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The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Page Four
May 12, 2005

we recently learned the Army absolved four top officers, including Lt. Gen. Sanchez, of wrongdoing. To date, only one high-ranking military officer has been punished as a result of these inquiries, and many view her punishment as a mere slap on the wrist. As a result, it is not yet clear to the world that the United States is taking these abuses seriously.

The public interest demands we determine who is ultimately responsible for these abuses. While Private Lynndie England and other low-ranking officers have pled guilty, those who ordered and authorized their actions appear to have been protected by the military and this Administration. Because so many high level officials, including you, have been implicated in these events, the only way to ensure impartiality is through the appointment of a Special Counsel. Indeed, our nation's integrity is at stake. We must reassure the world that we will fairly and independently pursue legal violations wherever they occur.

We await your response on this important matter. At no point during this Administration has a Special Counsel been appointed." Please contact us through Perry Apelbaum or Ted Kalo of the Judiciary Staff at 2142 Raybum House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 (tel: 202225-6504; fax: 202-225-4423) if you have any questions about this request.


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Judiciary Democrats asked for Special Counsel to investigace the Halliburton Iragi Oil Contracts in June of 2004, and one was not appointed; Judiciary Democrats asked for a Special Counsel to investigate the CIA name leak in September of 2003, and one was not appointed; and Judiciary Democrats asked for a Special Counsel to investigate

The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Page Five
May 12, 2005

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The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Page Six
May 12, 2005

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The Honorable Albert R. Gonzales
Page Seven
May 12, 2005

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