Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression

Передняя обложка
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1946
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Стр. 312 - It is my unalterable decision to smash Czechoslovakia by military action in the near future.
Стр. 711 - We see absolutely no reason for any obligation on our part to feed also the Russian people with the products of that surplus territory. We know that this is a harsh necessity bare of any feelings. A very extensive evacuation will be necessary without any doubt and it is sure that the future will hold very hard years in store for the Russians.
Стр. 402 - Political discussions have been initiated with the aim of clarifying Russia's attitude for the time being. Irrespective of the results of these discussions, all preparations for the East which have already been verbally ordered, will be continued. Instructions on this will follow as soon as the general outline of the Army's operational plans has been submitted to, and approved, by me.
Стр. 403 - The German Armed Forces must be prepared to crush Soviet Russia in a quick campaign before the end of the war against England.!
Стр. 123 - A large part of them has starved, or died because of the hazards of the weather. Thousands also died from spotted fever. The camp commanders have forbidden the civilian population to put food at the disposal of the prisoners, and they have rather let them starve to death.
Стр. 419 - ... there are Communists concerned or not, in order to use them for Intelligence purposes inside of the camp, and if advisable, later in the occupied territories also. By use of such informers, and by use of all other existing possibilities, the discovery of all elements to be eliminated among...
Стр. 696 - Reich Leader SS and Chief of the German Police in the Reich Ministry of the Interior.
Стр. 320 - I will decide to take action against Czechoslovakia only if I am firmly convinced as in the case of the occupation of the demilitarized zone and the entry into Austria that France will not march and therefore England will not intervene.
Стр. 297 - ... following expositions, then we are left to reply to the questions "when" and "how". In this regard we have to decide upon three different cases.

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