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A new Index, forming Volume CCXXII., comprising the volumes from CCII. to CCXXI., of the QUARTERLY REVIEW, has been published, and is obtainable through any bookseller (Price 6/- net).

The QUARTERLY REVIEW is published on or about the 15th of
January, April, July, and October.

Price Thirty-two Shillings per Annum, post free.

Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES AND SONS, Limited,
London and Beccles, England.



No. 470.-JANUARY, 1922.


1. The Poems of Shakespeare. Methuen, 1898.

2. Shakespeare Bibliography. Shakespeare Press, 1901.

By George Wyndham.

By William Jaggard.

3. The Shakespeare Apocrypha. By C. F. Tucker Brooke. Clarendon Press, 1908.

4. University Studies, Nebraska, U.S.A. Also New Shakespeare Discoveries in Harper's Magazine,' March 1910; in the Century Magazine,' August and September 1910. By C. W. Wallace.

5. Some Supposed Shakespeare Forgeries. By Ernest Low. Bell, 1911.

6. Giovanni Florio. By Madame de Chambrun. Paris: Payot, 1921.

7. Shakespeare and the Rival Poet (Lane, 1904); and The Dark Lady of the Sonnets. By Arthur Acheson. Quaritch, 1913.

TURNING now to aesthetic questions, we find that many of the difficult problems in this field are still unsolved and seem insoluble. The Sonnets, like the body of the slain Patroclus, held of one by the heel, and of another by the head and shoulders, are like to be torn in pieces by the contending factions. Zeus, in the person of Sir Sidney Lee, has given his powerful support now to one, now to another of the opposing forces. But the W. H. of the dedication, the Alien Pens,' the 'Better Angel,' and the Worser Spirit' still keep their mysterious secret. No one has yet decided whether 'Begetter means 'procurer' or 'inspirer'; or whether W. H. stands Vol. 237.-No. 470.

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