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Lored members, owns and administers a importance to the American public, and 10 mosque and an Islamic school.

empowering Muslims in the United States

through social and political activism. CAIR Americzo-Arab Anti-Discrimination Com- has chapters nationwide. waittet (Washington, DC) – a national civil kannts organization committed to defending Second, the ACLU is actively urging Congress to sa ngents of people of Arab descent. ADC, repeal or amend Section 215. Bills to repeal or at which was founded in 1980 by former U.S. Icast limit Section 215 have been introduced in Sunor James Abourczk, is the largest Arab- both the House and Scnale. Other proposed lcgAroncan grassroots organization in the islation would provide for increased public and i Staus.

Congressional oversight or PATRIOT Act pow

ers. (See www.aclu.org/SafeandFree.) Arab Community Center for Economic w Skial Services (Dearborn, Michigan) – Finally, as part of a growing grassroots movea kurnar services organization committed to ment, the ACLU is supporting coalitions around k development of the Arab-American com- the country that are working to pass community

sy in all aspects of its economic and cul- resolutions opposing the PATRIOT Act. As this d. ACCESS provides a wide range of report gocs to press, 142 communities in 27 slatcs mud. mental hсalth, cducalional, artistic, have passed resolutions opposing the USA umpluvymeni, Icgal and medical services. PATRIOT Act, and dozens more arc preparing lo

do so. Communities that have adoplcd resolutions Bridge Refugee and Sponsorship Services range from the small, such as the North Pole, (Knoxville, Tennessee) - an ecumenical, Alaska and Carrboro, North Carolina, to the very wa maprofit organization dedicated to helping large, such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detriot betuyees navigate the road to United States and San Francisco. (For more on community res

itsenship. Bridge recruits and trains church olutions, see www.aclu.org/resolutions.) sponsors to help relugees create new lives in East Tunnosscc; and manages resugees' cases The strength of our democracy depends on our until the refugees are cligible to apply for commitment to individual privacy, cquality, and United States citizenship.

freedom of expression. The ACLU is fundamen

Lally commilled to protecting those rights. We Council on American-Islamic Relations will not forget the surveillance abuses of the (Washington, DC) – a non-profit, grassroots past, or allow a return to the mistakes of that era. membership organization dedicated to pre- We urge you to join us in this important battle seating an Islamic perspective on issues of for liberty.

An ACLU Report


Civil Liberties After 9-11: The ACLU Defends
Freedom (September 2002)

Insatiable Appetite: The Government's
Demand for New and Unnecessary Powers
After September 11 (October 2002)

Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains: The Growth
of an American Surveillance Society
(January 2003)

Freedom Under Fire: Dissent in Post-9/11
America (May 2003)

Independence Day 2003: Main Street America
Fights the Federal Government's insatiable
Appetite for New Powers in the Post 9/11 Era
(July 2003)

Seeking Truth From Justice: PATRIOT
Propaganda - The Justice Department's
Campaign to Mislead The Public About the
USA PATRIOT Act (July 2003)

Edgar Hoover Tactics in the 21st Century: History gives African Americans reason for alarm over new federal police powers Iforthcoming September 2003)



National Headquarters 125 Broad Street, 1845 FL. New York, NY 10004 2400

(212) 549-2500



REPORT 2005, FORWARD,” MAY 25, 2005

[blocks in formation]

Last September in a makeshift camp outside El Jeniena in Darfur, Sudan, I listened to a woman describe the attack on her village by government-supported militia. So many men were killed that there were none left to bury the dead, and women had to carry out that sad task. I listened to young girls who had been raped by the militia and then abandoned by their own communities. I listened to men who had lost everything except their sense of dignity. These were ordinary, rural people. They may not have understood the niceties of "human rights“, but they knew the meaning of "justice". They could not comprehend why the world was not moved to action by their plight.

Danounce Torture
orture and other
cruel, inluran and
treatment are
despicable, imirore, illegal and
olsays wrong Sign ou petron
and pledge your contrer to
denounce tcriure. Sign it 10

join the Online Action Center
Get Invaived in Yeur

It was yet another example of the lethal combination of Indifference, erosion and impunity that marks the human rights landscape today. Human rights are not only a promise unfulfilled, they are a promise betrayed.

Take, for instance, the failure to move from rhetoric to reality on economic and social rights. Despite the promises in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights treaties that every person shall have the right to an adequate standard of living and access to food, water, shelter, education, work and health care, more than a billion people lack clean water, 121 million children do not go to school, most of the 25 million people suffering from HIV/AIDS in Africa have no access to health care, and half a million women die every year during pregnancy or childbirth. The poor are also more likely to be victims of crime and police brutality.

The Yarture fent
Aromsly's 12 point Dogram
for the prevention of torture by
agents of the State
Talking Points: How to
resporc to those advocating the
use of torture
Torture Wortwice: Repot
available in our online store

In September 2000, world leaders adopted the Millennium Declaration, with human rights as a central thread, and a set of Millennium Development Goals, which established some concrete and achievable targets by 2015. They cover issues such as HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, poverty, child and maternal mortality, and development aid. But progress on the Goals has been agonizingly slow and woefully inadequate. They cannot

About Torture
Torture the Law
US and Erilmy nationel
Standarts against Torture
Tortured Logici

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