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14 In order to co-ordinate and fuíce the work of the Youth Directors, the Party must set up a county Youth Cowqission responsible for work amonc the youth in Li county

4. The Party must As part of its drive to build the Party, also pay roal attention to building the League; especially in the Goodyear, Harbor, and Ind:18• trial Sections. To set a quote of 250 mombers Rinori) by the arty this year. (801:e sections lil.o Goodyear, Belve:'ore and Lincoln Heights bare set a cood ox@yple.)

If ye ara to utilize the splenlid possibilities that exist for building the leaque we must muurantee that all sections assign all young people for rork among the youth,

5. Our languuge dopartment and our fraction secretaries in all mass ormnizations must guuranteo that in and around all mass organizations'a real drive is made to organize the youth.



In May asid Juno respoctively, the a. tional an! state co..ventions of tho YCL convene. The Party must: (a) Barry through in all units and sections commit. tee discussions on the issues confronting the convention and on the probloms of party work among the youth. (b) Give concrete assistance to the Leacue in preparing these conventions both in the discussions and in the technical proparations necessary: (c) Since the state convention will be held in Los An, eius in Juno to make May Party Youth month, in ordor to morilize the widest macses of y youth for the anti-war actions on May 30th and in order to utilize the cowontion preparations to bring the YCL before the broadest masses of Youth.

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We just say that in the last periód our sections and units have not done sufficient on this score. Very few loaflets have been 18sued, and the quality of our leaflets were not entirely satisfaotory. This line of activity must be groatly improved.

1. Sections and units should issue at least one leaflot overy month. Sections should concentrato on issuing monthly neighborhood bulletins on torritorial and general issues.

2. Particular attention should be paid to issuance of leaflets, and bulle. tins in connection with the organization of the unorganized Trade Union Unity and support of the C.1.0. on independent political action through development of a people's front; the legislative program of our .Party, the people's logis. lative conference, oto.

3. The Industrial Section and units must pay particular attention to this phase of work,

4. Holding as often as possible opon unit meetings javiting non-party people. Open air meetings and rallys, opon: forums, etc.

5. Mass distribution of our Press and pamphlets in T.V's, shops, factor408, mass organizations, eto.


1. In 1937 we should hold at least one Full Time Training School (by October) and two part time schools (one trade union comrades in the Industrial Section) around July (T.U.) and December (general). To make possible these schools will take place as planned, each section should at once assign one comrade to a county wide school committee to begin the selection of students and collection of funds. The unit educational director should be responsible for this work in the units. The campaign for the schools, should start not later than July 4th. With every section at once setting itself a quota for funds and students.

2. Much more care must be taken in working out the school programs to súit local requirements. Greater care of selection of students to assure the development of the needed forces: Native American Trade Unioniste, mass workers, Negro women and youth. Comrades to be sent to schools be not simply those "we can spare" but those that need and deserve to be educated and developed for work.


Harbor, Goodyear, Hollywood and Eastside should organize classes on a section scale. Harbor should consider a full time section school in 1937.

4. Branches and units should organize class88 or study groups for basio Party theory or study of Party documents drawing in non-Party people as well. These to be outside of unit meetings. Wider reading of Party press and literature by our membership must be fostored to raise the political level of our membership.

5. Special attention must be paid to developing teachers for our schools and classes to moet the ever increasing demands in this field of work.

(Part 5)


6. The Workers' School must be utilized much more than is the. case now as a form of Party education. Each branch and unit should assign at least 3-5 comrades to attend the workers school, releasing these comrades of some other work to make their study nossible.

7. For active trade unionists, unable to attend full time or part time schools, special classes, small study groups or individual study must be orgʻnized to fit their time conveniences or other reruirnments.

8. Special Psaistance to the YCL in developing people able to build and lead a brord youth' movement. Die ahould h-lp the YCL to org nize at least one full time trio weo's county training school and one class in higher education for leading conrades in 1939.

9. Setting up of county research committee to study and provide us mith material of general and labor conditions in L. A. Count:.

in. Treining of New Party members. Not one Party member should start his regular party work without having gone thru a ner members class.

a) The establishment of nor Party manbors cls sses or units in every section,

o) Holding of monthly meetings with the teachers of ner member? classes or leaders of units must be most carefuily chosen from amongst some of the most capable comrades.

c) Teachers of new menbers classes or leaders of new members units should, upon completion of course discuss with ench ner members his further study and type of work he prefers end is best qualified to do. This to be transmitted to section and units and have definite follow up to effect these recommendations.

a) older and bntter developed comranes must make the development of ner? comrrdes their special duty-., having discussions mith them, encouraging resding, ect.

e) Special cpre must be taken in establishing new members classes in the Industrinl section. In some cases, because of the danger of exposure, these classes may have to bro organized on a unit instead of a gection scale.


The County Committee should have personal contrct rith the leading people in the sections, units and fractions by:

1. Carefully studying the functionaries in the sections, units and fractions, discussing with them their work, finding out whether the work. they are engaged in meets with their capabilities and choice; their personol problems, etc. Find out from them the composition of the bodies the represent, seeking thus to discover more people for developrent promotion end work.

2. Holding monthly meetings with all functionaries in the units and fractions to discuss general prrty problems and work.

3. Leading committees should carry thru periodical exomination of the rork, of leading comrades, where friendly criticism and self-criticism of shor.comings, comradely encouragements and evaluation of achievements should ensue.

(Part 6)





MAY 14, 15



(Part 1)

Mr. ROSSER. At that meeting in San Francisco in 1938 there were quite a few outstanding Communists there that I knew: William Schneiderman, head of the Communist Party; Oleta O'Conner Yates, one of the State leaders of the Communist Party; Anita Whitney, one of the State leaders; Pettis Perry, one of the State leaders; Paul Kline, one of the State leaders, the county organizer of Los Angeles ; myself.

Mr. TAVENNER. Were you one of the presiding committee at that convention!

Mr. ROSSER. Yes, I was. At that meeting I think Walter Stack was on the presiding committee. He is a trade unionist here in San Francisco; Al Yates is a trade unionist here in San Francisco-he was at that meeting.

Mr. TAVENNER. Do you recall whether Roy Hudson was one of the honorary presidium, one of the honorary presidium?

Mr. ROSSER. Yes, I think they named quite a few

Mr. TAVENNER. Let me hand the exhibit to you to refresh your recollection. Do you see the name of Roy Hudson as one of the presidium?

Mr. ROSSER. Yes, I do; Roy Hudson, it is there.

Mr. TAVENNER. Were there also represented there representatives from France, China, and other countries!

Mr. ROSSER. Representatives from China, Soviet Union—they weren't representatives, but they were honorary members of the presiding committee-from Spain, from China, from the Soviet Union.

(Representative Harold H. Velde returned to the hearing room at this point.)

Mr. RossER. This meeting was the last meeting that the Communists had on the united front, and as I said, Revels Cayton, a leading Negro in the maritime work here in San Francisco, was there he is in the Marine Cooks—and Hugh Bryson, a leading member of the Marine Cooks and Stewards, was there; Dick Criley, at that time the State president of the Young Communist League, a graduate and letter man from the University of California.

1 See p. 3113 for Part 2, Rosser Exhibit No. 10.

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Bob Cole - San Pedro. On building the democratic front in

the Los Angeles Harbor.

Ad journment for lunch

(Part 2) Mr. TAVENNER. Will you spell the last name, please!

Mr. RossER. C-r-i-l-e-y, Dick Criley, he was there and there were many other Communists that I knew who were at this convention. It was a State convention of the Communist Party.

Mr. TAVENNER. Mr. Rosser, the contention is sometimes made by those who advocate communism that it is a political party. I would like to ask you, in light of your vast experience in the Communist Party, is it a political party in the sense that we understand that term in political science in this country as distinguished from an international conspiracy?

Mr. RossER. No, it is not a political party. The party takes part in politics and election campaigns when they think that it is necessary

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