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impressed on our hearts, and words, and lives. O help us all to fulfil our own appointed duties in the world, patiently, laboriously and diligently. Deliver us from selfishness, malice and hatred. May we forget injuries, but never forget kindness, and may no subsequent unkindness efface the grateful recollection of former love. May it ever be our aim to overcome evil with good, and to look at all the conduct of others in the spirit of faithful, patient, forbearing, and persevering love."

We thank thee, from the heart, for the family love which thou hast given to us; it is by thee we dwell together in unity. O increase more and more our love to thee, and to each other in thee, and may overflow to all our relatives, and friends, and neighbours, our church and our country. Bless the whole of Christendom; reform corrupt churches, and revive decayed churches, and enlarge the spiritual blessedness of thy people on every side. May the glory of our Lord rise upon Jerusalem, and the Gentiles come to his light, and kings to the brightness of his rising, for our Redeemer's sake.




Almighty and Eternal Lord, who bearest this glorious and fearful name-the Lord our God-and

who hast told us that thou wilt once more shake not the earth only, but also heaven; enable us to receive now that kingdom from above, which cannot be moved, and to serve thee acceptably with reverence and godly fear; knowing that even our God is a consuming fire.

O Lord, according to thine own gracious covenant, write thy laws in our hearts, and be our God. May we know that thine eye is ever upon us, an eye of tender pity, but yet of searching purity. Do thou then, by thine own Spirit, purify our hearts, and drive far away all that would defile thy temple.

We thank thee that the full light of the glorious gospel of Christ, and of the whole revealed word of God, which many prophets and kings have desired to see and did not see, shines so clearly upon us. We bless thee also that thou hast better things still in store, in the salvation ready to be revealed in the last times for thy people, and that their utmost wishes and prayers shall be accomplished in the kingdom of glory. O may none of us come short of that rest, through unbelief, but to-day, while it is called day, may we hear thy voice and live.

We bless thee, O Lord, for all thine unnumbered mercies to this household in times past. Order all our future course according to thy deep wisdom, full love, and tender compassion, and according to that all-seeing and all-discerning grace with which thou dost direct the way of each of thy children for thy glory and their highest good.

While we remain together here, may we be more and more closely knit together in the bonds of holy and heavenly love, may we be more helpful to each other in the ways of God, and finally may we all, without one exception, meet together around thy throne of glory, where all sin and imperfection shall be for ever left behind.

The blessings which we ask for ourselves we also ask for our relatives, friends, and neighbours. Grace be with all them that love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Bless our minister; may thy grace and strength be abundantly imparted to him, and may we fulfil those solemn duties which thou hast laid upon those taught in the word. May we honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear thee, and honour all in authority over us. God Almighty bless and guide, guard and prosper the church and all its pastors, and establish speedily thine own kingdom over all the earth, for Jesus Christ's sake,





O thou blessed Lord Jesus Christ, who art the true light that lighteth every man that comes into the world, the fountain of peace and joy, light and love, on whose countenance the hosts above around

the throne are now gazing with inexpressible delight, while thou art seated with thy Father on his throne, waiting till thine enemies be made thy footstool; help us to adore thee, to trust in thee, to follow thee, and to confess thee now in the midst of a world despising and rejecting thy great salvation.

O Lord Jesus, fulfil to us thy gracious promise, that thou wilt be as the light of the morning when the sun arises, even a morning without clouds; shine upon us, dispel the mists of ignorance and the slumber of sin, awaken us to reflect thy radiant image, enjoy thy glorious works, and raise our songs of praise unto thee. O give us the light of knowledge, purity and joy, and evermore shine thou into our hearts.

O Lord Jesus, abide in us and give us to abide in thee, that we may bear much fruit; and purge us, that we may bear more fruit. O deliver us from all sin and unbelief; from all unholy tempers and evil passions; from pride and from covetousness; from self-will, and self-wisdom, and self-righteousness; from vanity and high-mindedness. May thy glorious gospel and thy all-sufficient Spirit be mighty to the pulling down the strong holds of sin and Satan in our hearts; casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. May we also be built up in Christ as lively stones, for a spiritual


house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices of prayer and of praise, of love and of obedience, acceptable unto God by thee.

Sanctify all trials, pain, distress, weakness, and affliction, to our highest good, and enable us to honour thee in all things, and grant that all may help us in preparation for thy heavenly kingdom.

Bless the [parish and] place in which we dwell. Let thy grace be largely manifested here, the ministry of thy word fully blessed here; may thy presence be known and felt among thy people; thy love and tendernesss move them; and the hope and expectation of thy glory be continually present in their minds. Bless thy whole church. Great Shepherd of the sheep, watch over thy flock, wherever scattered in this evil world; bring Jews and Gentiles into thy fold, and let there be one fold and one Shepherd. To thee, O Jesus, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, now and evermore.




O Lord our God, whose ear is ever open to the prayers of thy people, returning unto thee by Jesus Christ, however weak, foolish and sinful they may have been, give us grace now to approach with unfeigned hearts unto thee. Thou knowest all the sins

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