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USA: Guantanamo and beyond - The continuing pursuit of unchecked executive power

Appendix 5: Selected Al documents on "war on terror" detentions Pakistan USA: Incommunicado detention: Fear of "disappearance" : Fear of torture or ill-treatment l'ear of forcihle transfer, Al Index: ASA 33/7)7/2005.6 May 2005, http://web.arunęstv.org/library/Inde INGAŞA330072005 USA: Response to the proposed "Interrogations Procedures Aci", Al Index: AMR 51/039/2005, 16 February 2005, bup://neb amnesty.org/librarvi IndevENGAMR510792005 US.4: Open letter to US Senators as they prepare to vote on the nomination of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General, AI Index: AMR 51/031/2005, 1 February 2005. http://web.anncsty org/library/Index ENGAVR510312005 USA: Guantánamo: Trusting the executive, prolonging the injustice. Al Index: AMR 51/030/2005, 26 January 2005, http://sveb amnesty org/libraryIndex ENGAMR510302005 CS 1: Human rights not hollow words. In appeal to President George II. Bush on the occasion of his reinaguration, Al Index: AMR 51/012/2005, 19 January 2005, hupiweb.asunesty.org/librarv Index ENGAMR510122005 USA: Guantánamo - an icon of lawlessness. Al Index: AMR 51/002/2005, 6 January 2005, bilp.//wcb amnes14.org/library/IndeVENGAMR510022005 CSA: Guantánamo: The struggle for our children. Reports of chronic abuse bring more anguish - but new reason to hope as well, Al Index: AMR 51/001/2005.6 January 2005, http://wcb amnesti

org/library/IndevENGAMR510012005 US4: Proclamations are not enough, double standurds must end. More than words needed this Human Righis Day, Al Index: AMR 51/171/2004, 2 December 2004, hitp web awnestu.org/librarv:Inde VENGAMR5117/2001 UK: Briefing for the Committee against Torture, Al Index: EUR 45/029/2004, 26 November 2004 bitp://web.amuesty.org/library/IndeVENGEUR +50292004 USA: Guantánamo: Atilitary commissions - Amnesty International observer's notes, 10.3 Proceedings suspended following order by US federal judge, Al Index: AMR 51/157/2004. 9 November 2004, http://web.arancsty.org/libraviludcVINGAMR511572004 USA: Human dignity denied: Torture and accountability in the 'war on terror', AMR 51/145/2004, 27 October 2004, blip://cbamnesty.org/library/lude VENGAMR511452004 CSA: A deepening stain on US justice, Al Index: AMR 51/130/2004, 19 August 2004, http://web.arnesti orglibrary/lide vENGAMR511.302004 ISA: Administration continues to show contempt for (uantúnano derainees' rights, Al Index: AMR 51/113/2004, 8 July 2004, http://web.amnesty org/library/IndevENGAMR511132004 US 1: The US Supreme Court takes a step towards restoring the rule of law to Guantánamo, Al Index: AMR 51/110/2004, 28 June 2004, http://web amoesty or library/Index'ENGAMR3T1102014 CS1: The Gulf and the Trabian Peninsula: Human rights fall victim to the "War on Terror", Al Index: MDE 04/002/2004, 22 June 2004, http://web.amnesty.org.library/Index/ENGMDE0022004 US 1: Irag: Clarification needed on status of prisoners after 30 June. Open letter to the Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations. Al Index: MDE 14/031/2004, 18 June 2004, http://web.amnesty org/library/indevENGMDE 140312004 US1: Restoring the rule of law. The right of Guantánamo detainces to judicial review of the lawfulness of their detention, Al Index: AMR 51/093/2004, 16 June 2004, http://web.awnesti org/library/IndeVENGAMR510932004 US 1: Amnesty International calls for a commission of inquiry into 'war on terror' detentions, Al Index: AMR 51/087/2004, 19 May 2004, http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR310872004

USA: Guantanamo and bevond - The continuing pursuit of unchecked executive power.

USA: Interrogation techniques amount to torture. Al Index: AMR 51/081/2004, 13 May 2004, http://web amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR510812004 USA: An open letter to President George W. Bush on the question of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, Al Index: AMR 51/078/2004, 7 May 2004, http://webamunesty.org/libraryIndex/ENGAMR510782004 USA: Appealing for justice: Supreme Court hears arguments against the detention of laser Esam Hamdi and José Padilla. Al Index: AMR 51/065/2004, 1 May 2004, http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index ENGAVR510652004 Iraq: Torture not isolated independent investigations vital. Al Index: MDE 14/017/2004, 30 April 2004. http:/web.amnesty org library/Indes.ENGMDE140172004 CS4: Supreme Court must end lawlessness in Guantanamo Bav. Al Index: AMR 51/063/2004, 20 April 2004. http://web.amuesty.org.library LudeVENGAMR5100320 USA: Undermining security: violations of human dignity, the rule of law and the National Security Strategy in "war on terrordetentions. Al Index: AMR 51/061/2004. 9 April 2004, http://web.amnesty org/library/index/ENGAMR510012004 Yemen: Human Rights for 111 Conference on Guantanamo detainees and other detainees in Gulf region, Al Index: ACT 79/002/2004. 5 April 2004, http://web.amnesty.org/library/index/ENGACT790022004 CS1: Despite releases. Guantánamo remains an affront to the rule of law. Al Index: AMR 51/041/2004, 27 February 2004, http://web.amnesty.org/library/IndeVENGAMR510412004 USA: Ilolding human rights hostage. Al Index: AMR 51/164/2003, 23 December 2003. http://web.amnestv.org/library/IndeSENGAMR511612003 CS4: Guantanamo delamees: Iluman rights are not negotiable, Al Index: AMR 51 141 2003, 26 November 2003, http://wcb.amncsty.org/library/IndexENGAMR511412003 US4: Deporting for tornare? Al Index: AMR 51/139/2003, 14 November 2003, http://web.amncsty.org/library/IndexENGAMR511392003 US4: "We don't forture people in America", Al Index: AMR 51/128/2003, 20 October 2003, http://wcb amnest org/library/IndevENGAMR511282003 USA: The threat of a bad example -- Vindermining international standards as “war on terror detentions continue, Al Index: AMR 51/114/2003, 19 August, 2003, http://wcb amicstv.org/library/IndcVENGAMR511142003 Iraq: Continuing failure to uphold human rights. Al Index: MDE 14/159/2003, 23 July 2003, hilp://wcb. amncst.org/library/lodcVENGMDEIT1592003 Iraq: Memorandum on concerns relating to law and order, Al Index: MDE 14/157/2003, July 2003, http://web, anwesty.org/library/IndevENGMDE 141572003 USA: It is time for the legal limbo to end. Al Index: AMR 51/104/2003, 18 July 2003. hip://web.arnests org/library/lode vENGAMR511042003 (84: Sir named under Military Order: Another hackward step for human rights. Al Index: AMR 51/096/2003. 4 July 2003, hļ[p://web.anınçsly.org/library/IndexENGAMR510962003 Iraq: The CS must ensure humane treatment and access to justice for Iraqi detainees, Al Index: MDE 14/142/2003, 30 June 2003, http://web amnesty orgʻlibrary/Index/ENGUDE141422003 CS1 Malawi: inother unlawful transfer to US custoch? . 11 Index: LR 51 092/2003, 25 June 2003, hutp://web amnests.org/library.'Index/ENGAVR510922003 CS1: Watchdog agency finds post 911 detainees were deprived of righıs, Al Index: AMR 51/079/2003, 4 June 2003. buip heb ainestv.org/library/Index ENGANR510792003 Bosnia-llerzegovina: Cnlawful detention of six men from Bosnia-lIerzegovina in Guantánamo Bay, AI Index: EUR 63/013/2003, 30 May 2003 luttp://web.amunesty.org/library/IndexENGEUR630132003

USA: Guantanamo and beyond - The continuing pursuit of unchecked executive power

USA: The Guantánamo scandal continues. Al Index: AMR 51/078/2003, 29 May 2003, http://web.amuests org/library IndexENGAMR510782003 Iraq: Stripped naked and humiliated by US soldiers. Al Index: MDE 14/097/2003, 25 April 2003, http://web.amnesty.org/librar todox ENGMDE 140972003 USA: Iray: Responsibilities of the occupying powers, Al Index: MDE 14/089/2003, 16 April 2003. buip'iweb anunesty.org/library/lode VENGMDE110892003 USA: International standards for all, Al Index: AMR 51/045/2003, 25 March 2003, hilp://web amnesis org/library/lode VENGAMR 510452003 US4 : Guantánamo detainees - the legal black hole deepens, Al Index: AMR 51/038/2003, 12 March 2003, hilp in cb.aninestv.org/libran/Inde VENGAMR510382003 US4: one year on - the legal limbo of the Guantánamo detainees continues, Al Index: AMR 51/002/2003, 10 January 2003, http://web. amnests.org/library/IndexENGAN1R51002 2003 USA: Beyond the Law: l.pdate to Amnesty International's April Memorandum to the US Government on the rights of detuinees held in US custody in Guantánamo Bay and other locations. Al Index: AMR 51/184/2002, 13 December 2002, hitp.//web.amnesty.org/library/IndeVINGAMR511842002 Gambia: Incommunicado detention / leur of ill-treatment Health concern: Bisher Al-Rawi and Jamil El Banna. Al Index: AFR 27/006/2002, 11 December 2002 (and numerous updates) http://web.amnesty org/library TodevENGAFR270062002 USA: Detainees from Afghan conflict should he released or tried. Al Index: AMR 51/164/2002, I November 2002, hiip://web amnesty.org/library Inde. ENGAMR511642002 USA Possible disappearance forcible return. Maher Arar. Al Index: AMR 51/159/2002, 21 October 2002 (and numerous updates) http://web.amnesty.org/library/lodex/ENGAMR511592002 USA: Human rights v. public relations. Al Index: AMR 51/140/2002. 24 August 2002, http://web amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR511402002 CS1: Amnesty International sends observer to pre-trial hearing in the John Walker Lindh case, AI Index: AMR 51/114/2002, 15 July 2002, http:/weh amnesty.org/library/IndeV/ENGAMR511142002 Pakistan: Transfers to US custody without human rights guarantees, Al Index: ASA 33/014/2002, 20 June 2002, http://web.amnesty.org/library/IndeVENGASA330142002 USA: Memorandum to the US Government on the rights of people in US custod in 4/ghanistan and Guantánamo Bay. Al Index: AMR 51/053/2002. 15 April 2002, hitp://web amnesty org/library/Index/ENGAMR5105.32002 US 1 - Afilitary commissions: Second-class justice. Al Index: AMR 51/049/2002. 22 March 2002. http://web amnesty org/library/Index/ENGAMP510492002 CS1: Amnesty International's concerns regarding post September 11 detentions in the US.1, AI Index: AMR 51/044/2002, 14 March 2002, http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAVR510442002 US4: Post 11 September detainees deprived of their basic rights. Al Index: MR 51/045/2002, 14 March 2002, http://web.anwesty org library, IndeVENGAMR510452002 USA: Amnesty International to lour jails housing post September 11 detainees - but access to federal detention facility "stonewalled", AI Index AMR 51/025/2002, 5 February 2002, hitp://wcb amnesty.org/library/ludevENGAMR510252002 Afghanistan: Urgent action needed on prison conditions. Al Index ASA 11/004/2002, 1 February 2002, http://wcb.amnesty.org/library/ludes/ENGASAT10042002 USA: Amnesty International requests access to Guantánamo base, Al Index: AMR 51/015/2002, 22 January 2002, http://web.anncsty.org/library:'IudcxENGAMR510152002 USA: AI calls on the USA w end legal limbo of Guanuinamo prisoners. Al Index: AMR 51/009/2002, 15 January 2002. http://web.amncsty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR510092002


R 51063/2006 USAs Guantanamo and beyond - The coptouing pursukol unohecked


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The highest-ranking US general in Iraq authorised the use of interrogation techniques that included sleep manipulation, stress positions and the use of dogs to "exploit Arab tears" of them, it emerged today.

A memo signed by Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez authorised 29 interrogation techniques, including 12 that exceeded limits in the army's own field manual and four that it admitted risked falling foul of international law, the Geneva conventions or accepted standards on the humane treatment of prisoners.

The memo, dated September 14 2003, also stated that the Iraq interrogation policy was modelled on the one used at Guantanamo Bay "but modified for applicability to a theater (sic) of war in which the Geneva conventions apply".

On Friday, a US court ordered the papers' release under the American Freedom of Information Act, following a request by the American Civil Liberties Union.

"The memo clearly establishes that Gen Sanchez authorised unlawful interrogation techniques for use in Iraq, and, in particular, these techniques violate the Geneva conventions and the army's own field manual governing interrogations," ACLU lawyer Amrit Singh said in a statement. "He and other high-ranking officials who bear responsibility for the widespread abuse of detainees must be held accountable."

The memo also authorised techniques to alter the environment of prisoners, such as adjusting temperatures or introducing unpleasant smells, in the full knowledge that "some nations may view application of this technique in certain circumstances to be inhumane". Another technique, called "fear-up harsh', aimed at "significantly increasing the fear level of a detainee", was also given the green light. Yelling, loud music and light control were also cleared "to create fear, disorientate (the) detainee and prolong capture shock".

The existence of the memo had been widely rumoured in the wake of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal over the abuse of detainees by US guards. The US administration has maintained any abuse was the result of improper individual action and was not sanctioned by leaders.

The memo also laid out guidance for when the controversial interrogation techniques could be used. It stated there should be "a reasonable basis to believe that the detainee possesses critical intelligence". Dogs should be muzzled and under the control of a military dog handler "to prevent contact with the] detainee".

Gen Sanchez ordered that his personal approval should be gained before the most controversial techniques were used. He has denied that he gave that permission. The ACLU has a lawsuit pending against Gen Sanchez alleging direct responsibility for the torture and abuse of detainees in US military custody.

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