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us then wise unto salvation, wise to serve thee ourselves, and wise to bring salvation to others, and to win their souls to Christ. O may each of us have a share in that precious promise, They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. With these spiritual blessings, give unto us all needful temporal good. Protect us and send us quiet and refreshing rest this night. Guard us from all evil, and especially from the love of sin, and may we rise in the morning refreshed and strengthened both in body and spirit for all the services of thy holy day. O may the approaching Sabbath be distinguished by large communications of thy grace to thy ministers and people; by the conversion of many, many precious souls, and the refreshing and strengthening and revival of thy churches in all lands, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

Seventh Week.





Oh Lord Jesus, this is thine own day; we will rejoice and be glad in it. We bless thee for this day of rest after the labour of the week. We bless thee for thy house of prayer, where the gospel is preached to the poor. We bless thee for thy holy word, which gives understanding to the simple, and for all the other mercies of a happy Christian Sabbath. What thanks do we owe thee, O Lord of the Sabbath, who on this day rose from the dead, for all the love thou dost show to poor sinners like us, in blotting out all our sins, and preparing us by Sabbaths on earth for an endless Sabbath in heaven.

But, O God, we are weak and helpless; if thou do not give us thy grace, we shall not profit by this holy day. Be with us through all its hours. May we keep not only from our daily work, but from idle words and foolish thoughts. When we go to thy house let not our prayers be mere lifeless words, but

the very wishes of our hearts. May our souls be full of joy and love when we sing thy praise; and, when thy minister declares thy truth, open our minds to understand it, and our hearts to receive it.

Bless our children; let us diligently use this day to teach them in thy ways, and bless those kind friends who at their schools help us in this. Bless all thy ministers, especially our own minister, and be with thy people who in all parts of the world shall this day worship thee our own God, for our blessed Saviour's sake.




O Lord God, at the close of thy holy day we come once more as a family before thee to bless thee for its many mercies, and to beseech thee to forgive all our sins. We confess that we have too much spoken our own words, and sought our own pleasure this day; we have not, as we ought, worshipped thee in the beauty of holiness: our thoughts wandered to other things, and our hearts were cold. May God forgive us for the sake of Jesus, and grant that each time we look at our sins it may make us love this precious Saviour more. May we love him so as to try in all things to do his will. Now write upon our hearts what we have heard, that we may

have it to think on through all the labours of the week. Let our hearts be like the good ground, that the word we have heard may bring forth much fruit. Bless all who worshipped with us in thy house; as we called them our brethren there, may we show them a brother's spirit through the week, and laying aside anger, malice, and evil-speaking, 'learn to love our neighbour as ourselves. As we have prayed this day to be delivered from temptation, may we be careful not to run into it in the week. Do thou strengthen and help us, for of ourselves we can do nothing. Bless the poor heathen who know not the Sabbath, and hasten the happy day, when Jesus will come again, and all the world rejoice in his love, for his name's sake. Amen.




O God, our heavenly Father, before we commence the labours of another week, we rejoice to ask thy blessing upon them; for the blessing of the Lord it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow therewith. Let us now bring into practice the lessons we yesterday learned, and live through the week in in a Sabbath spirit.

Let not the cares of this world drive the truths

which we heard out of our minds; let us not be troubled and careful about many things, but like Mary choose the one thing needful. Give us to know so much of thy love that we may be able to leave all the rest with thee; knowing that God, who gave his own dear Son to die for us, will not let us want for any thing else that is good for us. May we therefore go with a joyful heart about our daily work, only watching and praying to be kept from sin, which would grieve our gracious Saviour.

And now praising thee for all thy mercy, asking thy blessing on all whom we love, we commend ourselves to thy care and keeping, in the name of our gracious Lord and Saviour.





O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come; unto thee do we come, for thou hast heard our prayer. We sought thy blessing this morning, and truly we can say that through the day goodness and mercy have followed us. We have been preserved from all dangers; we have had food to eat and clothes to cover us, while many have been starving in hunger and nakedness; we have a home to shelter us, rest to refresh us after the labours of the day; and besides all this thou hast given us the

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