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pure and undefiled religion, and help to recall men from erections of wood, hay and stubble, to the one foundation, which is so highly extolled in words, so despised and rejected in practice. To all of every name and Church who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity I humbly dedicate these Lectures.



September, 1894.

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Purpose and method of the Course, pp. 3-6.
The source of information, 6. Essential character of Chris-

tianity, 7-13. Not limited to the teaching of Jesus, but
embraces the total specific effect of his life and teaching,

The Christian Church. Its origin, 15-22: In what sense

Jesus was its Founder, 15-18; its early growth, 18-19;
"the communion of the Holy Spirit,” 19-20; missionary

activity, 20-22. Its formative idea, 22-25. Conditions

of membership, 26-27. Character of its government, 27-29.

Obligations of its ritual, 29-33. Its living tradition, 33-35.

Its teaching function, 35-38.



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