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surrenders to the Turks, 422—pre- appropriation of Church property, sented with Thebes, 423-mur. 180—his estimate of Mounier and dered, 425.

Mirabeau, 182 — on the downfall Acciajuoli, Nerio, his invasion of of the monarchy, 183—his tribute Athens, 206, 122-master of the

to the work of M. Aulard, 184— Castle of Setines,' 207, 403-cha- opinion of Danton, 186—the fall racter of his rule, ib.—his daugh

of the Girondins, 187—depiction of ters, 404—act of treachery, ib.-

Robespierre, 188. imprisoned, -405_amount of his Acton, Lord, his essay on Cavour, 216, ransom, ib.-obtains the title of 377, 393_relations with Newman, Duke of Athens, 406—his death, 473- on the belief of Catholics, 407—will, ib.-dissensions of his 217, 17. sons-in-law, 408.

Actors, their influence on plays, 219, Nerio II, Duke of Athens,

85. character of his rule, 207, 417—his Adam, Charles, 'Vie et Euvres de death, 420.

Descartes,' 219, 48 et seq. Accidents, Bill for compensation for, Madame, 'Après l'Abandon 205, 291.

de la Revanche, 215, 363-368— Acland, A. H. D., introduction to

her salon, 363—characteristics, ib. The State and Old Age Pensions,

-style of her writing, 364-her 150.

revelation of Gambetta's real cha

racter, 364. Acre, bombardment of, 207, 577.

M. Paul, 'Vues d'Amérique,' Acta Sanctorum, publication of, 211, 370. 221, 12.

Adamklissi, the trophy of, 204, 130. Acton, Lord, 'Cambridge Modern Adams, Sir F. O., and O. D. CunHistory' planned by, 202, 97—his

ningham, The Swiss Confederareview of Dr Creighton's work on tion,' 212, 187, note, 191—on the the Papacy, 480— The History

army system, 204. of Freedom and other Essays,' 210, Addams, Jane, head of the Hull 527-contributor to the Quarterly House Settlement, 221, 230. Review,' 211, 322—extract from his article on liberty, 322.

Addington, Lord, his graduated

income tax, 206, 332. his Historical Work, 215, 166-characteristics, ib.--lite- Addington-Bruce, H., his translation

of The United States in the rary work, 167, 182—capacity for the arrangement of knowledge, 168

Twentieth Century,' 207, 28. -historical criticisms, 1694-lite-Addison, Joseph, Life of, 208, 94— rary judgments, 170-compared

dedication of his Travels' to Dr with Treitschke, ib.-metaphysical

Swift, 218, 56. interest in history, 171-pupil of Adenet le Roi: The End of a LitDöllinger, ib.—his theologicalstand. erary Era, 218, 413—his unique point, 172-176—lectures on the position, 414-four poems, 414, 416 French Revolution, 176–189–in- -patrons, 415, 416—title of 'le compatibility of liberty and equal- Roi,' 415—Les Enfances Ogier,' ity, 177-treatment of Church 417–419— Berte aus grans piés,' questions, 178-praise of Abbé 419-422-Beuves de Commarchis,' Sieyès, 179-causes for the State 422-Siège de Barbastre,' ib.

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• Cléomades,' 423-426 — his geo- Aflalo, F. G., The Genius of the graphical knowledge, 427-charac- River,' 213, 80. teristics, 428—realistio word-pio- Africa, table of nominal and market tures, 429-431.

value of British investments, 207, Adiabatic,' reaction, or explosion

250, 257, 265— demands of the wave, 214, 420.

natives for independence, 212, 141 Advertisements, system of, 214, 166.

-need for game reserves, 214, 334 See Trust, the National.

-the forest area, 219, 456-amount

of timber imported and exported, Advisory Aeronautical Committee,

457. experiments, 217, 223.

Central, the work of missionCouncil of Empire, proposal of

aries, 221, 238. an, 215, 271, 273-rejection, 271.

East, the timber supply, 219, Aebrenthal, Baron, his foreign policy, 456. 210, 667; 221, 437—his methods as

North, the timber supply, 219, Foreign Minister, 218, 291.

456. Aeroplanes and Airships, 217, 220

South, result of the Boer war, -invention of the aeroplane, 226–

202, 280; 211, 214; 216, 224. wing-control for balance, 227-irregularity of the velocity of the

and Lord Milner, 203, wind, ib. dividing planes, 228

277. See Milner. problem of flight, 229-analogy of

causes of the Boer war, the imp, 230, 232-the wings and 204, 291–293—Chinese labour quespropeller, 230—size of wings in tion, 585. racing aeroplanes, 231-the shape, ib.-wide span of the lifting sur

and the Government, face, 232—the ' aspect ratio,' 233—

204, 375. See Government. a biplane, 234_solution of the

histories of the war in, principle of balancing, 234-237— 205, 143. adoption of the inward-sloping

result of the grant of selfposition, 237—tendency to centri. fugal movement, 238-effect of

government, 209, 256grievances

of the 'retrenched? British offirudder-action, 239--use of warp

cials, 257–Chinese labour, 258. ing and ruddering, 240—a sideslip, ib._use of the fin or Vee,

Some Impressions 241-244-adoption of a vane, 245– from, 209, 432—relations between employment of a subsidiary plane, the two races, 432-435divergence ib. starting and landing, 246— of native policy in the states, 435— skids and wheels, 247.

Cape Colony, ib.-history of the for military purposes, 220,

Transvaal, 436—the Outlanders,

ib.-Lord Milner's policy of recon. 559.

struction, 437–introduction of the Afforestation, efforts to stimulate,

Chinese, ib.--antagonism between 214, 92. See Woods.

capital and labour, 438_result of Afghanistan, Abdurrahman installed the Het Volk alliance, 439–441–

Amir, 202, 337-his views of the Boers, Africanders and Hollanders, Russian occupation of Panjdeh, 441-changes made by the capital. 338.

ists, 442—ascendancy of the Dutch,

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442-445—frontier problems, 446_Agha Khan, H. H., his views on relations with the mother-country, education, 204, 569. ib.

Agricultural Co-operation, 209, Africa, South, effect of the war on 299—influence of politicians, 300Germany, 592.

the future of farming, 301—advanUnion in, 210, 712--the

tages of co-operation, 302, 310, 316Durban Convention, ib.—its result,

318-result on the Continent, 303– 713_after the war, 714the grant

number of societies in Denmark, ib. of self-government, 715–economic

--in Ireland, 304—in England, 306– revival, 716_tendencies to union,

308, 313-higher prices, 308_sale ib.--the Transvaal delegation, 717

of eggs and milk, 309—advantages -the new Constitution, 718 et seq.

of the motor service, ib. --sale of -comparisons with other colonies,

inferior manures and feeding stuffs, 719_the Senate, 721---and House

311_number of 'dealers,' 312of Assembly, 722—the capital, 713

equality of small holders, 313— -native franchise, ib.—the native amount of sales, 314, 318—number protectorates, 724—the problem of

of acres, 314, note-sales of the finance, 725-appeals to the Privy

Eastern Counties Farmers' AssoCouncil, 726-grounds of oppo

ciation, 318_educational methods, sition, 727-antagonists united, 728

319. --future effects, 729.

Holdings Act, 206,

294. the Draft Act of Union, 210, 730.

labour, conditions of childnumbe of Parliaments,

labour, 205, 35. 213, 236-cost of the war, 313; 216,

Labourers and Land229; 221, 519-522.

lords, 216, 412—Mr Hammond's contributions to Imperial

book, ib.-French and English defence, 215, 267.

peasantry, ib. .-area of cultivated

land in 1685, 444 proposed scheme of

field system, 445 details of its national defence, 216, 239.

working, 446 owners and free. population, 217, 294– holders, 447-defects of the system, cost of defences, ib.-character

448-450—causes of its disappear. of cricket, 502—development of

ance, 450—enclosure of commons, ‘googlie' bowling, 503-result of 451—Bridgewater Marsh, 452 self-government, 585.

rural suffering, 453—rise of wages,

454-456_agrarian riots of 1830, the forest area, 219, 457–

456-tithes, 457. amount of timber imported, ib.

Agriculture, effect of Free Trade on, Naturalisation Act, 220, 202, 260-progress and develop16 ---self-governing colonies of, ment, 218, 498_times of depres. growth of population, 539.

sion, 503, 504-average weekly

earnings of labourers in 1913, 219, war in, 221, 425.

586—summary of recorded sales of West, amount of timber ex

land, ib.-want of capital, 588ported, 219, 457.

use of motors, 220, 192. Against Home Rule : The Case for Board of, attitude on the the Union,' 217, 266,

importation of goats, 207, 127.

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Agriculture and Fisheries, Board of, aerial supremacy, ib.--the air

' 221, 61—its functions, 62.

service of France, 558, 560-airhistory of, in Scotland, 215,

ships, aeroplanes and kites for 406.

military purposes, 559-the German organisation, 560—British,

, School of, at Cambridge, 204, 561--the Military Wing, 561, 562507, 523.

564—the Naval Wing, 561, 562— Ailesbury, Memoirs of the Earl of,'

utility in reconnaissance, 564-567 203, 549. See James II.

suitable landing-grounds, 566—

action of aircraft against aircraft - Lady, her marriage, 203, in the air, 567-against troops on

550—imprisonment in the Tower, the ground, 568. 566—birth of a daughter, 568– Airships and Aeroplanes, 217, 220 death, ib.

-experiments of the Jesuit Lana, Lady, her friendship with Lady 221-use of hydrogen, 222-duraLouisa Stuart, 209, 203.

tion of a balloon journey, 223-exAilly, Cardinal Pierre d', the “Imago periments on the shape of an air

Mundi,' 221, 273—his tract, 'De ship, ib.-its capabilities and Legibus et Sectis, ib,

utility, 225—invention of the aeroAin Sitti Mariam or Virgin's spring,

plane, 226. 212, 79.

for military purposes, 220,

559. Ainger, Canon, 202, 169-his lofty

religious standard, ib.-character of Airy, Sir George, Astronomer Royal, his mouth, 170_gift of moral criti. 221, 184m his opinion of Sir David cism, 170, 187—his choice of a pro

Gill, ib. fession, 171-unchangeableness, ib. Aisne, battle of the, 221, 559.

- love of music, 172–-conservatism, 173—appearance, ib.—his genius Aitken, G. A., ‘Matthew Prior,' 218, for acting, 174-readings in public

92. and in private, 175, 190-Reader at Aix-la-Chapelle, Peace of, 209, 329. the Temple, 176-charities, 177- Akers, C. E., 'A History of South his wit, 177-179-characteristics,

America, 213, 451. 179—-power over quotations, ib.his verses, 180, 183–187—friend- Alabama claims,' terms of the settleship with Du Maurier, 181-his

ment, 204, 323. genius for friendship, 182–death Alba Longa, site of the ancient city, of his sister, ib.—of his friend 218, 333. Mrs Haslehurst, 183_lectures on

Alban Hills, The, 218, 330-_-view of Shakespeare, 188-190-his trans

them from Rome, ib.-geological lations, 191—friendships in literature, ib.-biography of Lamb, 192

development, 331-earliest cemehis sermons, ib.-religious views,

teries, 333-site of the ancient city 193–195-spiritual humility, 195—

of Alba Longa, ib.--constitution charm as a preacher, ib.

of the Latin League, 334—the great on Charles Lamb, 204, 175.

highways, 335—the Via Appia, 335,

340—the Via Latina, 335, 347– Air Service, Naval, development of,

importance of its geographical 219, 503.

position, 336—the chief resorts of Aircraft in, War, 220,558--the term wealthy Romans, 337-episcopal


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Albania, insurrection

, 203, 130–

jurisdiction, 338—increase of the 18-to Colonel Bruce, 19-21-to power of the Barons, 339—the

his son, 22-result of his marriage, power and wealth of the Papacy, 218, 202. ib.--cultivation of the vine and olive trees, 340—the site of Bovil- Albright, V. E., “A Typical Shakelae, ib.—town of Albano, 341—

sperean Stage, 208, 471. Ariccia, 342—Castel Gandolfo, 342, Albuera, battle of, 219, 21. 352—temple of Diana, 342—Nemi, 343_Valle Vivaro, 343, 347–

Alcock, R. J., on preferential trade

with Great Britain, 202, 577. Punta di Leano, 343-city of Lanuvium and the temple of Juno Alcohol, use of, for motor fuel, 220, Sospes, 344—Civita Lavinia, ib. 184. Sub Lanuvio, 345—Velletri, ib.Maschio d'Ariano, 346–Lago della Alden, Percy, "The Unemployed :

National Question,' 202, 637 et seq. Doganella and Castle of Piombinara, 347—village of Rocca Priora Raymond M., 'The Knight or Perjura, ib.Labici, Monte of the Burning Pestle,' edited by, Porzio Catone, 348—Frascati, ib.- 220, 32 hill of Tusculum, 349–351.--abbey Aldwinchle, Mr, on the use of conof Grottaferrata, 351--Marino, 352.

crete in building cottages, 205,

483. grievances against the Young Aldworthe, Thomas, founds the Surat Turks, 216, 209-revolutions, 210 -concessions of the Committee,

factory, 221, 89, 91. 212—the problem of, 218, 287– Aldwyn, Lord St, chairman of the difficulties of autonomy, 288, note,

Commission on Ecclesiastical Dis. prospects of unity amongst the cipline, 205, 243. tribes, 289—creation of an inde.

Aleman, Mateo, his ' Life of Guzman pendent State, 571-character of

d'Alfarache,' 209, 393, 397. the inhabitants, ib.--the work of consolidation, 572.

Alençon, Charles, Duc d', his marAlbanians, number, 210, 249---decla

riage and death, 221, 380. ration of rights, ib.--their cha. Aleppo, Archdeacon Paul of, “The racteristics, 676-nationality and Travels of Macarius,' extract from, language, 677, 688.

219, 140. • St Albans, Book of, 209, 355.

Alexander II, Czar of Russia, his Albano, town of, 218, 341.

emancipation of the serfs, 204, 251

---assassination, 252-his characAlbert, H.R.H. Prince, 207, 571- ter, 219, 469, 470.

his marriage to Queen Victoria, 573 -difficulties of his position, ib.

III, Emperor of Russia, his

maintenance of the autocratic his influence on foreign affairs, 594 his draft of a letter on the case

system, 204, 253—treatment of his of the “Trent,' 596–death, ib.

ministers, ib. elected a Bencher of the Inns of

T. J., on Garden Cities, 216, Court, 209, 385—his character.

503. istics, 213, 6-system of educa- Alexandra, Queen, her interest in the tion for King Edward, 16-his light-treatment of disease, 204, letter to the Dean of Christ Church, 138.

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