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primary elemental school has now gentlemen ; when, moreover, probeen found the equal, or, it must prietary schools and county schools, be said, the superior among the and such as Lancing College, tread candidates for University entrance close on the heels of Harrow and prizes, gathered from the élite of of Eton. With the increase and the most famous public schools. the improvement of middle-class The Universities themselves give education arises the need for Uni. a stimulus. New College, Oxford, versity teaching, and the claim to for instance, has just offered an the distinction of University degrees Exhibition of £60 a year to candi- as the recognition and the reward dates in the Local Examinations of of learning. But two things lie in this year, and in that way“univer- the way, the cost in money and sity education” is fitly furthered. the cost in time. Three years,

The founding of a College in from eighteen or nineteen, mean this last quarter of the nineteenth more than any other three years in century, speaks of the nineteenth a man's life who has to make his century, of its ideas and its ways, own way by his own labour. To no less than the founding of this learn how to do that is the allotted same then “New" College by work for most of those three William of Wykeham, the princely precious years. Bishop of Winchester, before Win- The public meeting at the Manchester fell on the evil days of sion House, London, and that in Prettyman and Sumner Bishops, the Speaker's Library at the House spoke the ideas of the fourteenth of Commons, are too recent, and century, and the ways then of too fully in recollection, to make doing things. Bishops nowadays further mention of Cavendish may found a family, but it is five College needful. We record in centuries since the episcopal foun- our pages, as becomes our name, dation of New College, and it still this addition to Cambridge Uniremains the most recent example of versity. We have no doubt episcopal munificence.* Keble Col. “ Cavendish ” will make its own lege was founded by subscription. way. It holds its own even among The last founded College in our “the Boats" and in athletics, as day, Cavendish College, Cam- our own Cambridge letter reported bridge, is founded on the principle last year. We will only add, what of shares, and a company with should have been mentioned, we “limited liability," with a limit, if think, at the late meetings, that reached, of £5 per cent. as return one of its earliest members is the to the founders, that is, to the Lieutenant Brereton, whose name shareholders. None the less does we have lately seen as in the Khyber it meet a pressing want and a Pass, and who, about two years ago, growing need. The day is come when not yet twenty-one years of when Board Schools will equal, and age, on almost the same day, put sometimes, as we see, surpass, in on his master's gown and received good education private academies; his promotion from a sub-lieunot merely such as that of Mr. tenancy to a lieutenancy in his and Mrs. Squeers, but even that of regiment. We mention this as an Dr. Blimber, with Miss Blimber, example of the early age at which and their superior, superfine, young “ Cavendish” receives her students

* The recent death of the Bishop of Newcastle, N.S.W., gives occasion to note a mag. nificent instance of episcopal generosity, which honours the entire order, as well as the Colonial Bench.

away do so.

- and of its advantage. Mr. viding trained masters for the Brereton, we understand, completed upper and middle schools, it will be his sixteenth year during an ex- a great public advantage, and no amination in which he obtained a pains or extra expense will be junior optime, and the rest has thrown that


enable it to followed. Mr. W. E. Barker again,

The training of future whom we have spoken of as ob- schoolmasters is, as yet, in Engtaining the Trinity College, Cam- land, strangely deficient, and we bridge, Scholarship, is, we believe, can readily understand the great not yet seventeen years of age. advantages Cavendish College may The moral of all this is obvious, have to offer in that respect, comand lies on the surface.

This new

bining, as it may very well do, techCavendish College has a strong nical instruction with liberal trainclaim on the support of the great ing. We understand that something middle class; it offers great educa- not unlike a modest Fellowship is tional advantages, and it provides to be offered to the best students them for just that period which is in the shape of free residence for a the embarrassment of fathers, and year, or more, after taking their dethe peril of their sons, the interval grees, on condition of giving a porbetween leaving school and enter- tion of their time to the tuition, ing on the future business of life under supervision, of the junior -the interval when school has done members of the College ; but the all that school can do, and for which Warden will doubtless, in due time, the German University has been announce any proposals he and the hitherto no very desirable resource Council may suggest. Meanwhile, to Englishmen. Moreover, while all may rejoice that this youngest eminently unsectarian, religious in- of the colleges is taking its place fluence and teaching is secured at very favourably in the University Cavendish College without inter- of which it forms part. ference with individual convictions. We spoke above of two metroWe almost think the name of the politan meetings. Even more im. University Chancellor is better as

portant are the county meetings, an official recognition than “Keble” which we observe are being held or Arnold, as not open to miscon- on the subject of Cavendish College, struction, and as no badge of

because they bespeak the countyopinions.

school adhesion to the principle of We have spoken of the commer- completing education by a Univercial aspect of this founding a col- sity degree, after residence in the lege. Its principle, however, is University, and to the Cavendish neither more nor less than that College plan for carrying it out. self-supporting system which is a The meeting held at Bedford on mark of the day in its enterprises, the 15th of May, with the Lord and consonant to it, and which Lieutenant, Earl Cowper, chairman, many consider to be the true basis adopted Lord Fortescue's resoluof national education as it ought to

tion that “Cavendish College, by be.

giving opportunities for taking an Economical as its plans profess earlier degree, and at a less cost, to be, we believe the tutorial staff has effected an important step of Cavendish has been amply cared towards the extension of earlier for-even lavishly in proportion to education;" while the absence of this its day of beginnings ; but, if the Duke of Richmond and the the College should develope into Duke of Devonshire gave occasion something of a speciality in pro- for reading a letter from the Prince of Wales, written in his character as “that the result of the New Colrepresenting the Norfolk County lege will be to connect a large School, and therefore adding that number of schools and students county-welcome to Cavendish Col- with the University." lege, “trusting," so wrote H.R.H.,


With an idea I set to write a sonnet;

The subject was so difficult and terse,

I could not quite bring right the tiresome verse,
Much labour though I spent, and pens, upon it:
Still I plod on, and line by line I con it,

Each time with better words to add, or worse,

Till it comes right; and, as I last rehearse
The settled stanza, make fair-copy on it:
This done, I take my blotted rough endeavour,

Covering some sheets with every kind of scrawl
Of my first failures, some of them quite clever;

Into a little pack I bring them all,
-Tear up . . . . (Life is the Poem ;—where's the taper?
How shall I burn my blotted bits of paper ?)

K. C.

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