History and September 11th

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Joanne Jay Meyerowitz
Temple University Press, 2003 - Всего страниц: 273
The contributors to this landmark collection set the attacks on the United States in historical perspective. They reject the simplistic notion of an age-old "clash of civilizations" and instead examine the particular histories of American nationalism, anti-Americanism, U.S. foreign policy, and Islamic fundamentalism among other topics. With renewed attention to Americans' sense of national identity, they focus on the United States in relation to the rest of the world. A collection of recent and historical documents—speeches, articles, and book excerpts—supplement the essays. Taken together, the essays and sources in this volume comment on the dangers of seeing the events of September 11 as splitting the nation's history into "before" and "after." They argue eloquently that no useful understanding of the present is possible without an unobstructed view of the past. Author note:Joanne Meyerowitzis Professor of History at Indiana University and editor ofThe Journal of American History.

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History and September 11th

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This collection of essays, complete with primary sources, by noted scholars in the fields of terrorism, the Middle East, fundamentalist religious movements, anti-Americanism and foreign relations ... Читать весь отзыв


Modernization in
Notes on the CIAs Secret War in Afghanistan
A Cultural History of the War without
The September 11 2001 Oral History Narrative
History in the Fundamentalist Imagination
Conjuring with Islam II
The Need for and Elements of a More
The War Room
The KingCrane Commission Report August 28 1919
Address to a Joint Session of Congress and
About the Contributors
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Joanne Meyerowitz is Professor of History at Indiana University and editor of The Journal of American History. Contributors: R. Scott Appleby, Mary Marshall Clark, Nur Bilge Criss, Nick Cullather, Michael H. Hunt, Bruce R. Kuniholm, Bruce B. Lawrence, Ussama Makdisi, Melani McAlister, John Prados, Emily S. Rosenberg, Marilyn Blatt Young, and the editor.

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