Broken Into Wholeness: The Beauty of Truth

Front Cover
Salem Publishing Solutions, Incorporated, 2008 - 208 pages
This is a must read book for everyone! This is a true journey of Kelly seeking the face of the Father, by pressing in to have a conscious relationship with The Most High Living God. To the super-natural manifestations that have taken place with her and in her life. This is truly a journey of being tried by the fire of God and modeled into His instrument. While Ra takes us into the Bible with a fresh look and approach with practical steps that each of us can apply to receive our own personal conscious developed relationship with Christ.In this book, "Broken into Wholeness: the Beauty of Truth," you will witness a unique balance of the creative storytelling coupled with the powerful wisdom of shifting your identity as you are "born from above." As we each continue by pressing in, and pressing forward we shall connect to that direct Communion with our Heavenly Father, that each of us deep down long for.Ra Lovingsworth is known as a public speaker, and is currently getting his degree in Biblical Studies at Liberty University. Mr. Lovingsworth is also a Christian and Religious scholar, bringing the deep essence of Higher Truth together for the ingathering of those who choose to be chosen.Kelly Lovingsworth is known throughout the United States to the U.K. for her candid yet compassionate word of knowledge; which brings forth greater clarity and understanding to her unique style of teaching which continuously assists individuals on their journey of direct experience with the Father. They are both professional, confidential life coaches, consultants, writers and speakers each with their special gifts and tools. Mr. and Mrs. Lovingsworth are uniquely wired to identify and present fresh solutions and Biblically based options for

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