The study of Church history recommended, lecture

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Page 63 - Floating at ease while nations have effaced Nations, and Death has gathered to his fold Long lines of mighty Kings — look forth, my Soul ! (Nor in this vision be thou slow to trust) The living Waters, less and less by guilt Stained and polluted, brighten as they roll, Till they have reached the eternal City — built For the perfected Spirits of the just...
Page 59 - More sweet than odours caught by him who sails Near spicy shores of Araby the blest, A thousand times more exquisitely sweet, The freight of holy feeling which we meet, In thoughtful moments, wafted by the gales From fields where good men walk, or bowers wherein they rest.
Page 8 - The saint, the scholar, from a circle freed Of toil stupendous, in a hallowed seat Of learning, where thou heard'st the billows beat On a wild coast, rough monitors to feed Perpetual industry. Sublime Recluse ! The recreant soul, that dares to shun the debt Imposed on human kind, must first forget Thy diligence, thy unrelaxing use Of a long life ; and, in the hour of death, The last dear service of thy passing breath...
Page 9 - Christianity out of the page of man's history, and what would his laws have been, what his civilization ? Christianity is mixed up with our very being and our daily life, there is not a familiar object...
Page 19 - THE Land we from our fathers had in trust, And to our children will transmit, or die : This is our maxim, this our piety ; And God and Nature say that it is just.
Page 9 - Christian love is on it — not a law which does not owe its truth and gentleness to Christianity — not a custom which cannot be traced, in all its holy, healthful parts, to the gospel.
Page 45 - THERE is a change — and I am poor; Your Love hath been, nor long ago, A Fountain at my fond Heart's door, Whose only business was to flow; And flow it did; not taking heed Of its own bounty, or my need.
Page 62 - I cite again, the eloquent and admirable Rose, "a bright example of saints and martyrs — of men of whom the world was not worthy — who have done all and suffered all, that men could do and could suffer, for that one blessed cause, and in so doing and so suffering have found an elevation, a peace and a joy which nothing could give but the sense of God's presence, and the influence of God's Spirit, blessing his own servants in doing His own work. So warned, and so cheered, by the voice of Scripture...
Page 18 - ... and fit and able to lift man's thought and hope beyond earth, and lead it on heavenward. They did not sit down to sum up the exact cost of glorifying God ; they did not calculate exactly how many the holy roof would cover ; they knew with their hearts, if their tongues never uttered, the truth that High Heaven disdains the lore Of nicely calculated less or more. And in the spirit of that higher philosophy, they gave all they could, knowing, that they gave not in vain. And vain it has not been....
Page 40 - any disrespect, for he has done whatever could be done in " his way, by actually wedging and driving in one fact after " another into his pages till they bristle with facts, and the " heart and the imagination are alike beaten down and " crushed to pieces — and see, when one has read his careful " and laborious conglomeration of facts, what more we know " of Christianity, as a rule of life intended to influence both " individuals and nations, gradually to operate upon laws and " customs, and institutions...

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