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of Falfhood, but likewise above the Poffibility of human Invention and Compofure.

BUT the two other Heads of Difcourfe will allow us to infift upon thefe Articles more particularly. From what has been faid, I would briefly make this one Remark, viz. That the Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures, fhould engage us to conceive and treat of thofe Sacred Writings, under Terms of the greatest Regard and Deference. The Prophane indeed themselves are ready enough to acknowledge them to be useful Writings, inasmuch as they prefcribe to Mankind the moft pure and perfect Leffons of Holy Living; but this is a Conceffion we are in no wife to be contented with, efpecially fince we can fo fully and manifeftly trace up their Heavenly Origin; for take away the Notion of their being divinely inspired, and they immediately lose all their Obligations; Let the Inftructions therein contain❜d, be never fo wifely calculated, they will come upon us without any Force and Authority, and the Obfer

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vance or Neglect of them will become Matter of entire Indifferency; nay, take away the Notion of their being divinely infpir'd, and they will not only fall below the Character of good and useful Writings, but must be univerfally esteem'd the most wicked and grofs Imposture that was ever put upon Mankind: To afcribe to the Almighty a Piece of mere human Compofition, to counterfeit the Seals of Heavenly Miffion, and to ufurp the Marks of Divine Authority, are Acts of Blafphemy, which would fix a Brand of Abomination and Abhorrence upon the Inftruments of fuch Collufion and Prophanenefs, let the Subftance of the Writings themselves, be never fo excellent. So that in treating with our Adverfaries upon this Article, tho' the Substance of the Holy Scriptures be one boafted Argument of their Worth and Excellency; yet we ought, as little as poffible, to take them in any View separate from their Divine Authority; because that ftamps a Dignity upon them, which muft confound all Gainfaycrs, and raife in the Mind of feri


ous Readers the most collected Attention,
the most fervent Application of Soul to-
; the
wards the Truths therein contain'd
most devout and joyful Sentiments of
Gratitude and Duty towards the Author
of them, God blessed for ever.

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2 TIMOTHY iii. 16, 17. All Scripture is given by Inspiration of God, and is profitable for Doctrine, for Reproof, for Correction, for Inftruction in Righteousness:

That the Man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all goodWorks.

HE Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures, intimated to us in thefe Words, All Scripture is given by Infpiration of God, appears at leaft highly reafonable, from the extreme Neceffity there is of fuch a Reve



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