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tion. Make them bold in our God, to testify fully and freely the gospel of thy grace, and every where let thine own Spirit give power to thy word for the calling in of thine elect and the building up of thy saints, through Jesus our Redeemer.

Fifth Week.




O Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrection and the life, who on this first day of the week didst rise again from the dead for our justification; we bless thee that, filled with love to thee, thy church has now sanctified this as the Lord's day and the Christian Sabbath. Enable us, setting apart all worldly and vain thoughts, to rise to all its holy privileges and occupations.

Thou didst rise to bestow upon us all heavenly gifts, and especially the Holy Spirit, whose fruit is love, and joy, and peace. We beseech thee, send down on our waiting souls thy blessed Spirit. O may we find the blessed effect of his indwelling, by his changing the whole inner man from being earthly,

sensual, and devilish, and transforming us into temples of the Holy Ghost, the vessels of mercy, and may we be shining lights to glorify God and benefit our fellow-men.

O Lord, what we most of all need on this thy day, is that thou shouldest give to us thine own Spirit, to make intercession in us and for us. We implore this gift from thee. Without thy Spirit our prayers will be cold, formal, full of vanities, distractions, and hypocrisies a deception before man and a mockery before God. But only give us thy Spirit, and we shall rise beyond the incumbrance of the flesh and the weakness of the spiritual man, and as on eagles' wings mount up to thee, thirsting after thee, and delighting in thee, and worshipping thee in spirit and in truth. Thus, O our God, this day fill our souls with light and love, with strength and gladness.

Bless thy ministers in preaching thy word. Open their minds and hearts to the truths and glories of the good tidings of great joy, and give them, out of the fulness of their own deep feeling and experience of thy truth, to testify it to those who hear them. 0 open doors of utterance to them to speak boldly the mystery of Christ, that they may make it manifest.

O God of peace and love and all grace, bless the congregations of thy people through the world. We joy to think that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has so gone forth, conquering and to conquer, that

myriads of churches in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, and in countless isles of the ocean, of diversified languages, manners and customs, but knowing one Father, believing in one Saviour, under the teaching of one Spirit, enlightened by one light of divine truth, unite in adoring and magnifying thee and singing thy praise. O Lord, be in the midst of them; may all that know the joyful sound rejoice and be glad in thy salvation. In every assembly may Christ be exalted, sinners be drawn to him and truly converted, thy people strengthened, and thy kingdom be enlarged and glorified.

And may our own beloved country be more and more honoured of God in making Christ known to Jews and to Gentiles. We bless thee that thou hast put it into the hearts of any to show favour to Zion. May we prosper more and more by loving Zion. Prepare us and thy whole church for the often foretold last tribulation, and out of it bring the full glories of the return of our Lord and the complete triumph of his kingdom. Hear, graciously answer, and bless us abundantly, through Jesus Christ.




Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come, who livest for ever and ever,

and who art now seated on a throne in the highest heavens, surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of holy angels, and all the redeemed host above, who ever sing praises unto thee and ever magnify thy great name; listen also, we beseech thee, according to thine infinite greatness and goodness, to the feeble prayer of us, thy sinful children here below.

Though we are so weak and sinful, the only Son of God took upon him our nature, and was made sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. Though we are so unworthy to approach thee, One in our nature is at the right hand of thy throne, who ever liveth to make intercession for us. Through him alone we dare come before thee, and through him we may have access, with full confidence of heart unto thee.

Supply all our wants out of thine abundance of grace and mercy in Christ Jesus. We are blind as to all that is before us and as to that which most concerns us-open the eyes of our understanding, that we may discern them. We are dark as to the beauty, reality and glory of spiritual and heavenly things-give us light. We are weak to do what we know to be right-give us strength. We are sinful and prone to evil-give us inward holiness. We are ever ready to think highly of ourselvesO may we know our own corruption and depravity, and count all things but loss for the excel

lency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus; that we may win Christ and be found in him. We are wavering and unstable, and soon led away, by the error of the wicked-do thou fix our affections on thyself and unite our hearts to fear thy name.

We praise thee for the sabbath mercies we have this day enjoyed; we thank thee that though it be six thousand years since the sabbath was first appointed, the blessed ordinance still continues; that we form part of the vineyard over which thou dost watch, that the privileges of thy house are open unto us. Give us to see that boundless love which from eternity has been planning mercies for us, and is now accomplishing them.

Grant thy blessing, we beseech thee, upon the truths which we have been hearing this day. May the light thy word gives us concerning thyself, and our duties, and our privileges, and relating to things to come, guide and cheer all our paths. O may we more and more prize each part of divine truth, and know that none is without its spiritual use for our souls' profit.

Bless this place and neighbourhood, the congregation, the schools, the parents, the children, the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the sick, and the healthy, giving to each seasonable and needful grace; especially grant to the dying, true faith and repentance unto life, and holy preparation for thy presence. Show us all how much more there is in Jesus than

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