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Mr. TAVENNER. I desire to offer page 29 of the document in evidence and ask that it be marked Exhibit Rosser No. 2."

Mr. VELDE. Without objection it will be admitted.

(Document entitled “Two Decades of Progress,” p. 29, was received in evidence as Rosser exhibit No. 2.)


Twenty Years of Growth and Progress

of the



PAUL CLINE, Executive Secretary
MAX SILVER, Organizational Secretary
MATT PELMAN, Educational Director
AL BRYAN, Legislative Director
HELEN GARDNER, Membership Director

September, 1939

124 West Sixth Street

Michigan 8052

(Part 1)

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Lou Rosser, Organizer

Dave Himelstein

Carl Brant
Leona McGenty, Org.-Sec'y.

Pettis Perry
Margaret Nelson, Membership Dir.

Adele Young
Libby Corngold, Trade Union Dir.

Schrier The Communist Party Branches of the 14th Congressional District bring to our Party on its 20th Anniversary greetings of 20 years of struggle for labor's rights and Negro rights; for democracy, peace and socialism.

The 14th C.D. is an important working class district of Los Angeles County. Approximately 70% of the unemployed live in this territory, 90% of the Negro people live here, the ratio of small business people to large decidedly favors the small, most of Los Angeles Union men meet here. 90% of the slum dwellings are standing in our Congressional district.

Here the conditions for the broadest and most healthy political unity are present. There are probably more peoples organizations meeting in the 14 Č.D. than in any other district in Southern California. These organizations range from simple social clubs and businessmens associations to trade union and our Party Branches.

The Executive Committee and the Branches of our party in the 14th Congressional District pledge to continue the rich traditions of struggle for democracy and freedom in this District and to build and strengthen the Party so it can fulfill its historic role. 44 A.D. East Branch, Schrier, Organizer 44 A.D. West Branch, Sam Title, Organizer 44 A.D. North Branch, Frances Wintner, Organizer 55 A.D. Branch, Delda Wennrick, Organizer 62 A.D. Branch, Wm. Nelson, Organizer. Headquarters—2308 Griffith

Fredrick Douglass Branch
64 East Assembly Branch, Paul Williams, Organizer, Phone MU. 9486
64 West Assembly Branch

Finnish Branch
Mexican Branch

Warehouse Branch
Japanese Branch

Clerks Branch
Hungarian Branch

Utilities Branch

(Part 2)

Mr. TAVENNER. Will you examine the document, please, and state whose names appear as the various officers ?

Mr. ROSSER. Lou Rosser—that is myself—the organizer; Leona McGenty, the organizational secretary

Mr. TAVENNER. Will you spell that name, please? Mr. RossER. L-e-o-n-a M-C-G-e-n-t-y, the organizational secretary; Margaret Nelson, the membership director. She was the wife of Steve Nelson. Libby Corngold

Mr. TAVENNER. Will you spell that name?

Mr. ROSSER. L-i-b-b-y C-o-r-n-g-o-1-d, the trade-union director. Dave Himelstein, H-i-m-e-l-s-t-e-i-n, he was a member of the executive committee; Carl Brant, C-a-r-1 B-r-a-n-t, he was a member of the executive committee; Pettis Perry, he was a member of the executive committee and the State chairman of the Communist Party of California; Adele Young, a member of the executive committee; and Schrier, a member of the executive committee.

I had at that time under my jurisdiction, beside the Communist Party branches in the 14th assembly district, the 44th, the 55th, the 62d, and the 64th. I had under my jurisdiction at that time the Mexican branch, the Japanese branch, the Hungarian branch, the Finnish branch, warehouse branch, the clerks branch, and the utilities branch. Those last three were trade-union branches.

Mr. TAVENNER. Those were branches of the Communist Party? Mr. ROSSER. Yes. Mr. TAVENNER. Will you tell the committee briefly the importance of any of the members of your group as acquired in the later development of the Communist Party in the United States? You mentioned, for instance, a person by the name of Pettis Perry. Will you tell the committee what Pettis Perry has done?

Mr. ROSSER. Well, Pettis Perry is a top, well-educated Communist Party functionary: Pettis Perry worked in southern California; he was a member of the county committee, head of the Negro commission. He was on the State committee of the Communist Party of California, the chairman of the Los Angeles County committee and a member of the State committee. He was on the national committee of the Communist Party, and he acted at the time as head of the Communist Party of America.

Leona McGenty was head of the professional section for the unemployed movement which included doctors, teachers, scientists, unemployed scientists, unemployed actors, unemployed writers, and so forth.

Libby Corngold was a trade-union leader, a Communist trade-union leader of the textile industry,

Adele Young was the top State leader of the women and a Negro
Brant came from the unemployed actors, and he developed

into a top Communist organizer in the trade-union movement, the Electrical Workers of America.

Mr. TAVENNER. That is sufficient. I desire to introduce in evidence a photostatic copy of a news sheet entitled “The Lantern," and ask that it be marked Rosser Exhibit No. 3."

Mr. VELDE. Without objection it will be admitted.

(Photostat of document entitled "The League Lantern" was received in evidence as Rosser exhibit No. 3.)


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the LA. County_YCL. Consequent. time when dues are paid up all &

ly the County Board is submitt.. round and every YCLer gets his new ing the proposed changes to the YCL membership book.

menbers of the various branches These next few weeks are desig- to be voted unon. nated as our registration weeks, Bezinning December 5 and continduring which

time we must register

Lou Robber Goes uing until the 19th, every

discussion will be YCLer who either reg- I to

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branches. On Decem -recruited during the BIG

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Board will

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that our been missing the cheer- branches. December 19 league has to do to ful presence of our

to January 1 will be better the conditions Exoc. Sec'y Lou Posser,

given over to ballotof the young people. but not all of us know

ing on the ConstituEach 'additional person just what has happened tion as ame.ided. From in our league means to our Lou.

January 1-14, branchthat much more that we Well, he has received

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large. 18 urged to 'coonerate YCLer slx months at

A large county conto the fullest extent the National with the registration Training School under

on January 15 to concommittee in his par- the best instructors sider the nominations. ticular branch as his the party has

January 16-22 will be part in helping the Gotham, that burg Just given over to discuss. YCL start the new year across the river from

ion of candidatos. On with a grand flourish- Hoboken.

tho 2?nd thoro will A 100... REGISTRATION The one thing Lou

be a membenahip mootWILL BE FINE IN '39!! wants from us now is

ing and ballottinn. Read the "Pevlew mail he wants to hear The YCL his as its from all of us. N.Y. 1s

main job at present Our salute to Karl


far from L.A. to do all 11 Its nonMarx branch, newest in and Lou's heart is yet or to hold the unity L.A. County


with the L.A. League of our generation so considering a choice of

Drop him a line thru

that it may better names for the branch,

the County Office-tell they said, "If we take

right for its needs. him

what vour branch the name of Karl Harx,

Along with this ve is doing, what's hap-have the task of heloit will HAVE TO BE THE poning in your neigh-ing the young people BEST BRANCH IN THE

borhood and we are and their organizeCANTY. So, they took sure that you all join i tions take the steps it, and will bear.

in wishing wtu a happy watching. LeRoy Parra

towards progressive ans profitable six is Pres., Alice Sal

political action and months. Gade, Secretary.

organization. We can Read the review

Tcontinued on page 2).

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Mr. TAVENNER. What is the publication or news sheet The Lantern

Mr. ROSSER. It was put out by one of the Young Communist League groups.

Mr. TAVENNER. I will read only this portion of the document. The document describes Lou Rosser's going to the big city and states as follows:

Well, he has received one of the most wonderful opportunities that can be given to any YCLer-6 months at the national party training school under the best instructors the party has.

I will not ask you at this time to explain the importance of the Young Communist League in the Communist Party plan._I will ask you questions relating to that later on in your testimony. But I think the committee should understand at this time what your training has been in both the Young Communist League and the Communist Party, preparatory to the work that you were to perform in the Communist Party.

Mr. RossER. Well, in the Young Communist League my training was, first I went to discussion groups, and the Young Communist League takes up the same pamphlets and books that the Communist Party takes up. In my discussion groups I took up What Is To Be Done, which was by Lenin, which is a book that deals with the value of theory, understanding the Communist teachings, and I studied Imperialism by Lenin in discussion groups. I studied State and Revolution,

The Negro Question, and then after these discussion groups I was sent to the county school of the Communist Party of Los Angeles.

Mr. TAVENNER. Let me interrupt you a moment. I am asking you this question about your training not only to show what training you have received, but to inform the committee of the type of training that is usually given to those who are selected for leadership in the Communist Party, so I would like for your testimony to embrace not only your own personal training, but the Communist Party plan for training

its leaders. Mr. RossER. Well, the plan, as I said, I was selected among 25 or more Communist and Young Communist League organizers and functionaries to attend a county school set up by the county committee of the Communist Party to train Communist leaders in the teachings of Marx, Lenin, Stalin.

At this county school I was taught the principles of communism, trade-union problems, the Negro question, agitation, and propaganda, how to write leaflets, how to speak on street corners, how to make speeches, Communist speeches, and party organization, how the party functions, and then I went back to work, and after working I was selected by the State committee and the county committee of the Communist Party to attend the State school of the Communist Party.

At the State school of the Communist Party, where they had tradeunionists, people from the unemployed movement, housewives, people who worked in YWCA's, people from front groups, Communist Party group leaders, we took up the problem of the State revolution, dialectical materialism, Peters' Manual, which is a manual put out by the national committee of the Communist Party on the program of the Communist Party on party organizations, on the aim of the Communist Party, on how to organize the Communist Party, or how to

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