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Aug. 6. Lord's Day Morning. Upon this sacred morning, oh that the Holy Spirit of God would enliven and animate my cold and stupid affections. Oh that I might this day enter his earthly courts, worship him in an acceptable manner, profess his name before a scoffing world, sit down at his table, and partake in faith, of the body and blood of Jesus.

Sabbath eve. And now I have entered into the most solemn engagement to be the Lord's. I have confessed Christ before the world-I have renounced my wicked companions-I have solemnly promised, that denying ungodliness and every worldly lust, I will live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world. If I should, after taking these solemn vows and covenant engagements upon me, dishonour the cause of my Redeemer-if I should give the enemies of religion reason to say, there is nothing in religion-If I should again return to my former courses, and live as one that had never professed faith in Jesus-oh how dreadfully aggravated will be my condemnation! What excuse could I render at the tribunal of a just Judge? My mouth would be stopped, and I should plead guilty before him. How then does it become me to watch and pray, lest the devices of Satan, the world, or my own remaining corruptions, should lead me into temptation.

In thee, oh God, do I put my trust; from thee do I hope to obtain mercy in the day of retribution. Aug. 10. How stupid, how cold I grow! Where is that fervour-that zeal-that animation I ought to have, after professing to know and receive Jesus as my Redeemer? How alluring are the vanities of time? How prone my heart to wander from God? How ready to engage in the trifles of this wicked world? Descend, thou Holy Spirit-Breathe into my soul a flame of ardent love; let not my affec tions wander from the one, and only thing that is needful.

To Miss F. W. of Beverly.

Haverhill, Aug. 1809-Sabbath morn.

"A FEW moments of this sacred morning shall be devoted to my beloved Miss. W. After discontinuing, for so long a time, our correspondence, I again address you. By the endearing title of a friend, I again attempt to lay open my heart before you. But what shall I say? Shall I tell you, that since I last saw you, I have made great progress in divine grace? To you, my ever dear friend, will I unbosom my heart; to you will I describe my feelings. Yes; I will tell you what God has done for my soul. About six weeks since he was pleased, in infinite mercy, again to call up my attention to the concerns of my soul; again to show me the evil

of my ways. I have now publicly professed my faith in him. I have taken the vows of the covenant upon me, and solemnly surrendered myself to him, eternally. Oh Miss W.! should I now be left to dishonour this holy cause, what would be my eternal condemnation? O pray for me. Entreat God to have mercy upon me, and keep me from falling. After I left you at the Academy, I by degrees grew more and more neglectful of serious and eternal realities. When I review the past year of my life; when I reflect upon the wound I have brought upon the blessed religion of Jesus, I am constrained to cry, why has God extended his mercy to the vilest of the race of Adam? Why has he again showed favour to me, after I have so wickedly abused his precious invitations, and grieved his holy Spirit? It is God, who is rich in mercy, abundant in goodness, and of great compassion, that has done these things, as I trust, for me. How can I be too much engaged for him, too much conformed to his holy will, after these abundant manifestations of his love and mercy. O that I could spend my few remaining days as I ought, even entirely devoted to the delightful service of the dear Redeemer.




Extracts from her journal, continued-Review of her religious experience-Reading society-Singing school-Dangerous illness-Byfield Academy.

THE following summary account of her religious exercises, was found among her papers.

"A review of past religious experience I have often found useful and encouraging. On this account I have written down the exercises of my mind, hoping that, by frequently reading them, I may be led to adore the riches of sovereign grace, praise the Lord for his former kindness to me, and feel encouraged to persevere in a holy life.

"The first ten years of my life were spent in vanity. I was entirely ignorant of the depravity of my heart, and of the necessity of regeneration. The summer that I entered my eleventh year, I attended a dancing school. My conscience would sometimes tell me, that my time was foolishly spent ; and though I had never heard it intimated, that such amusements were criminal, I could not rest, until I had solemnly determined that, when the school closed, I would immediately become religious. But these resolutions were not carried into effect. Although I attended every day to secret prayer, and read the Bible with greater attention than before; yet I soon became weary of these ex

ercises, and, by degrees, omitted entirely the duties of the closet. When I entered my thirteenth year, I was sent, by my parents, to the Academy at Bradford. A revival of religion commenced in the neighbourhood, which in a short time spread into the school. A large number of the young ladies were anxiously inquiring, what they should do to inherit eternal life. I began to inquire what these things meant. My attention was solemnly called to the concerns of my immortal soul; and I was a stranger to hope. I feared the ridicule of my gay companions, but, more than all, the displeasure of an angry judge. My heart was opposed to the character of God, and I felt that, if I continued an enemy to his government, I must eternally perish. My convictions of sin were not so pungent and distressing, as many have had; but they were of long continuance. God, in his providence, inclined the hearts of my parents to favour the work, and they treated me with the greatest kindness and attention. But it was more than three months before I was brought to cast my soul on the Saviour of sinners, and rely on him alone for salvation. The extasies, which many new-born souls possess, were not mine. But if I was not lost in rapture on reflecting upon what I had escaped, I was filled with a sweet peace, a heavenly calmness, which I never can describe. The honours, applauses, and

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