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we have ever yet known or enjoyed, and enable us to comprehend with all saints the riches of his love. May we have grace ever to sympathize with the case of others and feel their sufferings as our own. May brotherly love continue. May [our parish and] our country be governed by thy fear, and be a happy and united [parish and] country. When we look upon the sin and misery of the world, on the millions of Pagans or Mahommedans and apostate Christians, [and know from thy word that the conversion of thy people Israel is thy appointed means for giving light to them that sit in darkness, and shall be as life from the dead to the world,] O Lord, we take up our Saviour's command, pray for Zion, and would give thee no rest till thou make Jerusalem a praise in the earth. O Jesus, it is thy command, and let us never set up our wisdom against thine, but may our whole mind and will be moulded and conformed to thine. May we all follow thee here, and finally reign with thee for ever.




We believe, O our gracious God, the faithfulness of thy word, and we are sure that thou, the God of Israel and the God of the whole earth, the same Lord over all, art rich unto all that call upon thee. In

this confidence we now unite ourselves to the blessed company who in every place call upon thy name; assured that what we ask, according to thy will, in the name of Jesus Christ, we shall obtain, and shall certainly find what we thus seek. Lord, we believe, help thou our unbelief.

At the commencement of the week's labours, we pray that we may live in the spirit of those services of thy house in which we were yesterday engaged; in the spirit of repentance and faith, hope and love, humility and obedience, prayer and thanksgiving. May holiness to the Lord be inscribed on our commonest service. May every day be as a Sabbath ordinance. May we set our hearts, with all fixedness and zeal, to run with patience our Christian race. May we earnestly seek first thy kingdom and thy righteousness. O help us to take fast hold of thy covenant, to put away every sin with abhorrence, to choose always those things which please thee, and to keep judgment and do justice. May we never slight or neglect thy truth, but treasure it up in our hearts. O give us true and saving faith, and suffer us not by unbelief to lose the great and glorious privileges of thy eternal kingdom. Prepare us by thy grace to be meet partakers of them, and hasten the coming of that kingdom more and more.

Fountain of light and life, grace and love, we bless and praise thee, for thou art good and gracious; thy mercy is great above the heavens, and thy truth

reacheth unto the clouds. Be thou exalted above the heavens, and thy glory above all the earth. Abundantly have we been blessed by thee in body and in soul, in merciful provision for all our wants, for time and for eternity. Above all, we thank thee for that mystery of godliness, Jesus our Saviour, God over all, and yet manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto us Gentiles, believed on in the world, and received up into glory. Still bless us, O Lord, and do us good. Thy blessing alone maketh rich without sorrow. Thy blessing turns us from all our iniquities. Let the thoughts of our hearts, and the words of our lips, and the actions of our life, be under thy governance, guided by thy word, and quickened by thy Spirit; so shall they be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, our strength and our Redeemer.

From our own blessed experience of thy light and truth, may we and thy whole church and people every where communicate light and truth to all around us. Preserve us from selfishness and despising others, and from disregarding their necessities. Keep us from the spirit of Nabal, thinking that all in our possession is our own, and refusing to aid others, and may we remember in how few days he was removed from all which he had thought he possessed, and sought thus to preserve. O may we occupy every talent; as we have opportunity doing good to all men, and using all our strength, and in

fluence, and abilities for thee, till thou return and we give account with joy in thy presence. Command deliverances for Jacob, and let all the ends of the earth see thy salvation. Hear us, O our Redeemer, to whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all glory now and evermore.




O thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, and who art the Most High over all the earth, we adore thee, Almighty Father, eternal Word, Holy Spirit, three persons in one God; we confess thee to be our God, and give ourselves unto thee to be a holy people unto the Lord.

But, O blessed Jesus, be thou our helper and Mediator, for we can come only in thy name. Look upon us, thy unworthy disciples, who are continually grieving thy Spirit, dishonouring thy name, and breaking thy laws. We, like Esau, are too prone for our one morsel of meat to sell our heavenly birthright. But, blessed be thy name, there is yet space for our repentance. O give us grace to repent. Show us how unsatisfying and how perishing all the delights of this world are, and how satisfying and abiding are thy favour and loving-kindness, obedience to thee and the partaking of the joy of thy heavenly kingdom.

Holy Ghost, the Comforter, descend upon us and teach us. O Holy Spirit, lead us and guide us, sanctify and uphold us even unto the end. Show us things to come, and be in us a fountain of life and purity, joy and peace and love, now and evermore; may we be blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly things in Christ Jesus.

We pray, O our God, that every one of us may know the blessedness of those whose transgression is forgiven, and whose sin is covered, to whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile. Give us this true blessedness of sinful creatures like us, and let us not be content with a name to live among men, or a form of religion, without the real life and power and blessedness of thy salvation.

Preserve us from all hard thoughts of others, and all feelings of bitterness, envy, malice, and hatred towards others. Whenever our inward corruption thus manifests itself, subdue our sins by the power of thine own Spirit, and give us charity and pity, kindness, and tenderness, and love, even to our enemies: so may we do good to them that hate us, and overcome evil with good.

Give us all grace to press into the kingdom of heaven, to remember that it suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. By the holy violence of mortified lusts, self-sacrifice, withstanding evil, renouncing our own righteousness, resisting the Devil,

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