Literary Education: A Revaluation

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Cambridge University Press, 3 нояб. 1983 г. - Всего страниц: 182
This book is an attempt to offer a justification for the teaching of literature in schools and universities, and is intended as a contribution to the philosophy of literary education. The issues which Dr Gribble discusses could all be bracketed under the general heading of the relationship between literature and life. The book is written for those readers and teachers of literature who step back from their immediate engagement with a novel, play, or poem and ask such questions as 'What knowledge or understanding, if any, have I gained from the work? Of what significance is the author's intention to my view of the work? What moral value does the work possess? What kinds of feelings or emotions did I experience? How did my identification with certain characters influence my response? In what way did the moral significance or emotional impact depend upon the quality of the writing? What part does critical analysis play in determining the answers to any of these questions?'. Dr Gribble's treatment of these issues is neither technical nor abstract but advanced on the basis of particular examples drawn from a wide range of literature. Written in a lively and lucid style the book will interest all serious readers of literature, although it is primarily directed at those who teach literature in schools, colleges, and universities and who are necessarily concerned with the educative value of reading and discussing literature.

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Literature life and education some problems about how they relate to one another
Literature and truth
b Truth and reality in literature
c Truth and sincerity in literature
Literary criticism and literary education
b Testing literary appreciation
c The relations between literary critical concepts
the signs of something grasped and held
b Emotions in literature and emotions in life
c Literature as an alternative to life
Empathy and literary education
b Empathy with real people and empathy with characters in fiction
Literary intention and literary education
a Generative and operative intention in literature
b Against intention
Literature morality and censorship

e Real experience and realization in literature
Objectivity and subjectivity in literary education
The subordination of criticism to theory structuralism and deconstructionism
Literature and the education of the emotions

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