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Suite 1050, 1825 Eye Street NW., Washington, DC 20006–5402
Phone, 202-634–6441

Official in Washington:

Officials in the Republic of Panama:

Deputy Administrator

JOSEPH W. CORNELISON (For the Panama Canal Commission statement of organization, see the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 35, Part 9)

The Panama Canal Commission operates, maintains, and improves the Panama Canal to provide efficient, safe, and economical transit service for the benefit of world commerce.

The Panama Canal Commission was maintains the Canal, its complementary established as an independent agency in works, installations, and equipment, and the executive branch of the Government provides for the orderly transit of vessels by the Panama Canal Act of 1979 (22 through the Canal. This U.S. agency will U.S.C. 3601).

perform these functions until the treaty The Commission is supervised by a

terminates on December 31, 1999, at nine-member Board of which not fewer

which time the Republic of Panama will than five members are nationals of the United States, with the remaining

assume full responsibility for the Canal. members being nationals of the Republic Sources of Information of Panama. All members of the Board are appointed by the President. The Marine Operations Director, Marine members who are United States

Bureau, Panama. Phone, 011-507-272nationals are appointed with the advice 4500. and consent of the Senate.

Economic and Marketing Information

Director, Office of Executive Planning, Activities

Panama. Phone, 011-507–272–7961. The Commission was established by Procurement Office of Logistical Congress on October 1, 1979, to carry Support, 4400 Dauphine Street, New out the responsibilities of the United Orleans, LA 70146-6800. Phone, 504– States with respect to the Panama Canal 948-5299. under the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977. Panama Canal Commission Unit 2300, In fulfilling these obligations, the

APO AA 34011-2300. Telex, 3034 Commission manages, operates, and PCCAMRM PG.

For further information, contact the Office of the Secretary, Panama Canal Commission, Suite 1050, 1825 Eye Street NW., Washington, DC 20006–5402. Phone, 202-634-6441.

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1990 K Street NW., Washington, DC 20526
Phone (Locator), 202-606-3886


MARK D. GEARAN Deputy Director


THOMAS TIGHE General Counsel

NANCY HENDRY Inspector General

CHARLES C. MADDOX Director of Congressional Relations

JOAN M. TIMONEY Director of Communications

ANDRE OLIVER Director of Private Sector Relations

CATHERINE BUCKNAM, Acting Executive Secretary

BURTON REIST Associate Director for International Operations JOHN P. HOGAN Regional Director/Africa Operations

Regional Director/Inter-American Operations VICTOR JOHNSON
Regional Director/Asia and Pacific

Regional Director/Europe, Central Asia, and FRED OʻREGAN

Mediterranean Operations
Director of Training and Program Support HOWARD ANDERSON
Chief Financial Officer

Director of Financial Services

YVONNE VAUGHAN Associate Director for Management

Director of Human Resource Management MARY LOU WEATHERS, Acting
Director of Information Resources

Director of Contracts

Director of Administrative Services

JOSE LARACUENTE Associate Director for Volunteer Support

JUDY HARRINGTON Director of Medical Services

DAVID GOOTNICK, M.D. Director of Special Services

BARBARA PICKETT Associate Director for Volunteer Recruitment PATRICIA GARAMENDI

and Selection Director of Placement

Liz LOSTOMBO (For the Peace Corps statement of organization, see the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 22, Part 302]

The Peace Corps' purpose is to promote world peace and friendship, to help other countries in meeting their needs for trained men and women, and to promote understanding between the American people and other peoples served by the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps Act emphasizes the Peace Corps commitment toward programming to meet the basic needs of those living in the countries where volunteers work.

The Peace Corps was established by the
Peace Corps Act of 1961, as amended
(22 U.S.C. 2501), and was made an
independent agency by title VI of the
International Security and Development
Cooperation Act of 1981 (22 U.S.C.

The Peace Corps consists of a Washington, DC, headquarters; 11 area offices; and overseas operations in more than 90 countries. Its presence in foreign countries fluctuates as programs are added or withdrawn.

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conjunction with private volunteer To fulfill the Peace Corps mandate, men

organizations. and women are trained for a 9- to 14. In the United States, the Peace Corps week period in the appropriate local is working to promote an understanding language, the technical skills necessary of people in other countries. Through its for their particular job, and the cross- World Wise Schools Program, volunteers cultural skills needed to adjust to a are matched with elementary and junior society with traditions and attitudes high schools in the United States to different from their own. Volunteers encourage an exchange of letters, serve for a period of 2 years, living pictures, music, and artifacts. among the people with whom they Participating students increase their work. Volunteers are expected to

knowledge of geography, languages, and become a part of the community through different cultures, while gaining an their voluntary service.

appreciation for voluntarism. Thousands of volunteers serve throughout Central and South America,

The Peace Corps offers other domestic the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, the Pacific,

programs involving former volunteers, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia,

universities, local public school systems, Ukraine, the Baltics, and Central Asia.

and private businesses and foundations They work in six program areas,

in a partnership to help solve some of including: education, agriculture, health,

the United States most pressing domestic small business development, urban

problems. development, and the environment.

The Peace Corps Office of Private Community-level projects are designed Sector Relations works with schools, to incorporate the skills of volunteers civic groups, businesses, and with the resources of host-country neighborhood and youth organizations agencies and other international

in the United States to facilitate their assistance organizations to help solve support of Peace Corps initiatives here specific development problems, often in and abroad.

Area Offices—Peace Corps









Atanta, GA (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Rm. 2324, 101 Marietta St. NW., 30323

South Carolina, Tennessee).
Boston, MA (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamp- Rm. 450, 10 Causeway St., 02222

shire, Rhode Island, Vermont).
Chicago, IL (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky. Michigan, Suite 450, 55 W. Monroe St., 60603

Missouri, Ohio).
Dallas, TX (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Okla- Rm. 230, 400 N. Ervay St., P.O. Box 638, 75221

homa, Texas).
Denver, CO (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Rm. 550, 140 E. 19th Ave., 80203

Los Angeles, CA (Arizona, southern California) Suite 8104, 11000 Wilshire Blvd., 90024
Minneapolis, MS (lowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Suite 420, 330 2d Ave. S., 55401

South Dakota, Wisconsin).
New York, NY (Connecticut, New Jersey. New York, Rm. 611, 6 World Trade Ctr., 10048

Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico).
Arlington, VA (District of Columbia, Delaware, Mary- Suite 400, 1400 Wilson Blvd., 22209

land, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia).
San Francisco, CA (northern California, Hawaii, Ne Rm. 533, 211 Main St., 94105

vada). Seattle, WA (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Rm. 1776, 2001 6th Ave., 98121


310-235-7444 612-348-1480





Sources of Information
Becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer
Contact the nearest area office. Phone,
800-424–8580, extension 2293 (toll-

Employment Contact the Peace Corps, Office of Human Resource Management, Washington, DC 20526. Phone, 202– 606-3950. For recorded employment opportunities, call 202-606-3214.

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