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Technical Information Service (NTIS). The Technology Administration is headed by the Under Secretary for Technology who serves as a principal adviser to the Secretary of Commerce and as the Department's spokesperson for science and technology issues.

The Administration serves as the premier technology agency working with U.S. industry in addressing competitiveness and in exercising leadership both within the Department of Commerce and governmentwide. It discharges this role through OTP by advocating coherent policies for maximizing the impact of technology on economic growth, through NIST by carrying out technology programs with U.S. industry, and through NTIS by disseminating technology information. For further information, call 202-482-1575.

manufacturing processes, ensure product reliability, and facilitate rapid commercialization of products based on new scientific discoveries.

The Institute's primary mission is to promote U.S. economic growth by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards. It carries out this mission through four major programs:

-an Advanced Technology Program (ATP) that provides cost-shared awards to industry to develop high-risk enabling technologies with significant economic potential;

-a Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), a network of extension centers and experts providing technical and business assistance to small manufacturers in adopting new technologies;

-a strong laboratory effort planned and implemented in cooperation with industry that focuses on infrastructural technologies such as measurements, standards, evaluated data, and test methods. Research is mainly performed in the areas of: electronics and electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, chemical science and technology, physics, materials science and engineering, building and fire research, computer systems, and computing and applied mathematics; and

-a quality improvement program that is associated with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The award recognizes quality achievements in the areas of manufacturing, service, and small business. For further information, call 301-975–3058. Fax, 301-926–1630. E-mail, inquiries@nist.gov. Internet, http://www.nist.gov/.

Office of Technology Policy The primary role of the Office of Technology Policy is to offer assistance to private sector and government communities in advocating and pursuing policies that maximize the impact of technology on economic growth, and by exercising leadership to define the role of government in supporting U.S. industrial competitiveness in the postcold war environment. The Office serves as a liaison to the private sector, identifying barriers to the rapid commercialization of technology, eliciting support for Administration civilian technology policies, and ensuring that industry's interests are reflected in standards and technology agreements and civilian technology policy. It also assists Federal, State, and local officials, industry, and academic institutions in promoting the technological growth and competitiveness of the U.S. economy. For further information, call 202-482-5687.

National Institute of Standards and Technology The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assists industry in developing technology to improve product quality, modernize

National Technical Information Service The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) is the Nation's largest central clearinghouse and governmentwide resource for scientific, technical, engineering, and other business-related information. It acquires information from U.S. Government agencies and their contractors, as well as from foreign, primarily governmental,

sources. The Service is a self-supporting Federal agency within the Technology Administration of the Department of Commerce.

The Service's collection of information, exceeding 2.5 million works, covers current events, business and management studies, research and development, manufacturing, standards, translations of foreign works, foreign and domestic trade, general statistics, and more. Since the implementation of the American Technology Preeminence Act' (ATPA), NTIS is able to offer an even more diverse and practical range of information. The Act requires all Federal agencies to transfer, in a timely manner, unclassified scientific, technical, and engineering information resulting from federally funded research and development activities to NTIS. The Service's multimedia products range from paper copy technical reports and periodicals to CD-ROM's, audiovisual products, computer software and electronic databases, and online services. FedWorld® The Service's electronic marketplace provides public access to thousands of Government documents; connects to several hundred Federal online systems; and offers instant electronic delivery of selected products from NTIS. FedWorld® provides both dial-up and Internet access to information from numerous Government agencies and programs, at no charge to the public.

The NTIS Preview Database on FedWorld® contains titles entered into the NTIS collection within the last 30 days (approximately 7,000 new products each month). The database is a 30-day rolling window of citations updated semimonthly. Half of the citations are removed midmonth, and newer citations are added.

To connect to FedWorld®, set modem parity to none, data bits to 8, and stop bit to 1. Set terminal emulation to ANSI. Set duplex to full. Then set your communications software to dial FedWorld® at 703-321-FEDW. To connect to FedWorld® on the Internet, either telnet to fedworld.gov, or ftp to ftp.fedworld.gov, or point your Web browser to http://www.fedworld.gov/. For

more information or technical assistance, please call the Fed World® help desk at 703-487-4223. NTIS Database The NTIS Bibliographic Database is available on CD-ROM or online through commercial vendors listed in the free NTIS Products and Services Catalog (PR-827NEB). The database is also available to research and development organizations and agencies on direct lease. For more information, call 703–487-4929. Subject Area Selections The Service has a large collection of information on the environment—including handbooks and guides, regulations and updates, economic studies, and applied technology. It is the exclusive distributor of Superfund documents. For the free catalog Environment Highlights, ask for PR-868NEB.

The Service distributes health care materials such as the National Library of Medicine's Grateful Med and MeSH search tools, as well as an extensive range of other technical reports in the health field. Request your free catalog on health-related products, Health Care Highlights (PR-745NEB).

Business Highlights catalog (PR985 NEB) provides product listings for data necessary for decisionmaking in today's business market. As part of its expansion in the business subject area, NTIS is rapidly increasing its collection of overseas business information.

NTIS Alerts are published twice each month and contain summaries of the latest Government-sponsored projects and their findings. They are available in more than 30 broad subject areas. The Service also prints customized Alerts from over 150 available subtopics to suit recipients' needs. For a free catalog, call 703-487-4650 and request PR-797NEB.

Published Searches are exclusively prepared bibliographies containing 50250 of the latest abstracts of research reports and studies available from a preselected individual database. With each order, a completely new and updated bibliography is produced. For more information on Published Searches, call 703-487-4650 and request PR186NEB.

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Government Reports Announcements & Index Journal announces approximately 80,000 research and development and engineering results annually. Its comprehensive coverage provides thousands of entries within each issue making it a valuable, multidisciplinary current awareness resource. This item is available by subscription and is published twice a month. Call 703-487-4630 to receive answers to your inquiries on this product. Technology Transfer The Service provides technology transfer services such as patent licensing and publishes the Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources. This valuable directory guides you to hundreds of Federal agencies, laboratories, and engineering centers willing to share their expertise to aid in your research. Request flyer PR-746NEB for more details on this product.

It also produces the Federal Research in Progress (FEDRIP) Database that summarizes more than 150,000 ongoing U.S. Government research and development and engineering project summaries. The database is available for lease by calling 703-487-4929; it is also available online through commercial vendors. For a free search guide, call the NTIS Sales Desk at 703-487-4650 and request PR-847NEB. Global Competitive Intelligence As part of its expansion in the business subject area, NTIS is rapidly increasing its collection of information from international sources. The new Foreign Technology Update, a twice-monthly publication, tracks scientific and technical developments from around the world. To receive information on this subscription product, please call 703487-4630. A publication such as the International Trade Administration Bibliography (PB93-218360NEB), with more than 1,000 competitive intelligence-related reports and studies, is also available. Call the NTIS Sales Desk at 703-487-4650 for price quotes and more information.

Through an agreement with the Japan Center of Science and Technology, NTIS makes available the Japanese Online

Information System (OIS). To receive information on searching JOIS, call 703– 487-4819. To help you keep up with technical information from Japan, NTIS, in conjunction with the Department's Japan Technology Program, has updated popular Japanese directories, request PR825NEB for more information. Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support Information Center with the support

of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, NTIS operates the Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support (CALS) Information Center to promote the widespread understanding, acceptance, and use of CALS principles through an effective flow of CALS-related technical information. The Center provides a public source of CALS, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange, and related information including standards and specifications, technical reports, training materials, computer datafiles, and the CALS Electronic Bulletin Board system (available on FedWorld®). To receive the free brochure CALS Information Services from NTIS, request PR-898NEB. Federal Computer Products Center The Service provides computer software and datafiles on tape, diskette, and CDROM, as well as video tapes. Call the NTIS Sales Desk at 703-487-4650; or fax your requests to 703–321-8547 to receive free product information on the Directory of U.S. Government Software for Mainframes and Microcomputers (PR-261 NEB) and the Directory of U.S. Government Datafiles (PR-629NEB). National Audiovisual Center The National Audiovisual Center (NAC) consolidates most of the U.S. Government's activity in the duplication and distribution of audio, visual, and multimedia products. The collection contains more than 9,000 Governmentproduced audiovisual products in a wide range of formats. The range of subject areas includes foreign language training, occupational safety and health, law enforcement training, fire service training, history, science, medical training, business and economics, agriculture, and natural resources. For the free Media Resource Catalog that

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lists NAC's most popular titles, call the NTIS Sales Desk at 703-487-4650 and ask for PR-1001 NEB. Joint Ventures The Service works with private industry to build strategic alliances. These include the use of contracts or cooperative agreements with the private sector, individuals, or other organizations. The objective is to create new information products for U.S. Government-produced data and

software. The Service seeks partnerships to open new channels of sales and distribution. Call 703-487-4785 for more information about joint ventures. Free NTIS Catalogs To obtain copies of the catalogs or brochures listed above, or to receive a free copy of the NTIS Catalog of Products and Services (PR827NEB), call the NTIS Sales Desk at 703-487-4650, or send your request by fax to 703-321-8547.

Sources of Information

Age and Citizenship Age search and citizenship information is available from the Personal Census Search Unit, Bureau of the Census, Data Preparation Division, P.O. Box 1545, Jeffersonville, IN 47131. Phone, 812-285-5314. Consumer Affairs Information is available to businesses and consumers regarding good business practices and resolving consumer complaints. Tip sheets, in English and Spanish, on how to resolve complaints and consumer bulletins, describing programs in the Department of Commerce, are available through the Office's fax-on-demand system. Information on materials is available on the Internet at http:// www.doc.gov/. Phone, 202-482-5001. Fax-on-der 202-501-1191. Fax, 202-482-6007. E-mail, caffairs@doc.gov. For further information, contact the Office of Consumer Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce, Rm. H5718, Washington, DC 20230. Economic Conversion Information The Office of Economic Conversion Information (OECI) is a clearinghouse for communities, businesses, and workers seeking to obtain information regarding defense adjustment and economic development. The Office's database contains descriptions and contact numbers of Federal, State, and local programs; guides and models for

economic development; and many other related items. For further information, contact the Office of Economic Conversion Information, Economic Development Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 1-800345-1222. Internet, http://ecix.doc.gov/. Electronic bulletin board (by modem), 800–352-2949. Environment The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration monitors the conditions in the ocean, atmosphere, and Earth-Sun environment; prepares and issues weather warnings and forecasts; provides Federal leadership in managing the living resources of the sea and the Nation's coastal zone; ensures that marine mammals and endangered marine species are protected under the law; and provides worldwide environmental data and information products and services in the atmospheric, marine, solid earth, and solar terrestrial sciences. It also conducts research aimed at remote sensing of the physical environment and provides a variety of environmental quality control services, including those for urban airborne pollution control, estuarine water movement, and water resources management. Write to the Office of Public and Constituent Affairs, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-6090. Program information is also available on the Internet, at http://www.noaa.gov/.

The Patent and Trademark Office has priority programs for advancement of examination of certain patent applications such as where the invention could materially enhance the quality of the environment of mankind. For further information, contact the Assistant Commissioner for Patents, Office of Petitions, Washington, DC 20231. Phone, 703-305-9282. Field Employment The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has field employment offices at the Western Administrative Support Center, Bin C15700, 7600 Sand Point Way NE., Seattle, WA 98115 (phone, 206-526-6053); the Mountain Administrative Support Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80303 (phone, 303-497-6305); the Central Administrative Support Center, 601 East Twelfth Street, Kansas City, MO 64106 (phone, 816-426-2056); and the Eastern Administrative Support Center, 200 World Trade Center, Norfolk, VA 23510–1624 (phone, 804_441-6516). Publications The titles of selected publications are printed below with the operating units responsible for their issuance. These and other publications dealing with a wide range of business, economic, environmental, scientific, and technical matters are announced in the weekly Business Service Checklist, which may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. Phone, 202– 783-3238.

The Secretary's Annual Report to Congress and Serving the Nation, two publications which describe the missions, functions, and accomplishments of Commerce agencies and offices, are available by writing the Department of Commerce, Office of Public Affairs, Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street NW., Room 5610, Washington, DC, or by calling 202-2193605 for the Annual Report and 202– 482-4901 for Serving the Nation.

Further information on Commerce publications is available at any of the Department's International Trade Administration district offices.

Lists of Other Documents Individuals with access to fax machines can dial 202-501-1191 (Flash Facts) to obtain lists of other publication contacts, Secretarial speeches and biographies, press releases, audiovisuals, Commerce bureau public affairs contacts, and Department programs by subject. Bureau of the Census The following publications are available from the Government Printing Office: Census Catalog and Guide; Statistical Abstract of the U.S.; Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970; County and City Data Book, 1994; and State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, 1991.

Data highlights, large data files, access tools, and other material are available on the World Wide Web. Internet, http:// www.census.gov/. E-mail, webmaster@census.gov. Bureau of Economic Analysis Publications available from the Government Printing Office include the following: Survey of Current Business; State Personal Income, 1929–93; Benchmark Input-Output Accounts of the United States, 1987; and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, 1992 Benchmark. Summary statistics and general information are available on the Internet, at http://www.bea.doc.gov/. To obtain more detailed economic data and press releases, subscribe to the Department of Commerce's Electronic Bulletin Board, by calling 202-4821986, or by sending E-mail to statusa@doc.gov. Additional information on BEA programs, products, and services is available in the User's Guide to BEA Information, which may be obtained through the Internet, or by contacting the Public Information Office, BE-53, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-606-9900. International Trade Administration Business America, which is published biweekly, is available from the Government Printing Office and at ITA District Offices.

The Administration maintains an Internet site, at http://www.ita.doc.gov/, which offers the single best place for

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