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Turning with casy eye thou may'st behold-
From India and the golden Chersonese
And utmost Indian isle Tabropane,
From Gallia, Gades, and the British west,
Germans and Scythians, and Sarmatians north,
Beyond Danubius to the Tauric pool :
All nations-

MILTON, Paradise Regained.

Printed by Cox, Son, and Baylis, Great Queen Street,
For C. TAYLOR, No. 108, Hatton Garden, Holborn.

September; 1808.

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It is impossible that any work should excite more hearty good wishes for its success, than the LITERARY PANORAMA has excited among those who hare honoured it with their patronage : for this sentiment we return our most grateful thanks; and at the same time, presume, that it will be a gratification to our friends to be informed, that DURING THE COURSE OF VOLUME NOW CONCLUDED, OUR

HAS INCREASED ONE THIRD ABOVE WHAT IT WAS WHEN THE VOLUME COMMENCED, We attribute this to the favourable opinion that our Readers have been pleased to form of us on prolonged acquaintance, and to the recommendatory character which they have expressed to others on our behalf. We know no other occasion of our steady and increasing rise ; it cannot have been from any unusual steps taken by ourselves, for we have taken none such: but we believe, and trust, that to this truly honourable cause we are beholden for our progressive success. We, therefore, beg leave to make our sincere acknowledgements, without any reserve, to this cause: and we rejoice in the Fiat which this incident pronounces on our labours. It has fixed the character of our Work, it has decided its progress; and we may justly hope that additional Subscribers, as their acquaintance with us continues, will do us the same favour, and reward cxertions made with unremitting diligence to give them satisfaction, by a commendation among their friends, and an open and honourable patronage of our labours.


The Public will do us the justice to believe that past success shall have no debilitating effects on our activity: we are too well aware of the importance of that reputation wbich we have at stake, to abate our most

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