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1. Sheridan's Plays.

27. Burlesque Plays and Poems. 2. Plnys from Molière. By 28. Dante's Divine Comedy. English Dramatists.

LONGFellow's Translation. 3. Marlowe's Faustus and 29. Goldsmith's Vicar of WakeGoethe's Faust.

field, Plays, and Poems. 4. Chronicle of the Cid. 30. Fables and Proverbs from 5. Rabelais' Gargantua and the the Sanskrit. (Hitopadesa.)

Heroic Deeds of Pantagruel. 31. Lamb's Essays of Elia. 6. Machiavelli's Prince.

32. The History of Thomas 7. Bacon's Essays.

Ellwood. 8. Defoe's Journal of the 33. Emerson's Essays, &c. Plague Year.

34. Southey's Life of Nelson. 9. Locke on Civil Government | 35. De Quincey's Confessions and Filmer's Patriarcha.

of an Opium-Eater, &c. 10. Butler's Analogy of Religion. 36. Stories of Ireland. By Miss II. Dryden's Virgil.

EDGEWORTH. 12. Scott's Demonology and 37. Frere's Aristophanes: Witchcraft.

Acharnians, Knights, Birds. 13. Herrick's Hesperides. 38. Burke's Speeches and Letters. 14. Coleridge's Table-Talk. 39. Thomas à Kenipis. 15. Boccaccio's Decameron. 40. Popular Songs of Ireland. 16. Sterne's Tristram Shandy. 41. Potter's Æschylus. 17. Chapman's Homer's Iliad. 42. Goethe's Faust: Part II. 18. Medieval Tales.

ANSTER's Translation. 19. Voltaire's Candide, and 43. Famous Pamphlets. Johnson's Rasselas.

44. Francklin's Sophocles. 20. Jonson's Plays and Poems. 45. M. G. Lewis's Tales of 21. Hobbes's Leviathan.

Terror and Wonder. 22. Samuel Butler's Hudibras. | 46. Vestiges of the Natural 23. Idea Commonwealths.

History of Creation. 24. Cavendish's Life of Wolsey. 47. Drayton's Barons' Wars,

Nymphidia, &c. 25 & 26. Don Quixote.

Marvels of clear type and general neatness."-Daily Telegraph.


MAR ZO 1002


MICHAEL DRAYTON was only a year older than his friend Shakespeare, and born in the same county. As Thomas Fuller says, when writing of him among Warwickshire Worthies, “ Michael Drayton was born within a few miles of William Shakespeare, his countryman and fellow-poet, and buried within fewer paces of Geoffrey Chaucer and Edward Spenser.” Drayton's birth year was 1563, his birth-place Hartshill, halfway between Atherstone and Nuneaton, near the north-eastern border of Warwickshire. Close by, in Leicestershire, just over the border, is that one of the many English parishes called Drayton-Fenny Drayton-from which his family may have derived its name. The river Anker flows by pleasant hills and woods, where there was once the Forest of Arden; it flows near to Hartshill on its way to join the Tame at Tamworth, and they were its waters that fed the Drayton fens. The Anker is the home river whose ripples are heard also in Drayton's song:

“Fair Arden, thou my Tempé art alone,

And thou, sweet Anker, art my Helicon.” Drayton's Anker thus became associated with a poet's life, like Herrick's Dean Burn, or Spenser's Mulla. When celebrating Warwickshire, the middle shire of England, in his “Polyolbion "_" that shire which we the heart of England well may call”—Drayton speaks of it as his native county

“My native country then, which so brave spirits hast bred,

If there be virtue yet remaining in thy earth,
Or any good of thine thou breath’dst into my birth,
Accept it as thine own whilst now I sing of thee;

Of all thy later brood th' unworthiest though I be.” Drayton found patrons in his boyhood and youth. His earliest helper was a Warwickshire man, Sir Henry Goodyere of Polesworth, about seven miles northward of Hartshill, who

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