Greater Syria: The History of an Ambition

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Oxford University Press, 26 мар. 1992 г.
While for many years scholars and journalists have focused on the more obvious manifestations of political life in the Middle East, one major theme has been consistently neglected. This is Pan-Syrian nationalism--the dream of creating a Greater Syria out of an area now governed by Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey. Though not nearly as well known as Arab or Palestinian nationalism and hardly studied in depth, Pan-Syrianism has had a profound effect on Middle Eastern politics since the end of World War I. In Greater Syria, the noted Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes provides the first comprehensive account of this intriguing, important, and little understood ideology.

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Greater Syria: the history of an ambition

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Pipes, director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, sets out the historical background of the creation of the modern state of Syria and of its political institutions, all of which serve as the ... Читать весь отзыв


A Neglected Topic
Greater Syria in History
The Era of Lesser Syria

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