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And Sold by WHITTAKER and Co., and HALL and Co., London.


Old Narquois, the Negro Driver.

By LEONARD STRONG. Author of “God our Refuge." Enamelled covers, price 6d.

“A beautiful illustration of the power of the Gospel.”—Mother's Friend, April, 1851.

"Another fine testimony to the power of the grace of God."—Bible Class Magazine, April, 1851.



The Condemned Negro; or, Man's Victim, God's Chosen. Enamelled covers, price 6d.

"A touching tale of light shining in a dark place."-Mother's Friend, May, 1851. "One of the sweetest histories we ever read."-Gospel Magazine, April, 1851.


A Brief and Simple Record of the Lord's gracious work among the Indians of British Guiana, by His servant JOHN MEYER, during four years and a half. Price 1s.

"John Meyer was a Swiss, a man of wondrous energy, no less eccentric than energetic; and therefore suited to the rude service of an evangelist in an American wilderness. He became an Indian in language and in habits; shunning, as with conscientious dread, the comforts of civilization, and casting himself, with his wife and children, entirely on the providence of God. Whether the little ones lay in the wilderness, blinded with the stings of vermin, or his wife delirious with fever, or they all hunger-bitten and lone; or whether serpents coiled themselves up under their pillows, or tigers prowled around their hut, or when the missionary was hurried down the river by the flood, or lost in the trackless forest, or preaching in Arrawack to Indians, or contending with sorcerers, or reproving vagrant Europeans, or teaching babes-he was the same patient and loving zealot, living for the salvation of the savage, and for the glory of the Saviour, and ready to die at any moment, if by his death that glory could be promoted. He did not labour in vain. A Church of about fifty members was raised up by his means, and endures as an immortal monument to his honour. Mr. Strong appears to be animated by a kindred spirit, and his little book is an original and valuable contribution to the great history of Christian missions,"-Christian Times.

The three last mentioned books bound together, and entitled, Gospel Reminiscences in the West Indies.

With Engraved Frontispiece (Kumaka River,') and Vignette (Deliverance from a Tiger,') elegant cloth, price 2s. 6d.

"An inestimable volume. To do justice to it in a brief notice is out of the question. It must be read to be appreciated. Every page is deeply interesting."-Gospel Magazine, April, 1851.

"The most interesting book we have read for a long time. We earnestly recommend this volume to our readers.”—Primitive Church Magazine, May, 1851.

"A very interesting book. It will be acceptable to those who desire to see how graciously God prospers the labours of His missionary servants."-Church of England Magazine, June, 1851.

In soliciting the attention of Authors to their Establishment, BINNS & GOODWIN have pleasure in referring to the subjoined testimony of the press of England, Ireland, and Scotland, to the style of their work, the capabilities of their press, and the advantages of their mode of publication.

From a Review of Ellen Seymour,' in the " Protestant World." "The enterprising house of Messrs. Binns and Goodwin, of Bath, has secured an honourable position among provincial publishers, not only for the valuable publications which have issued from their press, but also for the peculiar facilities they afford to Authors to publish works, which, though they have cost them a large amount of time and talent, they might be unable to produce unless thus guaranteed against pecuniary risk. This feature in their business arrangements enhances their claims on public support."

From a Review of 'Daily Meditation,' in the "Christian Witness." "This is the most elegant and tasteful thing of the kind that has yet appeared, and does much credit to the press of Messrs. Binns and Goodwin." From a Review of Katherine Douglas,' in the "Chester Courant.” "It is got up in a style of elegant neatness, both as regards typography and binding, and does great credit to the establishment of Messrs. Binns and Goodwin."

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From a Review of Katherine Douglas, in the "Plymouth Herald." "It is beautifully printed, and is got out in a style which reflects high credit on the publishers, and the capabilities of their printing establishment." From a Review of Helen Bury,' in the "Edinburgh Witness." "Another of the admirable series of tales now publishing by the enterprising firm of Binns and Goodwin, of Bath.

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From a Review of‘Helen Bury,' in the "Englishwoman's Magazine.” "The book exhibits the beauty of typography and illustration which usually distinguishes the publications of Messrs. Binns and Goodwin."

From a Review of Popery: its Alliance with Paganism,' in the "Englishwoman's Magazine."

"In whatever relates to execution and external appearance it deserves to be distinguished even among the beautifully finished publications of Messrs. Binns and Goodwin."

From a Review of Morning of Life,' in the "Aberdeen Banner.” "The work is beautifully got up by its enterprising publishers."

From a Review of 'Morning of Life,' in the "St. James's Chronicle."
"The book, which issues from the press of Messrs. Binns and Goodwin, of
Bath, is elegantly printed, and is illustrated by a beautiful portrait."
From a Review of Katherine Douglas,' in the "Leamington Courier."

"We know of no provincial publishers who have contributed more to the advancement of sound religion by the dissemination of books of a similar tendency to those we have just noticed, than Messrs. Binns and Goodwin, of Bath, all of whose publications are not only distinguished by their high literary excellence, but also by their superior typographical accuracy and taste."



RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Clergy, and Authors, to their Establishment for PRINTING and PUBLISHING. In the execution of works confided to their care, they feel assured they can offer real advantages, both in the mechanical department, and in competent literary assistance. It will also be their study to make such efforts as will promote a ready and an extensive sale.

B. & G. have much satisfaction in referring to the numerous works issued from their Establishment during a period of nearly a century; and more especially to their recent publications, some of which, of a perfectly unique character, they can confidently compare with the productions of any Press in the kingdom: while, by the continual addition to their carefully-selected matériel, of modern improvements and facilities, they are prepared to undertake any description of Book-Printing, in the most correct and elegant style.

Having also directed their attention very considerably to the higher order of pictorial embellishments, and employing Artists of first-rate ability, B. & G. will be happy to undertake the preparation and publication of Illustrated works in the first style of the art.



BINNS & GOODWIN beg to acquaint the Literary Public that they undertake the Printing and Publishing of New Works, (i. e. of real merit) on condition of 250 copies being taken, without any risk to the Author either in Advertising or remaining unsold copies, -and divide the profits of the whole Edition with the Author.

The object aimed at in this system of Publishing is to enable Authors to introduce their works before the Public without incurring a large and uncertain outlay-ensuring, at the same time, through a ready sale, which may be expected for works of real merit and interest, a due reward for their labours.

To enable the Author to realize an immediate benefit, 20 per cent. less than the publishing price of the book will be charged on the 250 copies: e. g.-for a book the price of which is 10s. only 8s. will be charged to the Author, and so on in proportion-and the profit on his own purchase of 250 copies and upwards, will be included in the ultimate division. All purchases above 250 copies will be charged 30 per cent. less than the published price.

It is also submitted, that Authors who prefer publishing by Subscription will find this mode present peculiar advantages, as it at once determines the amount of profit.

The facilities of communication, and convenience for transmitting proofs, being now so great as to render distance of little importance, as long experienced by B. & G., their publications being the labours of Authors throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland, they respectfully offer their services to Authors resident in any part of the kingdom, to Print Books, Pamphlets, Hymn-Books for Churches and Chapels, and Periodicals, with accuracy, elegance, and promptitude.

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