The Ethics of War: Shared Problems in Different Traditions

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Dr David Rodin, Professor Richard Sorabji
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 28 мая 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 264
9/11 and the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have left many people baffled and concerned. This interdisciplinary study of the ethics of war provides an excellent orientation not only to present, but also to future conflicts. It looks both back at historical traditions of ethical thought and forward to contemporary and emerging issues. The Ethics of War traces how different cultures involved in present conflicts have addressed similar problems over the centuries. Distinguished authors reflect how the Graeco-Roman world, Byzantium, the Christian just war tradition, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and the Geneva Conventions have addressed recurrent ethical problems of war. Cutting-edge essays by prominent modern theorists address vital contemporary issues including asymmetric war, preventive war, human rights and humanitarian intervention. Distinguished academics, ethical leaders, and public policy figures have collaborated in this innovative and accessible guide to ethical issues in war.

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An excellent collection of material from the ancient world to the 21st century which has a significant amount of material from Christian writers. Читать весь отзыв


Listof Contributors
Just War from Ancient Origins to the Conquistadors
TheJust War ofEastern Christians and the HolyWar of theCrusaders
From Grotius to Modern Times
Arguments Concerning Resistance in Contemporary Islam
War and Reason in Maimonides and Averroes
Norman Solomon 7Just War inthe Mahābhārata
Preventive War and the Killing of the Innocent
Jeff McMahan 10War Humanitarian Intervention and Human Rights
11Culture the Enemy and the Moral Restraint of
Application of Just War Criteria in the Period 195989
Britains Wars Since 1945

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