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just enough to set every one else The appointment was given to a talking; and not much more than young Oxford man. I have since that.

heard that it was said in the He often spoke of the unsatis- University, that

University, that my husband's factory state into which the study way of sending in his name of mathematics was getting, es- merely, looked as if he did not pecially at Cambridge, where he care for the appointment. Those said it was made too little of a who said so little knew him. I training for the mind, and too think that there were times when much a display of mere tours-de- the longing for intellectual com.force. A real mathematician, he panionship was very gieat, and said, must be something more than the idea of what life at Oxford a mere mathematician, he must be might be, but for religious bitteralso something of a poet. He nesses, was one which he hardly spoke of the probability that a dared trust himself to dwell mathematical school of a higher order would grow up at Oxford. I have often heard him speak of A professorship there having the danger which bes persons, fallen vacant, he was spoken of as in many social circles, of being one who would have a chance of tempted to acquiesce, by silence at obtaining it. The position would least, in religious opinions which in many ways have suited him, and they in reality think false and I could see that the idea haunted mischievous, for fear either of him like a too pleasant day- giving pain to others, or of being dream. If he ever were at Oxford, supposed to doubt truths which he said, he would be able to throw seem to many to be, but in reality himself heart and soul into his are not, necessarily bound up with favourite scheme of trying to those opinions. Giving pain was develope the teaching of mathe- a thing from which he shrank with matics as a healthy moral disci- a sort of morbid terror. He had pline. There might be duties on one or two occasions to expose connected with the post which a the wrong-doing of persons with man with more extensive know- whom he was officially connected. ledge of the details of the science He spoke out boldly enough at would be better able to perform. the time, but suffered terribly for That, however, he could of course the next few days, and had to be leave to the decision of those with watched and tended like an invalid, whom the appointment rested. so great was the nervous strain. But there was another difficulty He used sometimes to say that if in the way, and a much more a man were so placed that it was serious one. The “ Essays and his duty to give pain to others, he Reviews" had been not very might always reckon on strength long published. If he were at being given him to speak out: but Oxford, he said, he would be ex- that he himself felt he had no pected by many people to take one right, for his own pleasure, or for side or the other in theological his children's advancement, to excontroversy. The life of a man pose himself to the temptation of who would be a partisan of neither seeming to sanction what he felt side might be made very uncom

to be false. fortable. I persuaded him finally, I have often heard him


that but with some difficulty, to enter when once a man thinks himself his name as a candidate, but with bound to a settled creed, it seems out sending in any testimonials. as if truth, faith, and charity become impossible to him, except in used to speak with great indigso far as he evades his creed. His nation of any woman who, being own warmest affection always married to a man of more liberal flowed out to those—they were opinions than herself, tried to prevery few—who proved to him that vent his exerting a natural influthis was not necessarily the case. ence over his children. The father, When I knew him first he would he said, was the normal priest of (when too ill to bear the whole the family; and a woman who suplength of the service) rather not posed that fact to be altered by any go to church on the Sacrament private theories of her own as to Sunday than have to leave before what might be, or not be, correct the Communion. Of late years he doctrine, gave thereby sufficient never received the Sacrament at all. proof of the radical unsoundness He said that it had been originally of her own theology: The best intended as a bond of brotherhood, men and most earnest students in and was now taken as an expres- a nation, he said, these were its sion of belief in certain doctrines; heaven-sent teachers, and these that, whether the doctrines were ought to decide on the theology to true or false, this was a perverted be taught in its Church ; and he use of the rite, and he would have would begin to believe in the posnothing to do with it. He used to sible stability of the Church of say that a National Church ought England when some supposed to admit all people who accept heretical preacher was made the Life of the New Testament as Bishop, not because his doctrines the true life for man; and that the were proved orthodox by his adherquestion between Trinitarians and ents, but purely on the ground of Unitarians, and even any such his

Apostolical character. other question, as whether the life He fully acknowledged all that of Christ was

an actual or doctors say about the importance. ideal one, ought to be left to be of physical and mental hygiène i discussed amicably within the and thought that a child's being Church.

quite ignorant of everything, He used to say that a sufficient theology included, at twelve poof, if proof were needed, of the years old, would be a matter of indifference of the religious world no consequence, if it were possible generally to everything but the for it to be healthy and have its keeping up of a certain routine of faculties in working order without theories, would be afforded by the study. But be seemed to assume, reception given by it to every ear- as the first of sanitary facts, that nest, pious man who tries to find there is direct contact between the out the truth. Instead of heartily Divine Magnetism and the nervous accepting the man for the sake of system of man; and to consider what he is, and then assisting him the main business of parents to in correcting what they suppose to be to cultivate such habits of be his mistakes, clergymen and mind in their children as make religious laymen pounce upon them most receptive of that magerrors in doctrine and think them netism. On the subject of corporal a sufficient reason for excluding punishment, he used to say that a him from Church sympathy. He delicate child suffers physically always seemed to think the be- far more from the nervous delief in dogmas, rather than in pression consequent on hesitating relationships between men, the as to whether it should obey or no, crying sin


than it would from the whipping


of the age.

He told me,



which might have settled the I was not allowed to stimulate question for it.

in the little girls any ambition

I were left to to excel, except in such occupabring up his children without him, tions as are common to women in never to allow them to be under all ranks in life. A little pride in the influence of any one who would his

forefathers (whose teach them to think anything more character was that they were the respectable than work.

Prayer best thatchers and the most reading and labour, he used often to say, men in their village) might have are the salvation of mankind. He something to do with this. To also cautioned me not to allow my be a good sick-nurse was always ideas of Church discipline, or my put before the children as the desire for Church sympathy, to highest result of the best educainduce me to allow the children to tion, as the reward to which they be with those who would teach should look for all the pains they them to think that there is any took in learning. merit in holding one set of opinions He never allowed any theories rather than another, or that any

of education which seemed to of mind is more religious than imply that parents may be wiser a humble desire to follow the truth than Providence. I used to wish in any direction in which it may to keep the children from seeing present itself.

In all other re- animals killed, and was shocked spects, I was left free to bring when I found him promising them them up as circumstances should money for killing snails. His direct.

explanation, though very_gently I was never allowed to given, was in effect this: "Peasant courage our children in

any children have to do it ; the world babyish corruption of language. couldn't be cultivated if every one He would sit for a length of time indulged in that sort of sentimenwith an infant on his knee, teaching tality ;

and I don't want any it to pronounce its first words with unnatural theories brought into perfect distinctness. I have heard it remarked that to hear him He was much vexed when he teaching a little child to read was found that I had told them that a most valuable lesson for any their father was “a 'genius,' as teacher. Every letter, every stop, much as Tennyson or Dickens." He every inflection of the voice, was said they ought always to feel that attended to with the minutest care. they must take their chance This was partly in order to give through life like all other children, the children habits of accuracy,

and not think of themselves as. and of reverence for whatever was exceptions to any common rule. their work for the time being. One of my most intimate friends, Partly, I think, too, because, —a girl who has spent many language being a common pro- an evening with us in reading perty, he wished to discourage the poetry or looking at the telescopeidea of individuals having a private told me that nothing could exceed right to use it as they pleased. her astonishment at learning, after But he also felt that, considering his death, that he was an author. what is spoken of in the Bible as She knew some of his College “The Word,” people who make class, and they talked of him conany sort of profession of believing stantly as their friend and guide, in the Bible ought to be very as having more influence on their reverent in their use of words. lives than any other person (be

my house."



sides being the best teacher they if this were so, he was so anxious knew); but nothing they said of for his own children to have some him ever suggested the idea of his sort of regular education. He being known beyond his own replied that he wanted them to be Coilege.

educated in order that they might In giving hints on the subject all have a fair chance of earning of teaching

he used to insist on the their own living, and of being necessity of proceeding from the something like what they should particular to the general—from be; but he knew full well that it acts to principles. He told me, for would make it much more unlikely instance, always to require a child that any one of them would shew to work a sum before I gave any genius or originality. explanation of the rule. They When he had a school he used were to obey first and understand to make the boys spend a great afterwards. He said that in the deal of time in copying from books, process of making a scientific dis- and he wished me to make our covery, you could never tell before- little girls do the

не hand to what question you were thought it very important that going to find an answer. You set children should spend a great deal yourself a question, and presently of time over some mechanical work found that you could not solve it which could be done without the without solving a much wider one. presence of a teacher, and which And when you had done so, if you they must concentrate their whole wanted to give others the benefit energies upon, and do with perfect of your discovery, you must accuracy. not begin at

with the He used constantly to impress wider question; you ought to go

on me that plodding, patient, back on your own track-start obedient work has more to do with with something like the idea that making children good and pious first suggested itself to you, and than any talk about God, or about lead them on in something like the morals or duties; for it keeps the way in which you had yourself right part of the brain at work, been led. An instance of this is whereas very much moral or metagiven in the preface to a work of physical speculation, no matter on his on Differential Equations. what subject, is a less healthy

In speaking of the great anxiety exercise, and in early life a posiof some parents to procure for their tively mischievous one. children the best and most accu- I suppose that he connected with rate books,-those which this another very favourite docmunicate knowledge most directly trine of his, viz. : that theology and with the least trouble, he used always has been, and always will to say that they mistook the very and must be, reformed from the nature of education. A great deal outside, and very much from the of the good of learning consisted side of science. He used to say in the struggle against difficulties that in any discussion among mere

avoidable difficulties theologians, the worst side must were not necessarily an evil. He almost necessarily win the day; said that he had lost full five years inasmuch as theological discussions in the beginning of his career for put a premium upon getting into want of proper training; but he an immoral and irreligious state of believed that he had gained in ' mind; and the man who wishes to the struggle what was well worth be just and true hardly dares the loss. I asked him once why, speak out, lest he should be


and even

cried down as lukewarm and un- liegt im Gehirn gesunder Männer.believing

He often recurred to the words. He always recommended us laying great stress on gesunder, and rather to lose any outward advan- said he should like to know more tage than to go contrary to an

of that man. The contempt of instinct.

clergymen for physical, especially In one of my note-books I find medical, science, was one of the the following sentence entered few subjects about which he ever as having been said by him :

became angry.

He could not “To feel sure of our own future is speak of it calmly. presumption ; to trust that whatever I don't know whether it is God does will be good, whether it generally known that some of those secures our own happiness or not, is who acquire at Cambridge confaith.”

siderable skill in the use of the His whole theology, so far as it Calculus confess that they never concerned the relation of the indi- could understand it, and that but vidual man to God, had regard to for seeing its results are correct this life. We might be sure, he they wouldn't believe it.

I resaid, that all which is good will be marked once to my husband that perpetuated in some shape or other. I believed no man who was natuWhether individuals will live to rally capable of understanding the see it or not, he believed no man Calculus could ever belong to the knew ; and he, for his part, had "evidence” school of theology. no desire to know. The immor- He seemed delighted with the tality he cared for was, not endless remark. We were talking of existence, but the conviction that Whately's papers on probability. while he lived his mind would be Whately quite misunderstood the in contact with truths that are subject, I thought. eternal. Nothing that I have read When Mr. Mansel's Bampton is so like his ordinary talk on this Lectures came out, he brought me subject as Rénan's essay on Job, the book and desired me to study which he made me read to him re- it attentively, and tell him what I peatedly, and admired very much. thought of it. There was someSo do I; but I don't think either thing so droll in the notion of any Rénan or my husband could have body in the present state of the taught a ragged school. Intense Integral Calculus gravely reviving devotion to great purposes is Berkeley's old puzzle about the very well for people who under- impossibility of reasoning from the stand what the purposes are.

He finite to the Infinite, that I found objected to all eager speculation it of course exceedingly interestabout a future life, both as being ing; but I don't believe the most a proof of want of faith in God, distant idea of its being meant for and as tending to keep up an anything more than a gymnastic undue excitement of a part of the exercise would ever have crossed brain which rather needs to be my mind if he had not at last told quieted. He used to say that man- me it was meant in earnest. I kind had never tried yet what this entered into an argument with him world might be if they set the once or twice to prove that it right way to work to mend it. A

couldn't possibly be meant to reGerman physician of Jewish de- present the belief of real clergyscent, but I think not a Jew (Dr. men with real parishes, and women Arbarbanell, of Berlin), once said and babies in them. At last he to him, Die Gemeinde der Zukunft roused himself with an effort, as if

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