Annual Control of the Federal Budget: Hearings Before the Joint Committee on Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures, Congress of the United States, Eighty-second Congress, First Session, Pursuant to Section 601 of the Revenue Act of 1941. September 14 and 26, 1951, Том 778,Выпуск 5

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1951 - Всего страниц: 59
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Стр. 22 - Service personnel are known and treated with consideration, let that plan be submitted as proposed legislation to the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries and the Senate Committee on Domestic and Foreign Commerce, as has been done with other Academy legislation.
Стр. 27 - ... much. Off the record. (Discussion held off the record.) Mr. CONTE. Mr. Chairman. I want to take this opportunity to compliment the witness, Mr. Obbard, and his supporting witnesses who are here today. It was the most intelligent and forthright presentation and it •was one of the finest presentations I have ever heard since I have been a Member of Congress. I only wish that some others would take a page from your book. It is an inspiration to sit here and talk intelligently as we did here today...
Стр. 24 - The Comptroller General is authorized and directed to make an expenditure analysis of each agency in the executive branch of the Government (including Government corporations), which, in the opinion of the Comptroller General, will enable Congress to determine whether public funds have been economically and efficiently administered and expended.
Стр. 28 - The first person to appear will be Mr. Elmer B. Staats, Assistant Director of the Bureau of the Budget.
Стр. 38 - ... to be obligated for a limited number of years, eg, grants for slum clearance and urban renewal. Others provide for renewal each year with no time limit, eg, education and welfare services for Indians in Alaska. Due to the existence of contract authorizations, another type of appropriations are those to permit the payment of obligations incurred under previously granted contract authorizations, ie, "appropriations to liquidate contract authorizations.
Стр. 19 - ... just stated that he was informed that Mr. Wingo made that threat. Mr. STRONG. I never heard of it before. Mr. FENN. Would not the stenographic report of the hearing disclose the facts? Did you not consult that? Mr.
Стр. 39 - In some cases part or all of the unobligated balance of a prior 1-year or multiple-year appropriation Is continued available for obligation and expenditure after it would otherwise expire. Such actions are called reappropriations. They are usually enacted In appropriation acts, but sometimes occur In other laws. They may be definite or indefinite in amount. (Example: Expenses, Commission on Renovation of Executive Mansion, 1951.) 8.
Стр. 37 - No-year appropriations" are available for both obligation and expenditure until the purpose is accomplished. This type of appropriation is used primarily for certain types of benefit payments and for construction of projects where a time limit would not add appreciably to the system of expenditure control. An example is the general construction by the Corps of Engineers in the Department of Defense. "Current indefinite appropriations" are appropriations in which both the obligations and subsequent...
Стр. 35 - ... information that is needed to view independently and with full understanding the budgetary needs of the Government. I am inclined to think, however, that this is not simply a matter of increasing the quantity of information to be placed before Congress. Instead of being a matter of quantity, it is first a matter of the relevance of information. That is to say, instead of knowing more about the lesser detail of individual budgetary proposals, Congress might want to know more about those matters,...
Стр. 37 - ... at the end of that time. Such appropriations remain available for the making of expenditures in payment of such obligations for two additional years. This type of appropriation is used occasionally for programs of an unusual seasonal nature or programs of a nonrecurring type which do not fit precisely within the fiscal year. (Example: Sugar Act Program, Agriculture...

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