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Mr. Joshua Cox.

Right. Hon. Lady Cardigan. (Roy. Pa.) Lady Childe. (Royal Paper.) ·

Mrs. Conduit.

Mr. Caverly. (Six Sets.)


Right Hon. Lord Digby.
Hon. Edward Digby.
Lady Delves.
Dr. Doughty.
Rev. Mr. Davies.

(Royal Paper.)

Francis Dickens, LL. D.

Peter Deval, Efq;
William Draper, Efq;

Rev. Mr. Dechaire. (Six Sets.)

Mr. James Dansie.

Mr. William Davies,

Mrs. Dawfon.

Mrs. Dickens. (Two Sets.)

Mr. John Durling.

Mr. John Darker.
Mr. Stephen Dobbs.


Mr. Henry Dobson, Sen. Mr. Henry Dobfon, Jun. Mrs. Ann Dobfon.

Mrs. Ann Duel.

Mr. Peter Dobre..

Mr. Dodd.

Mrs. Dodd.

Mr. Richard Davies, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge.

Rev. Dr. Dry. (Two Sets.)


Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Ely.
Right Hon. the Lord Eufton. (Roy. Pa.)
Mrs. Elwes.

Lady Eyles.
Mrs. Elianor Emmett.

(Royal Paper.)

Mr. John Evans.

Mrs. Eaft.

Mrs. Edmunds.
Mrs. Mary Edwards.
Anthony Ewer, Efq;

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Sir George Fettiplace..

Robert Fotherby, Efq; (Two Sets.)

Ralph Feltom, Efq;
Colfon Fellows, Efq;
Rev. Mr. Fludyer.
Mr. Robert Fawdry.
Mrs. Fellows. (Royal Paper.)

Mrs. Frances Fotherby. (Two Sets.)

Mrs. Flauhaw.

Mr. John Forty.
Mr. Foorfer.

Mrs. Ford.

Mrs. Foulks.

Mrs. Francklin.

Mr. Charles Frewin.

Rev. Mr. Foulks.

Mr. James Field, A. M.

Rev. Mr. Fenton

Rev. Mr. John Floyde.

Ralph Freeman, Efq; (Royal Paper.)
Edward Flemming, Efq;


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Richard Fydell, Efq;
Mr. William Fenton.

Forster, Efq;


Right Rev. Bishop of Gloucefter.
Right Hon. the Lady Gray.
Thomas Gore, Efq;
Daniel Gwilt, Efq;

Mr. Good.

Mrs. Green.

Mr. Giles Grindy.
Mrs. Grubb.

Mrs. Gelly.

Rev. Mr. Garnet.
Rev. Mr. Gibbon.

William George, D. D. (Royal Paper.) Rev. Dr. Grey, D.D.

Rev. Mr. William Goldwin.

Rev. Mr. Gough.

Rev. Mr. Gwyn.
James Gibbon, Efq;
Mr. Peter Godfrey.


Mr. Edmund Godfrey.

Mr. Gopp.

Mr. Glyn, King's College.
Mrs. Garrard.

Mr. Glynn.


Right. Hon. the Lord Harcourt.

Right Hon. the Lady Dowager Harcourt.
Right Hon. the Lady Harcourt.
Right Hon. the Lady Hereford.
Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Harcourt.
Lady Harpur. (Two Sets.)
Mifs Elizabeth Harcourt.
Mifs Martha Harcourt.
Hon. James Hamilton.
James Hallet, Efq;

Nicholas Harding, Efq; (Royal Paper.)
Richard Hoare, Efq;

Thomas Orby Hunter, Efq;
Henry Hawley, Efq;
Henry Hoare, Efq;
Benjamin Hoare, Efq;


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