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have done, denied our own will, our own pleasure, our own interest, and our own honour, and preferred thine in every thing. We have not lived through the day as in thy presence. We have not, with a single heart and with our whole soul and strength, loved thee. We have not loved our neighbour as ourselves. Our minds have been forgetful of our God; we have walked by sight rather than by faith; and our souls have cleaved to things below, instead of soaring up to thee and dwelling in high and heavenly places.

Look upon us in our sinfulness and misery with thy pity and mercy. We believe in thy love to us sinners, who didst not spare thine own Son, but hast delivered him up for us all. Lord, help our unbelief. O give us grace to believe all thy promises of grace to sinners, in Christ Jesus. Help us really to trust in him with our whole hearts; to venture wholly and unreservedly our eternal interests on his merit alone; to know that he is the Saviour, and our Saviour from all our sins.

And O may we also learn at the foot of his cross, and while looking at our dying Redeemer, to hate sin with real and entire detestation, and to feel that it is a bitter and an awful thing to sin against a God of holy love, who is just and faithful to forgive all sin, at such a cost as the death of his own Son. Supply through Jesus, we entreat thee, every spiritual need of our souls. Make us daily to put off the old man

and to put on the new, and to be renewed in the spirit of our minds.

Bless each relative of our families, bringing them into a full participation of the grace of Christ. Bless all our neighbours and our friends, [our parish] and our country. Guard us from all evil. Give peace to Jerusalem. Let thy gospel fly through the earth on its glorious message of love, and speedily be preached to every creature, and may multitudes every where believe and be baptized and saved, and hasten the accomplishment of all thy purposes of love in the universal kingdom of Christ, for his name's sake.




We give thanks unto thee, O God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Father through him for all the mercies of thy great salvation, and for the hope which is laid up for us in heaven, whereof thou hast told us in the word of the truth of the gospel. Redeemed by the blood of Jesus, we join all that call upon his name in saying, Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power be unto the Lord our God for evermore.

It is our joy to come before thee, knowing that thou hast done and will do all things well for us.

We joy, O our God, to think that we are wholly in thy hands, the God of all wisdom and all power, the God of all truth, holiness and loving-kindness; and that in and through our Lord Jesus Christ, God is our God, pardoning our sins, justifying our souls, adopting us into his family, and sanctifying us by his Spirit, and he will be our guide unto death and our exceeding great reward for ever.

Mercifully assist us to show forth the virtues of our God. May we partake of his beauty and perfections, and daily manifest his image and likeness in righteousness and true holiness. Help us in each duty to thee and to man, this day, that all may be fulfilled to thy glory, and to the good of all around us.

May all our studies and all the knowledge gained in them, and all our plans and undertakings be sangtified and consecrated to thee, and be hereafter turned to the practical good of others. May all our labours be undertaken for thee, and with a constant regard to thy will and approval. Give us in every thing we do to think less of ourselves and more of thee and thine. Give us largeness of heart, not to look on our own things merely, but to rejoice to look on things of others also.

O that we may become like our great Master and Saviour in every thing, and have the very spirit of our good and gracious Redeemer. Make us more like him in holiness and purity; more like him in meekness and gentleness; more like him in tenderness and compassion; more like him in self-sacri

ficing love and goodness; till at length we come to see him as He is, and know as we are known.

May we have full assurance that all thy chastenings come from thy love; and may they yield in us the peaceable fruits of righteousness; wean us from earth; and work out for us, while looking to things unseen and above, a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

We pray for ourselves, and for all who believe in the Lord Jesus, and love thy saints; that we may be filled with the knowledge of thy will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that we may walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing; being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; and that we may be strengthened with all might, according to thy glorious power, unto all patience and long-suffering with joyfulness.

Thanks be unto thee for thy mercies to our country, and the rulers whom thou hast set over us. Pardon our many national sins; continue to bless us; make us a people fearing thee and working righteousness. Unite as one all thy faithful followers, and fill the whole earth with thy glory, through Jesus our Redeemer.




O God of love and peace be with us; be merciful to us and bless us, and cause thy face to shine upon

us, while we now, as one family, together approach unto thee in the name of Jesus Christ. Thou art the eternal Jehovah, the most holy Lord of all, the immortal, invisible, and only wise God, and we are sinful and have done much evil in thy sight. We confess before thee that in the day that is now past, we have added many sins to our former sins; and that if thou wert extreme to mark what we have done amiss, we could not at all abide it.

O Lord, give us grace not only to confess our iniquities, but to mourn and grieve for them, as destructive to our souls, dishonourable to thy name, and committed against light and knowledge and thy revealed love, and our many and deep obligations and solemn vows. We have no excuse in ourselves. We condemn ourselves. Our mouths are justly stopped and we own our guilt in thy sight.

And therefore we are shut up to the faith which thou hast revealed, and fly for refuge to lay hold on the hope set before us in thy gospel. We plead before thee thy precious promise that to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. O may it now be given unto us to believe in the name of Christ. Give unto us, we beseech thee, repentance unto life. Give unto us to live continually by faith in Jesus. May we daily repent of sin, and daily trust in thee, and more and more, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be dead unto sin and alive unto God.

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