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-come, Lieutenant Pistol, come Bardolph. I shall be sent for soon at night. : : :

As they go, they are met by : The CHIEF JUSTICE, PRINCE John, PRINCE

HUMPHREY, &c. . Ch. Just. Go,carry Sir John Falstaff from the Court. Take all his company away with him. : Fal. My Lord, my Lord ! Ch. Just. I cannot now speak : I will hear you

soon, When reformation shall have wash'd away The foul offences of your former life.

? exeunt FAL.SHAL. Pist. BAR.

: Page, led off by Officers, a? Glo.' This just proceeding of the King will'win The love and admiration of the world. Lanc. Thrice happy land, with ev'ry virtue

grac'd, Whose sons, inflam'd with gen'rous loyalty, Firm in their union, scorn Invasion's boast! Thrice happy King, who, free from Faction's wiles, By wisdom guided, and with justice arm’d, Reveres the freedom, which supports his throne; Whofe bliss is founded on the public good;' Whose strongest bulwark is his People's Love!

- (Exeunt." THE END.

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