Public Documents of Massachusetts, Том 8,Часть 1

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1896

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Стр. 597 - ... [name of person signing] , and made oath that the foregoing certificate by [him or her] signed is true to the best of [his or her] knowledge and belief. I hereby approve the foregoing certificate of [name of child...
Стр. 414 - ... to two, and from two to all fair forms, and from fair forms to fair practices, and from fair practices to fair notions, until from fair notions he arrives at the notion of absolute beauty, and at last knows what the essence of beauty is. This, my dear Socrates...
Стр. 584 - ... the laws of the State requiring parents and other persons having control of children to cause them to attend school, unless the teachers or persons having control of such school shall keep a register of attendance in...
Стр. 595 - ... more than eight hours in any one day; or before the hour of seven o'clock in the morning or after the hour of seven o'clock in the evening.
Стр. 601 - ... and for each subsequent offense by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Стр. 598 - ... read at sight and write legibly simple sentences in the English language, or is exempted by law from such attendance.
Стр. 594 - Who, by reason of the neglect, drunkenness or other vices of the parents, is suffered to be growing up without salutary parental control and education, or in circumstances exposing him to lead an idle and dissolute life ; 6.
Стр. 596 - No such child shall be employed in any indoor work, performed for wages or other compensation, to whomsoever payable, during the hours when the public schools of the city or town in which he resides are in session, or...
Стр. 597 - ... date.) There personally appeared before me the above named (name of person signing) and made oath that the foregoing certificate by (him or her) signed is true to the best of (his or her) knowledge.
Стр. 596 - This certifies that I am the [father, mother, guardian or custodian] of [name of child] , and that [he or she] was born at [name of town or city] , in the county of [name of county, if known] , and state [or country] of , on the [day and year of birth] , and is now [number of years and months] old.

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