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A man distinguished for his scientific attainments, followed with a short eulogy on several of the missionaries, and an expression of the obligations they had imposed upon the world for their valuable contributions to many branches of literature. To their future researches and observations he looked with much interest, and he had no doubt, that for this reason, if for no other, missionaries will soon be esteemed even by the ungodly portion of the literary world, as the greatest benefactors of their


A Christian patriarch delivered the closing address.

“ The days of the years of his pilgrimage” had been more than four score years—three score of which he had "served the Lord with his spirit, in the gospel of his Son."

I thank my covenant God, said he, that I live to see this day: ‘for mine eyes have seen his salvation, which he had prepared before the face of all people;' 'a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of his people Israel.' Such changes have occurred in my time, that henceforth nothing seems incredible. Gathering strength from the

past, my faithoverleaps the short intervening space, and dwells amid the realities which shall soon be disclosed.

I see the heralds of salvation speeding their joyful flight in groups to the heathen world. I see kings and queens, and princes, and mighty men, all bowing down to the church, and becoming her most active servants. The glory and honour of the nations are brought unto her.'

I see the wealth of Sheba and of Seba, of Ophir, and Tyre, and Tarshish, poured into her ample treasury. “The forces of the Gentiles come unto her.” I behold “the spirit poured out upon all flesh;" “nations are born at once."

Ignorance and error, all the deep shades of moral death move rapidly away, as “the sun of righteousness” rises in his strength, and darts his brightest, warmest beams into every dark corner of the earth.

Man ceases to prey upon his fellows. They beat their swords into plough-shares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation no longer lifts up sword against nation; neither do they learn war any more." The population of the earth multiplies a hundred fold, and her teeming millions "teach no more every man his neighbour and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord, for all know him from the least of them, unto the

greatest of them.”. Jesús has' triumphed. His victories are complete. "His will is done in earth as it is in heaven.". He is satisfied.

My beloved brethren, let the glories of this coming day arouse your energies - let the work to be done, before it can be ushered in, engage them all:

Be not discouraged at the obstacles you meet. They are only the vapour before the rising sun. Your Redeemer reigns- all power is his, and all is pledged. “There is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.” "He will work, and who shall let it ?" What more can you desire ? Enlarge your expectations to the utmost - "hope against hope,”-all shall be exceeded.

This is the dispensation of the Spirit. Has not the church forgotten her present position? The Pentecostal effusion was a few first drops of that “rain of righteousness," which shall be poured out upon the whole earth.

I would enforce the exhortations of our missionary brother, and call upon the whole church to be much in prayer. God must be honoured. All other dependence is vain. “Were our revenue equal to the wealth of both the Indies-were our missionaries as numerous as the armed legions

which cover the plains of Turkey; were they possessed of all the literature and all the science of Christendom, without the Spirit of God, they could do nothing towards the establishment of that internal dominion which is designated by the kingdom of God within us.' We may as well think to arrest the sun in his course, give laws to the winds by the word of our mouths, impede the torrent by the interposition of our foot, or control the movements of the majestic ocean by our commands, as think to change the state of the world, and bring it under the law of love, the persect law of liberty, by any thing short of the omnipotent power of the divine Spirit."

And now my friends and fellow helpers in the gospel, the setting sun and the closing week admonish us that our assembly must break up. To different lands we disperse, yet our work is the same, and soon we shall meet in a nobler assembly--in an eternal sabbath.'

My days are drawing to an end. I descend from this holy hill to the valley of death - many of you go down to the vale of conflict. Oh, it is an honour to live in this day. Every prayer offered-every effort made must tell with power upon the future glories of the church,- the eternal happiness of millions. Improve every momentembrace every opportunity. Let the utmost energy, and the strongest faith be combined, and "your labour cannot be in vain in the Lord.”

* Dr. Philip before the London Missionary Society.

Go from this sacred place under the influence of all its thrilling associations. Here every motive to exertion seems to gather redoubled power. That blessed Being whom we love above all others, the Son of the living God--the Saviour of lost men has impressed himself upon everything around us. The very ground we tread is holythe air we breathe is love. Olivet, Kedron, Gethsemane, Calvary, every street, every object recalls him.

Go, my younger brethren, go from this place with his love breathing in your hearts, - his command sounding in your ears, - and his glory filling your eye. Once more survey the world from this central spot. Never forget the relative importance of its different nations. Catch his full meaning, when he gave the commission to his Apostles. Remember that those of you who act under this commission are the ministers of God to do his pleasure.” With the spirit that forsakes all for him, and having ascertained where he would have you labour, go forth to your delightful work.

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