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Printed by J. and T. Bartlett; and Published by
B. J. Holdsworth, 18, (souh side) St. Paul's Church-yard, London,
Sold also by J. Offor, Sunday School Union Depot, Newgate Street, L. B. Seeley, Fleet
Street, T. Blanchard, Conference Office, City Road, and Taylor, High Holborn, London;
Ann Williams, Oxford; J. Robertson, Edinburgh; M. Keene, Dablin; Tilling, Liverpool;
Clarke, Bristol; Godwin, Batb; J. and W. Clarke, Manchester ; Robinson and Co.

All communications are requested to be addressed, (post paid,) for the Editors, at the Publisher's, London, or at the Printer's, Orford.

We have received favours from the Rev. W. Wilson, of Queen's College; the Rev. J. Hili., of $t. Edmund Hall; and the Rev. J. Hrnton, Oxford; the Rev. J. N. GOULTY, Henley; and the Rev. J. Dore, Redruth.

Also from Irenæus; J.S. T. E. Pastoureau ; G. S. H. E. and Tertius.

H. *T.* and A Teacher, are inserted ;--a continuance of their correspondence is respectfully solicited.

Mara will appear next month ; J. S. and Tertius as soon .as possible.



TO THE PUBLIC. THE Editors have the satisfaction to state, that the rapid sale of their Work has far exceeded their most sanguine calculations, 1200 copies having been disposed of, and a Second Edition of nearly an equal number called for, in less than a fortnight. Encouraged by this strong demonstration of public esteem and approbation, the Editors renew their assurances that every exertion shall be made, and no expense spared, to render the Work worthy of continued and increasing support.

The Original Communications inserted in this Number, considerably exceed the intended limits of that department; but the Editors felt that it would be doing injustice to the Work to have omitted either of them; and they flatter themselves that their Readers will coincide with them in this opinion. A greate?" proportion will be allotted to the Illustration of Scripture, and Sunday School and Missionary Intelligence in the next Number.

1 Plates and Cuts, to such subjects as may require

n the cours




Monthly Reward Book.

JANUARY, 1821.


A Sunday School Teacher's New Year's Address

to his Children.

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Wilt thou not from this time cry unto me, My father, thou art the

guide of my youth? JEREMIAH iii. 4, THE beginning of a new year affords me a new opportunity to invite you, my dear children, to begin a life of holy obedience to the will of God, or to set out afresh in that good path, if you have already begun to walk therein.

In the words which I have read, our heavenly Father himself speaks to you, and I hope you will listen to his kind and condescending call. He speaks to you of the guidance of your future life, because he knows that children cannot guide themselves. He graciously offers to be himself your teacher; and entreats that you will from this time cry, that is pray earnestly, to him to be your father and the guide of your youth.

You may not yet have considered how much youth want a guide; how ignorant you are; and how ‘ready every child is to fall into evil, and to injure both his body and his soul.

You have often seen a little child fall into mischief by running away from its parents; and most of you still need to be warned against the common dangers of life, and to have it said

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