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Navigations Voyages
Traffiques & Discoveries

of the English Nation

Made by Sea or Over-land to the
Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters
of the Earth at any time within the

compasse of these 1600 Yeeres


Preacher, and sometime Student of

Christ-Church in Oxford


James MacLehose and Sons

Publishers to the University
New York: The Macmillan Company

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A Catalogue of the Voyages of this tenth volume

made to all the Isles called Las Antillas,
and along the Coasts of Tierra Firma, and
certeine voyages made for the discovery of
the large, rich, and beautifull Empire of
Guiana, with the discourses and letters
pending upon


voyages of this tenth volume :

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The voyage of sir Thomas Pert, and Sebastian Cabot in

the yere 1516, to Brasil, Santo Domingo and Sant
Juan de Puerto rico.


The voyage of Thomas Tison an English man to the

West Indies before the yere 1526.


The first voyage of the right worshipfull and valiant

knight sir John Hawkins, sometimes treasurer of her
Majesties navy royall, made to the West Indies in
the yere 1562.



The second voyage made by the R. W. sir John Hawkins

knight with the Jesus of Lubec, one of her Majesties
ships, and the Salomon, and two barks, to the coast
of Guinie, & from thence to the isle of Dominica,
all along the coast of Tierra firma, & so homewards
about the cape of S. Anton upon the West end of
Cuba, & thorow the chanel of Bahama; Begun 1564.


36 X488

A Catalogue of the Voyages—Continued.


The third troublesome voyage of the right worshipfull sir

John Hawkins, with the Jesus of Lubec, the Minion,
and foure other ships, to the parts of Guinea, and
the coasts of Tierra firma, and Nueva Espanna, Anno
1567, & 1568.


The first voyage attempted and set foorth by the valiant

and expert captaine M. Francis Drake, with a ship
called The Dragon, and another ship & a pinnesse,
to Nombre de Dios and Dariene, about the yeere


The voyage of John Oxnam of Plimmouth to the West

India, and over the streight of Dariene into the
South sea, Anno 1575.


The voyage of M. Andrew Barker of Bristoll with two

shippes, the one called The Ragged staffe, and the
other The Beare, to the coast of Tierra firma, and
the bay of the Honduras in the West Indies, Anno


The opinion of Don Alvaro Baçan marques of Santa Cruz,

and high admirall of Spaine, touching the fleet of sir
Francis Drake lying at the isles of Bayona on the
coast of Galicia, written in Lisbon the 26 of October
1585, after the account of Spaine.


The famous expedition of sir Francis Drake to the West

Indies, wherein were taken the cities of saint lago,
saint Domingo, Cartagena, with the Fort and towne
of saint Augustin in Florida, in the yeers 1585, and


A resolution of the principall land-captaines, which accom

panied sir Francis Drake in his memorable voyage to
the West Indies, 1585; what course they thought
most expedient to be taken. Given at Cartagena
the 27 of February 1585.

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