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and degree-granting professional education. The Command also conducts joint, medical service, readiness, and Air Force security assistance training.

Overseas Commands
Pacific Air Forces The Pacific Air
Forces is a major command of the USAF
and is the Air Force component of the
U.S. Pacific Command. Its primary
mission is to organize, train, equip,
administer, and prepare assigned forces
for combat, including: fighter,
reconnaissance, air control, close air
support, and defense suppression units to
conduct defensive and offensive air
operations. It provides combat-ready air

elements to the U.S. Pacific Command
and participates in joint and combined
air operations.
United States Air Forces in Europe The
United States Air Forces in Europe is a
major command of the USAF and is the
Air Force component of the U.S.
European Command. Its primary mission
is to organize, train, equip, administer,
and prepare assigned forces for combat,
including: fighter, reconnaissance, air
control, close air support, and defense
suppression units to conduct defensive
and offensive air operations. It provides
combat-ready air elements to the U.S.
European Command and participates in
joint and combined air operations.

Field Operating Agencies

Air Force Audit Agency The Agency design, operations and maintenance, fire provides independent, internal audit and protection, explosive ordnance disposal, appraisal of financial, operational, disaster preparedness, and air base management, and support activities as a operability. service to all levels of management. Air Force Civilian Personnel Air Force Base Conversion Agency The Management Center The Center Agency serves as the Federal real

directs, develops, manages, and property disposal agent and provides evaluates the wide range of Federal and integrated execution management for Air internal programs affecting Air Force Force bases in the United States as they civilians, including foreign nationals, are closed under the delegated

worldwide. authorities of the Base Closure and Air Force Operations Group The Realignment Act of 1988 and the

Group provides readiness-oriented, Defense Base Closure and Realignment combat-related support to the Chief of Act of 1990. The major air commands Staff, USAF. The Group serves as the are responsible for operating their

permanent nucleus of a centralized, installations and terminating or shifting highly responsive, and integrated combat military missions to other units, until the

support structure. It includes the combatbase closure date. Thereafter,

related activities of functions such as installations are transferred to the Air

operations, operations plans, Force Base Conversion Agency for final intelligence, logistics, and personnel. disposition.

Air Force Command, Control, Air Force Center for Environmental Communications, and Computer Agency Excellence The Center provides the Air The Agency ensures C4 systems across Force with an in-house capability to the Air Force are integrated and manage all aspects of environmental

interoperable. It develops and validates cleanup, planning, and compliance. C4 architectures, technical standards, Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency requirements, policies, procedures, and The Agency provides civil engineering technical solutions. technical assistance and operating

Air Force Cost Analysis Agency The support to Air Force bases and

Agency develops cost analysis tools, organizations, including engineering

methods, data bases, models, and

automated systems which are used in resource allocation and cost management decisions throughout Air Force. Air Force Doctrine Center The Center develops and publishes basic and operational level doctrine for the Air Force and provides Air Force input into joint and combined doctrine development. Air Force Flight Standards Agency The Agency manages the interoperability of civil and military airspace and air traffic control systems to ensure worldwide combat and peacetime capabilities. Through its various components, the Agency develops and maintains standards and procedures for flight operations, air traffic control aeronautical information, flight planning, notice to airmen, and navigation and landing systems worldwide. In addition, the Agency facilitates the development of common civil and military airspace. Air Force Frequency Management Agency The Agency implements USAF use of the radio frequency electromagnetic spectrum. It develops procedures on a national, international, and government-to-government basis within the scope of international agreements. Air Force Historical Research Agency The Agency provides Air Force commanders historical assistance in carrying out their assigned missions and responsibilities and implements the USAF history program. Its responsibilities include serving as a repository for Air Force historical records, determining lineage and honors of Air Force units, and preparing books and other historical works on Air Force and military aviation. Air Force Inspection Agency The Agency directs the Air Force inspection programs, evaluating operational readiness, accident prevention, and management systems. Air Force Legal Services Agency The Agency provides Air Force-wide legal services in the functional areas of military justice, patents, claims and tort litigation, general litigation, labor law, preventive law, and legal aid.

Air Force Logistics Management Agency The Agency conducts studies and develops, analyzes, tests, evaluates, and recommends new or improved concepts, methods, systems, or procedures that enhance logistics efficiency and effectiveness. Air Force Management Engineering Agency The Agency works with the Air Staff and MAJCOMS to achieve significant improvement through process reengineering. It provides data to determine manpower requirements and manage manpower resources. Air Force Medical Operations Agency The Agency assists the USAF Surgeon General in developing plans, programs, and practices for the Air Force Medical Service, aerospace medicine, clinical investigations, quality assurance, health promotion, family advocacy, bioenvironmental engineering, military public health, and radioactive material management. Air Force Medical Support Agency The Agency assists the USAF Surgeon General in developing plans, programs, and practices relating to Air Force health care in peace and war in the areas of patient administration, health facilities, medical service information systems, and medical logistics. Air Force Military Personnel Center The Center executes personnel plans and programs and supervises procedures applicable to the worldwide management and administration of Air Force military personnel. Air Force News Agency The Agency plans and executes the USAF's internal information program for all military and civilian personnel. It develops, produces, and distributes materials in support

of information, orientation, motivation, and unit morale goals and provides information about Air Force people and missions to hometown news media and national commercial magazines. Air Force Office of Special Investigations The Office provides criminal, counterintelligence, personnel security, and special investigative services to Air Force activities, including collection, analysis, and reporting of significant information.

Air Force Personnel Operations Agency The Agency performs operational programs located in the Washington, DC area due to proximity to other Federal personnel activities or USAF Headquarters. Its responsibilities include operation of personnel models and data bases for force structure management; Air Force relocation, injury, and unemployment programs; awards programs; employee and labor relations support; and Air Force quality assessments. Air Force Program Executive Office The Office manages and is directly accountable for the execution of major and selected acquisition programs. Air Force Real Estate Agency The Agency acquires, manages, and disposes of land for the Air Force worldwide and maintains a complete land and facilities inventory. Air Force Reserve The Air Force Reserve has field responsibilities of command of the Air Force Reserve and participates in planning for the management, administration, and execution of programs affecting Air Force Reserve units and mobilization of these reserves when needed. Air Force Review Boards Agency The Agency consists of the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR), the Air Force Civilian Appellate Review Agency (AFCARA), and the Air Force Personnel Council. AFBCMR and AFCARA ensure compliance with appropriate legal and policy guidelines in correcting military records and in resolving civilian employee complaints. The Personnel Council advises the Air Force Secretariat on matters relating to various personnel policies and the effective management of active and reserve components of the Air Force. Boards under the Council examine such matters as discharges, physical disability cases, and decorations. Air Force Safety Agency The Agency is responsible for implementing and executing Air Force safety and nuclear surety policies, plans, and programs USAF-wide, as directed by the Chief of Safety.

Air Force Security Police Agency The Agency develops operational practices in peacetime and wartime environments to carry out programs for the security of Air Force resources and information and the delivery of law enforcement services. Its responsibilities include base defense; security police personnel, training, systems, and equipment programs and the physical security of Air Force resources; information, personnel, and industrial security programs and the wartime information security program; maintenance of law and order; prisoner rehabilitation and corrections programs, vehicle traffic management; and the military working dog program. Air Force Services Agency The Agency supports the bases, major commands, and Air Staff by providing technical assistance, fielding new initiatives, developing procedures, and managing selected central support functions to ensure successful services programs. It manages Air Force nonappropriated central funds and operates central systems, such as banking, investments, purchasing, data flow, insurance, and health benefit programs. Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency The Agency performs studies to assist and support the Air Force decisionmaking process. It performs independent studies and evaluations of Air Force requirements, proposals, plans, and programs, while providing comparisons and trade-off analyses. The Agency also evaluates critical technical and operational issues and monitors applicable tests and evaluations that address such issues. Air Force Technical Applications Center The Center operates and maintains the U.S. Atomic Energy Detection System. It monitors compliance with various nuclear test ban treaties; installs and operates equipment for detection and identification of foreign nuclear weapons tests; identifies whether events are produced by human causes or nature; and conducts research to improve atomic energy detection systems. Air Intelligence Agency The Agency provides intelligence service in support of USAF operations through

comprehensive research, direction of Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of collection activities, processing and Staff, Secretary of the Air Force, and dissemination of intelligence information Chief of Staff of the Air Force with and intelligence, and the exercise of command, control, communications, and management and control of intelligence computer systems (C4) to satisfy critical systems and special security systems. national defense requirements, Air National Guard Readiness Center automated systems for preparing and The Center performs the operational and submitting the President's budget, and technical tasks associated with manning, decisionmaking aides for top DOD equipping, and training Air National officials. The Agency also secures C4 for Guard units to required preparedness the National Command Authority to levels.

evaluate global events and respond to Air Reserve Personnel Center The crises. Center develops management policies, plans, and programs pertaining to Air Direct Reporting Units Force Reserve personnel when they are not on extended active duty, and

11th Support Wing The 11th Support provides personnel management for Wing provides logistical and reserve forces of the Air Force and administrative support to Air Force personnel support for mobilization of activities in the Washington, DC, area these forces.

that do not have their own internal Air Weather Service The Service is the support, including USAF Headquarters USAF technical center of weather

and the Air Force Secretariat. In expertise for all levels of the Air Force addition, it represents the Air Force in and Army.

matters pertaining to the National Center for Air Force History The Capital Region. Center operates under the policy

Air Force Operational Test and guidance of the Air Force Historian. The Evaluation Center The Center manages Center has two basic missions: to

the Air Force Operational Test and research, write, and publish books and Evaluation (OPT) Program; assesses the other studies on the history of the Air operational utility of all major and Force; and to provide historical support selected nonmajor Air Force systems through the Air Force Historian to USAF with using, implementing, and Headquarters.

supporting commands, as required; and Joint Services Survival, Evasion,

is responsible for recommending policy Resistance, and Escape Agency The and planning, directing, evaluating, and Agency serves as DOD's executive agent reporting on the Air Force OPT Program. for three areas: JCS Operational Evasion U.S. Air Force Academy The Academy and Escape matters; Code of Conduct/ provides instruction and experience to Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape cadets so that they graduate with the training; and the POW/MIA program. knowledge and character essential to Air Force Pentagon Communications leadership and the motivation to become Agency The Agency provides the USAF career officers.

For further information concerning the Department of the Air Force, contact the Office of the Director of Public Affairs, Department of the Air Force, 1670 Air Force Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330–1670. Phone, 703-697-6061.

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Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
Executive Officer
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management

and Budget
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning,

Policy, and Legislation
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial

Management and Comptroller)
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
Executive Officer
Military Assistant
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resource

Analysis and Business Practice
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial

Operations Deputy Assistant Secretary for Army Budget Director, US Army Cost and Economic

Analysis Center Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations,

Logistics, and Environment) Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Executive Officer Military Assistant Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment,

Safety, and Occupational Health Deputy Assistant Secretary for Installations

and Housing Deputy Assistant Secretary for Logistics




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