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that we are saved by grace through faith, and that not of ourselves; but that it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast; and may we have the manifest proof of a living faith, by fulfilling, in thy strength, those good works, unto which we are created in Christ Jesus.

Bless our whole family; those who rule and those that serve; parents, children, and friends and all who are related to any of us; wide is the circle of kindred and friends connected with those now kneeling before thee, but let not one of them be without thy saving grace and thy eternal blessing. May all who are relations to us according to the flesh, become united to us far more nearly still in the faith of Christ and by partaking of thine own Spirit.

Bless our country and all Christendom and the whole world. O may the angel having the everlasting Gospel fulfil completely in our day his mission of mercy to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, kindred, and tongue, and people: 0 that all may see the approaching hour of judgment, and may fear God and give glory to him, and worship him alone. O that all the people of God may come out of Babylon, and cease to partake of her sins, that they receive not of her plagues; and may the salvation of Israel speedily come out of Zion, and the Lord bring back the captivity of his people, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.




Almighty Father, what manner of love is this that we should have the privilege and right, in Jesus Christ, of calling thee our Father. As thy sinful children we come into our Father's presence, through him thy only-begotten Son, who partook of our flesh. and blood, and is now our Advocate with Thee. As all our blessings first came from thee, so we praise thee together for their being still continued to us and enjoyed by us. Our health as well as our life is from thee; from thee flow all our comforts, privileges, and blessings, both for body and for soul. But above all we thank thee for that gift, of all gifts the chief, thine only Son to be our Head and Redeemer, our light and life and glory for ever. Together then we praise and bless the Father of all our mercies and the God of all our comforts.

O Lord Jesus, who didst promise thy disciples that thou wouldest not leave them comfortless, but wouldest come unto them, graciously fulfil thy promise to us. Come unto us as our Shepherd, Teacher, Saviour and Ruler. Send unto us the Holy Ghost, the Comforter from the Father, to abide with us now and for ever. May he take of thy holy truths,

and show them to us.
and guide us into all truth.

O Lord, we can never tell what a day may bring forth, or how we may be tried and insnared. Preserve us this day in all dangers, guard us in all assaults of our spiritual foes, assist us to go through all our duties, make us ready to seize all opportunities of doing good; let no temptation of Satan surprise us into sin, but may we take the shield of faith, and so quench all his fiery darts.

Bless, O gracious God, this family, and each member of it, according to their several callings and duties in thy church. May our desire for thy glory grow more simple. May we have more pure and holy affections towards each other, that thus, as a family we may grow up more and more as a holy temple unto the Lord.

Bless our [city and] neighbourhood, our county and our country. Take from us the spirit of judgment, and give us the spirit of love; take from us divisions and strifes, and give us oneness of mind and overflowing kindness to others. Overrule trials and difficulties for the revival and enlargement of thy church. May we be clothed with humility, and in honour prefer one another.

O Lord, enrich, enlarge, and prosper thy church with the manifold gifts and graces of thy Holy Spirit. Do thou bear with the transgressions of thine own people. Let us not have to mourn over the sins of

May he teach us all things

those bearing the name of Christ, but to rejoice over their daily renewal in his glorious image. May no part of thy word, even that relating to thy future counsels, thy judgments to come on sinners, and thy coming in glory to raise thy saints to reign with thee, fail to afford us, and all who believe in Jesus, practical lessons for daily holiness and devotedness.

Bless thy chosen nation; restore and convert Israel. Give us heavenly wisdom to understand thy purposes with regard to them; and seeing in them the wonders of thy providence, the truth and mercy, the righteousness and love of our God; and beholding thus, as in a mirror, thy glory, may we be changed more and more into thy own likeness by the Spirit of the Lord. Graciously forgive and hear, accept and answer all our prayers, for Jesus Christ's sake.




O Lord of all power and might, our good and gracious Father, from whom alone comes the spirit of grace and supplication, grant that our prayer unto thee may be spiritual and fervent, may not be a burden to the flesh and a weariness to the spirit, but a real comfort and enjoyment. Help us to pray in the Holy Ghost, to keep ourselves in the love of God,

and to look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

We praise thee from the heart for all the blessings which we have this day been enjoying. Thou gavest us strength for our duties, provision for our wants, preservation from evil. All the streams of goodness that refresh us, continually flow from thee first of all. Thou art the fountain of life, and in thy light we see light: light for our souls, light for this world, and light for the world to come, all in Jesus Christ the true light of life.

Yet, O our God, we are by nature blind and corrupt, and have turned every one to his own way; we are by nature proud and vain, and have departed from thee and turned to lying vanities. We have dishonoured thee by unbelief and hard thoughts, and alienation of mind through the ignorance that is in us. God has been forgotten in our thoughts: and innumerable sins have defiled that body, which ought to have been a pure temple of the Holy Ghost.

We have need then to come again to thee with all earnestness to obtain thy mercy and grace to help us. We apply afresh for the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus on our guilty consciences. O may we win Christ and be found in him. We seek the Lord now. We call upon him now. Fulfil thy promises: be found of us. May we be saved by thee. O Lord, renew a right spirit within us. not lose our precious opportunity and day of grace.

Let us

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