found meanes to passe so farre, untill he came to an Indian Casique, named Garamental, who entertained him with all kindnesse, and gave him for a present some rich jewels of golde, sixe seemely pages, tenne young slaves, and three nymphes very beautifull, which bare the names of three provinces from whence they were sent to Garamental

chiefe commander of all that countrey. Their names [III. 691.) were Guanba, Gotoguane, and Maiarare.

vinces are of an excellent temperature, very healthfull, and have an admirable influence in producing faire women. The Spaniards afterwardes to requite the manifold curtesies that they received in that countrey, tooke and carried away, besides all the golde that they could get, all the Indians that they could lay holde on: they conveyed them in yrons to Cubagua, and sould them for slaves. Delgado afterwards was shot in the eye by an Indian : of which hurt he died.

17 Diego de Losada succeeded in his brothers place. Hee had many more men; who in the ende wasted themselves in mutinies: those that lived returned to Cubagua.

18 Reynoso undertooke this journey: but having endured exceeding troubles, in the discomfort of his minde, he gave it over, and was buried in Hispaniola.

19 Pedro de Orsua, in the yeere 1560. sought it with 400. Spaniards by the river of Orellana. Hee imbarqued his men in the countrey of the Motijones. As they passed downe the river, they found Synamom trees.

These pro

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