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drawn from their love to him and his presence, their view of his glory,
and their being emptied of self-righteousness, C.


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P A Ꭱ Ꭲ . IV:


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Sect. 1. Of creation. The first chapter of Genesis compendised,
The sum of creation,


Seft. 2. Of redemption. The mystery of the Redcemer's incarnation;

or, God manifested in the flesh,


The sum of redemption,

Page 253

Se&t. 3. The Redeemer's work; or, Christ all in all, and our complete

redemption : A gospel-catechism for young Christians,

Şect. 4. Faith and works both excluded from the matter of justification

before God, that redemption may appear to be only in Chrift, 257


Se&. 1. The difference between justification and sanctification; or,

righteousness imputed and grace imparted, in upwards of thirty


Sect. 2. The harmony between justification and sanctification,


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A Paraphrase, or large Explicatory Poem on the Song

of Solomon,

Page 309

Preface to the curious reader, containing the Author's apology for

the undertaking; shewing his design in writing the poem, his manner of doing it; with what is to be his proper theme,

310 Preface to the serious reader; pointing out the divine warrant for such

productions, ascertaining the proper sense of the Song, offering a suitable key for understanding it, guarding it against the cavils of profane wits, affirming its authenticity, and pleading for favourable allowances, for want of a proper degree of spirituality in treating it,


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CH A P. I. The church's love unto Christ. - She confesseth her

deformity, and prayeth to be directed to his flock. Christ directeth her to the shepherds' tents; and fheweth his love to her, giving her gracious promises. The church and Christ congratulate one another, 317

The title of the song,

ib. The church's love unto Christ, ver. 1, –4.

ib. She confesseth her deformity, ver. 5, 6.

320 She prayeth to be directed to Christ's flock, verse 7.

322 Christ directeth the spouse to the shepherd's tents, verse 8. 323

Sheweth his love to her by commendations, ver. 9, 10. 324 Giveth her gracious promises, verse 11.

325 The church and Chritt's congratulations, ver. 129–17. 326,-331 The church's commendation of Christ, ver. 13, 14.

327 Christ commendeth the Spouse's beauty, verse 15.

329 The church returns the commendation, and extolleth her Beloved's beauty, ver. 16, 17.

329, 330

CHA P. II. The mutual love of Christ and his church. The hope

and calling of the church.-Christ's care of the church.-The profession of the church, her faith

332 Chrift's speech concerning himself and the church, ver. 1, 2, 332, 333 The spouse commends her Beloved, and prefers him above all others, verse 3.

334 Remembers the pleasure and satisfaction she had in communion with Christ, verse 4.


and hope,

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