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BOOKS printed for J. and H. Pemberton.


Wenty-feven Sermons, viz. Four upon the Parables, and Eight upon the Miracles of our Saviour; Nine upon Ecclefiaftes, and Six upon occafional Subjects. All preach'd at the Cathedral Church of Winchefter. By Abrabam Markland, D. D. late Prebendary of the faid Church, and Master of St. Cross. 2 Vols. Price 7 s.

II. Twenty Sermons preach'd on feveral Occafions to a Society of British Merchants in foreign Parts. By Bafil Kennet, D. D. late Prefident of Corpus Chrifti College in Oxon. The fecond Edition corrected. Price 4 s. 6d.

III. The Pious Country Parishioner: Being Directions how a Chriftian may manage every Day through the whole Course of his Life, with Safety and Succefs. Advice how to spend religiously the Sabbath-day, what Books of the Holy Scriptures ought to be read firit, and how much they outdo in Eloquence all the Rules of human Art: The whole Method of Education: The ill Confequence of uninstructed Children: How to tame their Paffions, and make them a Comfort to their Friends, and an Ornament to their Country. The Fafts and Feafts. To which are added, Collects for the most important Virtues which adorn the Soul. Also a Difcourfe concerning the indifpenfible, tho' in Country Parishes much neglected, Duty of frequenting the Bleffed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Wherein the Nature of it is defcribed, the Obligation of frequenting it enforced. All the Excufes ufually brought for the Neglect of it anfwer'd. The uninftructed Soul taught what he must do, in order to be a worthy Communicant. And because all muft die, Rules are given to fet the Soul right in Sickness to prepare for a happy Change at Death. So that in this one Treatife are contained all the Duties requifite to Salvation. The ninth Edition. Price 1 s. 6 d. or 15 s. per Dozen to those that give them


IV. The Lord Bishop of Oxford's Sermon before the Lord Mayor on Eafter-Monday, 1738.

V. His Lordship's Sermon before the House of Lords, May 29. 1739.

VI. His Lordship's Charge to the Clergy in his Diocefe in 1738.

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