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did we find any real loss, from not following our business on the Sabbath, for we in genė. ral found, that if others, who were less mindful of, or had not the same view of the command respecting the Sabbath day, succeeded in their efforts to obtain fish, we sel. đom failed to have a decided advantage over them in the next week. I could relate many instances, when after refraining from fishing on Sunday, while others were so em. ployed, our labours in the next week, sucu ceeded in a manner so striking, that I be. lieve there was not a man in the ship, who did not consider it the effect of the divine blossing

DEATH OF A JEWISH GIRL. Amidst the good that is doing for the hea. then nations, the Jews are not neglected. And though it is up-hill work to labour for a people, on whom the curse of God is lying fur their treatment of the Messiah, he does not leave us without hope, that the time to favour his ancient people is come. Many Jews throughout Europe have of late years been converted to Christ, and many have died in his faith and love. I am now going to give my young readers an account of the recent death of a Jewish girl in the school of the London society. In this school Jew. ish boys and girls are brought up in the

knowledge of him, whom sheir forefathers despised and rejected. At an early age she entered this fold, which has been graciously prepared for the lambs of the lost sheep of Israel. Her conduct while in the school was very good ; and at the age of fifteen, she went to be servant with a lady, who was so well pleased with her, that she kept her even after illness rendered her useless. 10 was then thought right to send her to a hos pital, where, as her outward man perished, her inward man was renewed day by day. It was delightful to witness her suffering patience, thankfulness, and holy joy in her Redeemer. Did a kind hand but smooth her pillow, the look of grateful affection still went with her words, while she confessed the Lord's great goodness in sending her such friends.

She set a high value on the prayers of true Christians. Once, when in great agony, she exclaimed, “ Pray for me; I am in vio. lent pain; but the Lord will support ore, if you pray with me. He has promised to answer the prayer of his people."

Al the means of grace were prized by her. The visits of her minister were always anaiously looked for; and once, on being asked why she wished so much to see him, she replied" because he taught me where to seek the happiness I am now enjoying:” and added, that she had prayed for him, and for every person belonging to the society.

The word of God was precious to her. A little boy in the house where she died often read to her. For his welfare she appeared greatly anxious. She gave him her Bible, telling him she hoped he would often read that sweet book, or he would never go to heaven. She also got her nurse to promise that she would go to church every Sunday.

But her schoolfellows, the daughters of Israel, were ever nearest her heart. When. ever one of them came to her, she was sure to send some kind message to the rest, beg. ging their prayers for herself, and urging* on them a serious attention to their public and private devotions.

Awaking from sleep one day, she cried out; “ Lord Jesus, I believe on thy name:" and begged that the 3rd and 14th chapters of St. John might be read to her; verses out of which she often repeated.

The mother of one of her schoolfellows, whose husband had died in the faith, went to see her, and asked if she was happy. “ Yes, (she replied) and hoping soon to be with your husband in glory.”

A converted Jew visited her; and after praying with her, said; “I envy you, dear child; I wish I was in your place.” “ But I could not give up my place," she answered, In the early part of the last day of her suffering she seemed in too great pain to speak; but at length remarked, " The Lord has said, where I am, there ye shall be also.” About three o'clock, she said to a person sit. ting beside her, “Oh! dear, how long do you think it will be before the Lord will please to relieve me;" adding, “Dear Lord, thy will be done; take me now, O Lord, help me.” Half an hour before she died, she said, “I have been praying for you all. The Lord will soon take me now.” The Lord did take her: she went to sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven; and left to the Lon. don Society for promoting Christianity among the Jews, a silent, but powerful exhortation, to thank God and take courage.


HYMN IV..." Thy will be done on earth, as it

is in heaven.”

When to thy presence 1 aspire,

With feelings thou alone hast wrought ; Hear, holy Lord, the high desire,

The solemn prayer thyself hast taught.. Teach me to know thy will, and love, As saints and seraphs do above; Thy grace to bless-thy pow'r to fear, And live almost an angel here.

Bot can I, bound with mortal chain,

And compassed with the veil of clays. Can I to angel's state attain, .

Adore like them, like them obey P. Yes, thou by miracle of grace, Canst change this sinful heart, and trace A brighter, fairer image there, Than angels, unredeem'd, can wear. Teach me when trials, dark and dread,

Around me rise in fierce array ;
Like thee to bow the willing head,

And firmly trust, and meekly pray.
That holy prayer (remember'd well)
Which from thy lip in sorrow fell,
Teach me to think on, till I feel
Like calmness o'er my bosom steal.

Shall I forgetful of thy woes,

Desire a brighter lot than thine ?
When thorns entwin'd thy sacred brows,

Shall rose and myrtle circle mine?
Alas ! 'tis little man can know
Of tbine unutterable woe;
Then, Lord, the little he can share,
O may I meekly, gladly bear.

And not alone, in trying hour

Be thou thy youthful suppliant nigh; The summer's drought may kill the flow'r,

No less than winter's stormy sky.
Then ever keep me, Lord, thy own;
Nor pray I for myself alone :
Mlay grace and strength to all be given,
To do thy will like saints in heaven.

Re H.

Printed by A. Foster, Kirkby Lonsdale.

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