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442-445—frontier problems, 446— Agha Khan, H. H., his views on
relations with the mother country, education, 204, 569.

Agricultural Co-operation, 209,
Africa, South, effect of the war on 299–influence of politicians, 300-
Germany, 592.

the future of farming, 301-advan-
Union in, 210, 712--the

tages of co-operation, 302, 310, 316–
Durban Convention, ib.—its result,


result on the Continent, 303—
713_after the war, 714—the grant

number of societies in Denmark, ib.
of self-government, 715-economic -in Ireland, 304—in England, 306
revival, 716-tendencies to union,

308, 313_higher prices, 308_sale
ib. the Transvaal delegation, 717

of eggs and milk, 309_advantages
-the new Constitution, 718 et seq.

of the motor service, of
-comparisons with other colonies,

inferior manures and feeding stuffs,
719_the Senate, 721—and House

311_number of dealers,' 312–
of Assembly, 722—the capital, 713

equality of small holders, 313–
-native franchise, ib.—the native

amount of sales, 314, 318-number
protectorates, 724—the problem of

of acres, 314, note-sales of the
finance, 725—appeals to the Privy

Eastern Counties Farmers' Asso-
Council, 726-grounds of oppo-

ciation, 318-educational methods,
sition, 727—antagonists united, 728

-future effects, 729.

Holdings Act, 206,

the Draft Act of Union,
210, 730.

labour, conditions of child.

labour, 205, 35.
number of Parliaments,
213, 236-cost of the war, 313; 216,

Labourers and Land.
229; 221, 519-522.

lords, 216, 412–Mr Hammond's
contributions to Imperial

book, ib.-French and English
defence, 215, 267.

peasantry, ib.—area of cultivated

land in 1685, 444
proposed scheme of

field system, 445 — details of its
national defence, 216, 239.

working, 446 — owners and free-
; population, 217, 294– holders, 447—defects of the system,
cost of defences, ib. character

448-450-causes of its disappear.
of cricket, 502—development of

ance, 450—enclosure of commons,
googlie' bowling, 503_result of 451-Bridgewater Marsh, 452–
self-government, 585.

rural suffering, 453—rise of wages,

454-456-agrarian riots of 1830,
the forest area, 219, 457–

456_tithes, 457.
amount of timber imported, ib.

Agriculture, effect of Free Trade on,
Naturalisation Act, 220, 202, 260-progress and develop-
16 - self-governing colonies of, ment, 218, 498—times of depres.
growth of population, 539.

sion, 503, 504-average weekly
war in, 221, 425.

earnings of labourers in 1913, 219,

586—summary of recorded sales of
West, amount of timber ex- land, ib.-want of capital, 588-
ported, 219, 457.

use of motors, 220, 192.
Against Home Rule : The Case for Board of, attitude on the
the Union,' 217, 266.

importation of goats, 207, 127.

- the open-

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Agriculture and Fisheries, Board of, aerial supremacy,' ib.--the air
221, 61—its functions, 62.

service of France, 558, 560-air-
history of, in Scotland, 215,

ships, aeroplanes and kites for

military purposes, 559—the Ger-

man organisation, 560—British,
School of, at Cambridge, 204, 561—the Military Wing, 561, 562-
507, 523.

564—the Naval Wing, 561, 562—
* Ailesbury, Memoirs of the Earl of,

utility in reconnaissance, 564-567
203, 549. See James II.

suitable landing-grounds, 566—

action of aircraft against aircraft
Lady, her marriage, 203, in the air, 567-against troops on
550—imprisonment in the Tower, the ground, 568.
566-birth of a daughter, 568–

Airships and Aeroplanes, 217, 220
death, ib.

experiments of the Jesuit Lana,
-Lady, her friendship with Lady

221_use of hydrogen, 222-dura-
Louisa Stuart, 209, 203.

tion of a balloon journey, 223—ex-
Ailly, Cardinal Pierre d', the “Imago

periments on the shape of an air-
Mundi,' 221, 273his tract, 'De ship, ib. its capabilities and
Legibus et Sectis,' ib,

utility, 225-invention of the aero-
Ain Sitti Mariam or Virgin's spring,

plane, 226.
212, 79.

for military purposes, 220,
Ainger, Canon, 202, 169-bis lofty

religious standard, ib.-character of Airy, Sir George, Astronomer Royal,
his mouth, 170—gift of moral criti. 221, 184his opinion of Sir David
cism, 170, 187—his choice of a pro-

Gill, ib.
fession, 171—unchangeableness, ib. Aisne, battle of the, 221, 559.

- love of music, 172--conservatism,
173—appearance, ib.—his genius Aitken, G. A., 'Matthew Prior,' 218,
for acting, 174readings in public

and in private, 175, 190—Reader at Aix-la-Chapelle, Peace of, 209, 329.
the Temple, 176—charities, 177— Akers, C. E., ‘A History of South
his wit, 177–179—characteristics,

America, 213, 451.
179—power over quotations, ib.
his verses, 180, 183–187–friend- )Alabama claims,' terms of the settle-
ship with Du Maurier, 181–his

ment, 204, 323.
genius for friendship, 182–death Alba Longa, site of the ancient city,
of his sister, ib.-of his friend 218, 333.
Mrs Haslehurst, 183–lectures on

Alban Hills, The, 218, 330_view of
Shakespeare, 188–190—his trans-
lations, 191—friendships in litera-

them from Rome, ib.-geological
ture, ib.-biography of Lamb, 192

development, 331_earliest ceme-
-his sermons, ib.-religious views,

teries, 333_site of the ancient city
193–195—spiritual humility, 195—

of Alba Longa, ib. constitution
charm as a preacher, ib.

of the Latin League, 334—the great
on Charles Lamb, 204, 175.

highways, 335—the Via Appia, 335,

340—the Via Latina, 335, 347–
Air Service, Naval, development of,

importance of its geographical
219, 503.

position, 336—the chief resorts of
Aircraft in War, 220,558the term wealthy Romans, 337-episcopal

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jurisdiction, 338-increase of the 18-to Colonel Bruce, 19--21-to
power of the Barons, 339—the his son, 22-result of his marriage,
power and wealth of the Papacy, 218, 202.
ib. cultivation of the vine and
olive trees, 340—the site of Bovil-Albright, V. E., ‘A Typical Shake.
lae, ib.,town of Albano, 341– sperean Stage, 208, 471.
Ariccia, 342—Castel Gandolfo, 342, Albuera, battle of, 219, 21.
352—temple of Diana, 342—Nemi,
343—Valle Vivaro, 343, 347— Alcock, R. J., on preferential trade
Punta di Leano, 343-city of

with Great Britain, 202, 577.
Lanuvium and the temple of Juno Alcohol, use of, for motor fuel, 220,
Sospes, 344—Civita Lavinia, ib. 184.
Sub Lanuvio, 345—Velletri, ib.-
Maschio d'Ariano, 346 – Lago della Alden, Percy, 'The Unemployed :

National Question,' 202, 637 et seq.
Doganella and Castle of Piombi-
nara, 347—village of Rocca Priora

Raymond M., 'The Knight
or Perjura, ib.—Labici, Monte of the Burning Pestle,' edited by,
Porzio Catone, 348—Frascati, ib.- 220, 32.
hill of Tusculum, 349-351-abbey Aldwinchle, Mr, on the use of con-
of Grottaferrata, 351—Marino, 352.

crete in building cottages, 205,
Albania, insurrection, 203, 130 483.

grievances against the Young Aldworthe, Thomas, founds the Surat
Turks, 216, 209-revolutions, 210

factory, 221, 89, 91.
-concessions of the Committee,
212—the problem of, 218, 287– Ildwyn, Lord St, chairman of the
difficulties of autonomy, 288, note- Commission on Ecclesiastical Dis-
prospects of unity amongst the cipline, 205, 243.
tribes, 289—creation of an inde. Aleman, Mateo, his “Life of Guzman
pendent State, 571-character of

d'Alfarache, 209, 393, 397.
the inhabitants, ib.—the work of
consolidation, 572.

Alençon, Charles, Duc d', his mar-

riage and death, 221, 380.
Albanians, number, 210, 249_-decla-

ration of rights, ib.—their cha. Aleppo, Archdeacon Paul of, “The
racteristics, 676-nationality and

Travels of Macarius,' extract from,
language, 677, 688.

· 219, 140.
• St Albans, Book of, 209, 355.

Alexander II, Czar of Russia, his
Albano, town of, 218, 341.

emancipation of the serfs, 204, 251

---assassination, 252_his charac-
Albert, H.R.H. Prince, 207, 571– ter, 219, 469, 470.

his marriage to Queen Victoria, 573
-difficulties of his position, ib.

III, Emperor of Russia, his

maintenance of the autocratic
his influence on foreign affairs, 594
-his draft of a letter on the case

system, 204, 253—treatment of his

ministers, ib.
of the ‘Trent,' 596_death, ib.-
elected a Bencher of the Inns of

T. J., on Garden Cities, 216,
Court, 209, 385—his character.

istics, 213, 6–system of educa- Alexandra, Queen, her interest in the
tion for King Edward, 16—his light-treatment of disease, 204,
letter to the Dean of Christ Church, 138.


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Alfonso XI, King of Castile, ‘Libro Amadori-Virgili, G., 'La Questione
de la Monteria,' 209, 346.

Rumeliota,' 210, 675.
Alfonzo XII, King of Spain, his Amalgamated Society of Eugenics,
restoration, 208, 18.

their view on the premium system,
Ali Riza Pasha, Turkish Commander.

202, 87.
in-Chief in Macedonia, 218, 269— Amenhotep III, succeeds to the
his policy, 271.

throne, 210, 51--his marriage, 52
Aliens Act of 1905, 220, 15.

-death, 57.
meaning of the term, 220, 2.

IV, his birth, 210, 57–
Aligarh College, foundation, 204, 562

epileptic fits, ib.-marriage, 58—
-number of students, 563, 564-

changes his name to Akhnaton, 58;
proposed expansion, 569.

212, 88—his religious revolution, 59

--his Hymn, 60.
Allen, Grant, 'The Woman Who Did,'
208, 473.

America, amount of railroad capital
-, P. S., his edition of the letters

held by English investors, 207, 248

-table of nominal and market
of Erasmus criticised, 214, 395 et

value of investments, 249, 256, 265.
Warner, his opinion of 'Gil

result of taxation of land
Blas, 215, 336.

values, 211, 221.
Allerton, Lord, on the Royal Com-

invention of Gourlays,' 212,
mission on Coal Supplies, 203, 138.

117-adoption of golf, 119.
Alligator, destruction of the, 214, 355.

Latin, The Promise of, 213,
Alnwick Castle, 205, 116.

451-general advance, ib.—result

of independence, 452_condition of
Alpine Club, The Jubilee of the, the Spanish republics, 453-in-

208, 272—mountain climbing, 273 stability of temperament of the
-use of implements, ib.-early people, ib.-system of administra-
ascents, 274_foundation of the tion, 454 treatment of the
club, 275-members, ib. publica- natives, 455—the Indians, 456—
tions, 275, 278_number of associa- intermarriage with whites, ib.-
tions, 276-standard of qualifica-

complex nationalities, 457—self-
tion for election, ib. number of

governing republics, 458Simon
accidents, 277-changes brought

Bolivar, 459—the Monroe doctrine,
about, ib.-literature, 278/maps, 460—its modern development, 461
279–exploration of other parts of

-the Drago doctrine, 462—Pan-
280-art, 281–the American Congresses, 464-Pro-
Alpine Journal, ib.

gressive improvement, ib.—Mexi.
Alps, chain of the, 216, 523.

co, 465–467—Argentina, 467-470-
Alston, Leonard, “Stoic and Christian

Chile, 470-474—Peru, 474477—
in the Second Century,' 212, 563-

other republics, 477—Brazil, 478–
‘Education and Citizenship in

481-antagonistic ideals of North
India, 214, 206.

and South America, 482.
Althorp, Lord, his Royal Commission War of Independence, 220, 110.
on the Poor-law, 202, 626.

The Settlement Move-
Alvi, Cav-Piero, “Jacopone da Todi,

ment in, 221, 224. See Settle-

the world,

212, 53.

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America, Chatham, North, and, States to 1783 in the British

221, 304—result of levying and col. Museum, 212, 32.
lecting customs duties, 305-307 Andreyef, L., style of his plays, 217,
Declaratory Act, 306—the War of

21—The Days of our Life,' 23.
Independence, 313-319.

Aneirin, the Welsh bard, 212, 369.
Central and South, the forest
area, 219, 458.

Angell, Norman, ‘Europe's Optical

Illusion,' 213, 324— The Great
-, North, Republic of, its position

Illusion,' 217, 202, et seq.
as a World Power, 221, 419.
South, destruction of animals Angellier, A., his ‘A l'Amie perdue,'

211,149—‘Le Chemin des Saisons,'
and birds, 214, 332.

150—Dans la Lumière antique,'
Amerindians, The, 212, 136.

151_Etude sur la Chanson de
Amicis, Edmondo de, his introduc- Roland,' 214, 116.

tion to 'The Matterhorn,' 208, Angelo, Michael, his illustrations to

Commedia,' 211, 397—bas-
Amiens, Peace of, at an end, 221, 400.

relief of the death of Ugolino, 398.
* Amis et Amiles,' the poem, extract Angennes, Julie d', her influence in
from, 208, 562.

the society of the Hotel de Ram-
Amphion,' cruiser, destroyed by

bouillet, 206, 226-marriage, 234.
a mine, 221, 575.

Anglicus, Bartholomew, 'De Pro-
Analecta Bollandiana, publication

prietatibus Rerum, 221, 259.
of the, 221, 12.

'Anglo-Belgian India-rubber'
Ancona, Alessandro d', Jacopone da

• Abir' concessionnaire Company,
Todi, 212, 53.

character of the, 204, 56.

Anglo-Chinese Convention of 1890,
Cyriacus of, his visits to
Athens, 207, 418-drawings, ib.

214, 55.

Anglo-Japanese Treaties, 203, 599,
Andalusia, invasion of, 219, 11, 13.

601, 607; 204, 288.
Anderson, the Rev. Dr, discovery of Anglo-Normans, their invasion of
Nova Auriga, 212, 450.

Ireland, 205, 79, 102.
Anderson-Morshead, A. E. M., “His- Anglo-Nubian breed of goats, 207,

tory of the Universities' Mission 116, 119, 122.
to Central Africa, 221, 233.

Anglo-Russian agreement of 1907,
Andler, Prof., his Introduction to 210, 668.

Étude Critique sur les Relations Angoulême, Duchess of, her cha-
d'Erasme et de Luther,' 214, 410.

racteristics, 210, 647—life in exile,
Andrassy, Count Julius, 'The Deve- ib.

lopment of Hungarian Constitu- Angoulême, Duke of, his appearance
tional Liberty,' 210, 658.

and character, 210, 646.
Andréades, A., “ Journal des Econo- Angus, 212, 266—its boundaries, ib.
mistes,' 220, 501, note.

-hills and rivers, 267—memorials
Andrews, C. M., and F. G. Davenport, of prehistoric times, ib.-royal

Guide to the Manuscript Materials burgh of Dundee, 268Forfar, 269
for the History of the United -Brechin, 270-Montrose and


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