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NOMENCLATURE. THE instruction of an artillerist commences with the Nomenclature of the different parts of Cannon, Gun-Carriages, Implements, and Caissons.

1st. Of the Gun. 2d. Of Field Gun-Carriages-Wood-Iron. 3d. Of the Limber of a Field Gun-Carriage, and the Ammunition-BoxWood-Iron.

4th. Implements for Field-Pieces. 5th. Caisson-Wood-Iron.


Of the different Parts of Field Guns. (Plate I.) From A to B.-Cascable.

From I to K. ---Plane of the Muzzle. B to C.--Neck of the Casca- » K to L.-Convex Curve of the ble.

C to D.-Fillet of the Breech. " L to M.-Fillet of the Muzzle.
D to E.-Breech.

N. N.-Trunnions.
E to F.-Breech-Plate Band.

F to G.-Reinforce.

P.-Ventand Vent-Field.
G to H.--Chase.

H to 1.-Concave Curve of

the Muzzle.

S. S.-Bore.


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Of the Twenty-four-Pounder Howitzer. (Plate II.) AB.-Button, including the Neck. LM.-Concave Curve of the Muz. BC.--Fillet of the Breech.

zle. CD.--Breech.

MN.-Plane of the Muzzle. DE.-Breech-Plate Band.

NO.-Convex Curve of the Muz. F.-Vent.




TU.-The Half-Round.

UV.-Diminished part of the Bore. KL.-The Chase.

VW.-Cylindrical part of the Bore,

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Of Field Gun-Carriages. (Plate III.)

WOOD PARTS. A.-2 Flasks.

F.-2 Wheels. B.-1 Breast-Transom.

G.-1 Ammunition-Box. C.—1 Pointing-Transom.

H.—2 Trail-Handspikes. D.-1 Trail-Transom.

1 Water-Backet. E.—1 Pointing-Plate,

Of the Limber. (Plate III.)

WOOD PARTS. I.-1 Tongue or Pole.

0.-1 Splinter-Bar, K.-1 Axletree-Body.

P.--1 Hound-Box. L-2 Hounds.

1 Swingtree-Bar. M.-1 Sweep-Bar.

R.-4 Swingtrees. N-1 Bolster.

S-2 Wheels,

Iron Work of Field Gun-Carriages. (Plate III.). 1.-2 Trunnion-Plates.

22.—2 Linch-Pips. 2.-2 Talus-Plates.

4 Axle Garnish-Plates. 3.--2 Trail-Plates.

23.-1 Pointing-Plate Hinge, its 4.-2 Axletree-Bands.

Bolt and Nut. 4.4.1 Reinforce-Plate for right 4 Pointing-Plates, Bolts and Flask.

Nuts, 5.--2 Wheel Supporting-Plates 24.-1 Pointing-Plate Band and (friction.)

Plate. 6.--2 Pointing-Arch Cheek-Straps. 1 Socket for Pointing-Screw 7.--2 Trail-Arch


Head. 8.--2 Slider Friction-Plates (on 25.-1 Pointing Male Screw. the Flasks.)

26.-1 do. Female do. 9.-2 Small Bands for do.

27.-2 Side-Sockets to receive the 10.-2 Cap-Squares, with Chains,

Trunnions of the Female Staples and Keys.

Pointing-Screw, with four 11.-2 Flat Head-Bolts and Nuts.

Bolts, four Nuts, and three 12.--2 Chain-Bolts, Nuts and


28.–1 Upper Lunette. 13.-- Forward round Head-Bolts, 1 Lower do. Nuts and Washers.

29.—2 Large Pointing Ring-Bolts 14.-2 Rear do. do. do. and 1

and Nuts.

30.--2 Small do. do. do. do.
2 Trail Strengthening-Bolts 31.-2 Washer-Plates.
and Nuts.
32.-1 Manæuvring-Ring,

Bolt, 15.-1 Breast Transom-Bolt anul

and Nut. Nut.

33.-1 Straight Sponge-Hook. 16.-1 Pointing Transom-Bolt and 34.-1 Crooked Sponge-Hook, its Nut.

Chain and Key. 2 Trail Transom Assembling- 35.-1 Bucket-Hook.

Bolts, Nuts and Washers. 36:-1 Lock-Chain, Ring and Eye 18.-2 Advancing-Hooks.

37.-1 Square Handspike-Ring. 19.--2 Double Retreat-Hooks. 38.–1 Handspike-Hook and Key. 20.—1 Axletree, its two Arms and

Round-head Nails.

Flat-head Nails. 21.-2 Washer-Hooks and two

Counter-Washers. In the twelve-pounder carriage, there are two travelling Trunnion-Plates, and two square Manæuvring-Rings. These last are fixed on the upper part of the flask, at five inches in rear of the crooked sponge-hook.

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of the Carriage-Wheels. (Plate III.) 39.—2 Hoop-Tires for wheels.

28 Tire-Nails. 8 Nave-Bands.

4 Composition-Boxes.

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Of the Limber. (Plate III.) 40.--2 Pole Breast-Chains.

46.-1 Hound Assembling-Bolt and 41.-1 Cramp for lower side of Pole.

Nut. 42-1 do. for upper side, and its Sta- 1 47.41 Bridle.

ple and Draft-Hook. 48.—1 Rear Hound-Strap. 43.—1 Draft-Hook Ring and Staple. 49.–1 Lashing-Chain, Rings and 44.-1 Ring connecting the two


1 Rear Hound Assembling-Bolt 45.-1 Forward Hound-Strap. ,

and Nut

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