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A Catalogue of the Voyages Continued.



A Catalogue of the Voyages-Continued.

was cast away upon the yles of Bermuda : where all
the company that escaped drowning remained for
certain moneths, built themselves a barke, sailed to
Newfoundland, and so home 1593.


The voyage of sir Robert Duddeley to the yle of Trinidad

and the coast of Paria: with his returne homeward by
the yles of Granata, Santa Cruz, Sant Juan de puerto
rico, Mona, Zacheo, the sholdes called Abre ojos, and

the yle of Bermuda, Anno 1594, & 1595.
The interpretation of certeine words of the language of

Trinidad annexed the voyage of sir Robert




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The voyage of sir Amias Preston and Captaine George

Sommers to the West Indies, begun in March 1595 :
wherein divers ylands, cities, townes, and forts were
part taken and ransomed, and





The last voyage of sir Francis Drake & sir John Hawkins,

intended for some special services on the ylands and
maine of the West Indies, Anno 1595.

In which
voyage both the foresaide knights died by sicknes.
A libell of Spanish lies written by Don Bernaldino

delgadillo de * Avellaneda, generall of the king of
Spaines armada, concerning some part of the last
voyage of sir Francis Drake: together with a
futation thereof by M. Henry Savile, &c.

* Or, Villa nueva.




The voyage of sir Antony Sherley to S. Iago, Dominica,

Margarita, along the coast of Tierra firma, to the
yle of Jamaica, the bay of the Honduras, 30. leagues

up Rio dolce, and homeward by Newfoundland, 1596.
The voyage of M. William Parker of Plimmouth to Mar-

garita, Jamaica, Truxillo, Puerto de cavallos, &c. with
his surprize of Campeche, the chiefe towne of lucatan.
An. 1596, 1597. •



A Catalogue of the Voyages Continued.
An excellent ruttier for the islands of the West Indies,

and for Tierra firma, and Nueva Espanna..


A principall ruttier conteining most particular directions

to saile from Saint Lucar in Andaluzia, by the
Canaries, the Antillas, and the other greater Isles
Westward of them, to Saint Juan de Ullua in Nueva


A declaration of the Capes and Islands aswell of Madera,

the Canaries, and The west Indies, as of the Açores,
and the Isles of Cabo Verde.


A declaration of the longitudes or Westerne and Easterne

distances from Spaine to New Spaine in America,
and from thence backe againe to Spaine.


The Epistle Dedicatorie of sir Walter Ralegh to the right

honourable the L. Charles Howard knight of the
Garter &c. and sir Robert Cecil, Councellour &c. .


The Epistle of sir Walter Ralegh to the reader.


The voyage of sir Walter Ralegh himselfe to the Isle of

Trinidad, where he tooke the citie of Saint Josepho,
and Don Antonio de Berreo the captaine thereof:
from whence with a barge and certaine boates he
passed up the bay of Guanipa, the river of Amana
one of the mouths of the great Orenoque, the maine
river of Orenoque it selfe, and other rivers, for the


400. miles: and in his returne homeward
sacked & burnt the town of Cumaná 1595.
An advertisement to the Reader concerning certaine letters

of the Spaniards intercepted at Sea.



Foure severall testimonies concerning the rich Empire of

Guiana, called by the Spaniards, El Nuevo Dorado,
collected out of certaine Spanish letters taken at sea
by captaine George Popham anno 1594.



A Catalogue of the Voyages—Continued.
Foure personall reports of certaine Spaniards and of a

Frenchman, concerning El Nuevo Dorado.


The Epistle of master Laurence Keymis to the reader. .


De Guiana carmen Epicum. .


The second voyage to Guiana performed and written in

the yeere 1596. by Laurence Keymis gentleman.

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A table of the names of the rivers, nations, townes, and

Caciques or captaines, which were discovered in the
voyage of M. Laurence Keymis before mentioned. .


A catalogue of the names of those worthy Spaniards that
have sought to discover and conquer



An advertisement of M. Laurence Keymis to the reader.




Sir Francis Drake,

Frontispiece Sir Francis Drake, son of Edmund Drake, sailor and after

wards Vicar of Upchurch, was born at Crowndale, near Tavistock about 1545, but the exact date is uncertain. He was apprenticed when young to the master of a Channel coaster, and his master, dying childless, left the vessel to him. He seems to have followed this trade for a short time, but in 1565-6 went on some voyages to Guinea and the Spanish Main with Captain Lovell. In 1567 he commanded the “Judith' of 50 tons in Sir John Hawkins' voyage to the West Indies, and barely escaped in the fight at San Juan de Ulloa. Immediately on his return to England, Drake was sent to London to “inform Sir William Cecil of all the proceedings of the expedition.' In 1570 he went on a voyage to the West Indies with two ships, the “Dragon' and the “Swan,' and in 1571 with the ‘Swan' alone,“ to gain such intelligences as might further him to get some amends for his loss' at San Juan de Ulloa. “And having in those two voyages gotten such certain notice of the persons and places aimed at as he thought requisite' he resolved on a third voyage. He sailed from Plymouth on 24th May 1572 with two small ships, the ‘Pasha’ and “Swan,' carrying seventy three men, and three dainty' pinnaces all in pieces and stowed aboard to be set up again as occasion served' with intent to land at Nombre de Dios.

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