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freshed by thine ordinances, begin with us in renewed zeal the duties of another week. Comfort all in sorrow. Succour the tempted. Be with the sick and the dying. Visit Israel in mercy. Bring again thy first-begotten Son into the world, and fill the earth speedily with thy glory, through the mediation, and in the triumphant and universal kingdom and dominion of the same, our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom with thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, now and evermore.




Almighty Father, who art about our path and about our bed, always present, and acquainted with all our ways, we beseech thee make us ever mindful of thy presence, and give us such a knowledge of thy grace and glory in Christ Jesus, and such an acquaintance with thyself, that we may evermore delight in thee, and find in thy presence fulness of joy. May we know the rich privilege of communion with our Almighty Friend, whose ear is ever open to our cry, and whose hand is ever ready to help and defend us.

We acknowledge together before thee, that in the past day we have all in many things offended in thy

sight, especially by forgetfulness of thee, by impenitence in our sins, by unbelief, by worldliness, and by neglect of thy glory. We have sinned by forsaking thy ways, and by turning every one to our own.

Enable us all to see this our sinfulness in thy sight, and truly to believe each one in our own heart, that Jesus is the only, the all-sufficient propitiation for our sins; and give unto us simple, and true, and lively faith in his blood. O may we all behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world; and, looking unto Jesus, may we find peace and joy, righteousness and strength.

O Lord, we thank thee and give thee glory for all the many mercies which we enjoy. It is through thy goodness that those at the head of this family desire to acknowledge and worship thee, value thy truth, and seek to guide their family as becomes a Christian household. We bless thee for every family mercy, for all our domestic comfort, for the good word of thy truth, translated into the language of the land in which we were born, and so freely and fully circulated amongst us, that every one may hear and read in his own tongue the wonderful works of God.

But above all we thank thee for thy best gift, the Lord Jesus Christ. O may he be daily more precious to our souls, and may we daily become more like him in all things, through the quickening, transforming, and sanctifying grace of thy Spirit, freely given to us through him.

Bless, we beseech thee, all mankind. Bless especially our church and our country, and the church of Christ every where. Unite thy people, as one family, through the world. Multiply the peace-makers, and put an end to strife, debate, and divisions among thy children. Bring the Jews to their own land, and discover to them Jesus as their Messiah. Bless our city, our relations, our Christian friends. Do good to them that hate and injure us, even the best good, by converting and renewing their souls. Multiply blessings on our benefactors, and on all who pray for us. O Lord Jesus, shortly accomplish the number of thine elect, and hasten thy kingdom, for thy name's sake. Amen.





O thou who art a faithful Creator, and hast encouraged and charged us to commit our souls unto thee in well-doing, when suffering as Christians according to thy will, we beseech thee, enable all of us daily to take up our cross, to deny ourselves and follow Christ, casting all our care on thee who carest for us.

We bless thee that thy mercies are renewed to us every morning, and we raise unto thee a new song of thanksgiving for the fresh blessings of this day.

By Jesus our only Mediator and Advocate, who has made full atonement for all our sins, and by whom all things are ours, we offer up our thanksgivings unto thee; sleep and waking, food and clothing, warmth and shelter, social endearment and family blessedness, are all of thee; and by them too would we rise to the higher spiritual blessings with which we are daily blessed, and magnify thee for Jesus Christ our Lord, our best robe, our meat indeed, our surest friend, our light, our refuge, our life and our glory, now and evermore.

Let thy holy word not only be read and heard by us, but be an incorruptible seed of good things, in our hearts and conversation and whole life.

Be with us through this day's duties and trials and joys and sorrows. Make us ready to every good work, and sensitive and quick to discern thy will and to turn from all that is evil. Let the light of a future judgment shine so clearly in our minds as to govern all we say and do. May we keep our conscience and mind pure, exercising ourselves continually to have a conscience void of offence towards God and towards men. May we walk humbly with thee our God, and in every thing do justice and love mercy. Make us thoughtful and considerate of the wants and feelings of others, so that we may rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those that weep, and be merciful after our power, and do good to all, especially to the household of faith. Is it not

thine own assurance to thy people,-ye are the workmanship of God, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that ye should walk in them? O fulfil this blessed truth in our daily life. May we know with full assurance of heart that we are saved by grace through faith, thine own gift, and not of works, that boasting may be excluded. In the joy and strength of this free salvation may we abound in all good works continually, that thy name may be constantly glorified in us and by us.

Guard us from dangers foreseen or unforeseen, preserve us in temptations expected or unexpected, strengthen us where we are weak, and give us so to feel our entire weakness and insufficiency that we may be ever looking to thee for grace and strength.

O Lord, the nations are disquieted and troubled, the world lieth in wickedness; thy wrath is yet to come upon the earth, but thy long-suffering still prolongs the day of grace. O grant that, while the desolating tempest is yet withheld, thy church may be full of zeal and energy, thy people may be sealed and preserved, multitudes may be plucked as brands from the burning, and a great multitude, which cannot be numbered, may wash their robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb. Hear us for his name's sake.

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