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3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted
With wisdom from on high,
Shall we to men benighted

The lamp of life deny?
Salvation! O Salvation!

The joyful sound proclaim, Till earth's remotest nation

Has learn'd Messiah's name.
4 Waft, waft ye winds, his story,
And you, ye waters roll,
Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole;
Till o'er our ransom'd nature,
The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,

In bliss returns to reign.



1 GREAT Saviour, let thy pow'r divine
O'er all the earth be known;
Let all, to thee, their will resign,
And make thy will their own.

2 Perversion marks the guilty way,
Which heathens madly tread;
From all thy laws they go astray,
And hasten to the dead.

3 Thou, Saviour-God, hast pow'r alone
To turn their wand'ring feet,

To bend their souls before thy throne,
Low at thy mercy seat:

4 For all the pow'r, beneath, above,
Thy wounded hands sustain;
Then sway the sceptre of thy love,
And let thy mercy reign.



The Glory of God in his Works and in his Word. 1 GREAT Sun of Righteousness, arise!

Oh bless the world with heav'nly light! Thy gospel makes the simple wise:

Thy laws are pure-thy judgments right.

2 Thy noblest wonders here we view,
In souls renew'd and sins forgiv'n:-
Lord, cleanse my sins-my soul renew,
And make thy word my guide to heav'n.

Universal Reign of Christ.


1 GREAT God, whose universal sway
The known and unknown worlds obey,
Now give the kingdom to thy Son,
Extend his pow'r-exalt his throne.
2 As rain on meadows newly mown,
So shall he send his influence down;
His grace, on fainting souls, distils,
Like heav'nly dew, on thirsty hills.
3 The heathen lands, that lie beneath
The shades of overspreading death,
Revive at his first dawning light,
And deserts blossom at the sight.
4 The saints shall flourish in his days,
Dress'd in the robes of joy and praise;
Peace, like a river, from his throne,
Shall flow to nations yet unknown.



1 JESUS shall reign where'er the sun Doth his successive journeys run;

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, Till moon shall wax and wane no more.

2 For him shall endless pray'r be made,

And praises throng to crown his head;
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise
With ev'ry morning sacrifice.

3 People and realms of ev'ry tongue
Dwell on his love with sweetest song;
And infant voices shall proclaim
Their early blessings on his name.
4 Blessings abound where'er he reigns,
The joyful pris'ner bursts his chains;
The weary find eternal rest,

And all the sons of want are blest.


5 Let ev'ry creature rise and bring
Peculiar honours to our King;
Angels descend with songs again,
And earth repeat the loud Amen.

HYMN. L. P. M.

Rejoicing in View of God's Universal Reign.


1 LET all the earth their voices raise,
To sing a psalm of lofty praise,

To sing and bless Jehovah's name;
His glory let the heathen know,
His wonders to the nations show,

And all his saving works proclaim.
2 Oh! haste the day-the glorious hour,
When earth shall feel his saving pow'r,
And barb'rous nations fear his name:

Then shall the race of man confess
The beauty of his holiness,

And in his courts his grace proclaim.



1 I LOVE thy kingdom, Lord,
The house of thine abode,

The church, our blest Redeemer sav'd
With his own precious blood.

2 I love thy church, O God!

Her walls before thee stand, Dear as the apple of thine eye, And graven on thy hand.

3 For her my tears shall fall;
For her my pray'rs ascend;
To her my cares and toils be given,
Till toils and cares shall end.

4 Beyond my highest joy

I prize her heav'nly ways,
Her sweet communion-solemn vows,
Her hymns of love and praise.

5 Jesus, thou friend divine,

Our Saviour, and our King,
Thy hand from every snare and foe,
Shall great deliv'rance bring.

6 Sure as thy truth shall last, To Zion shall be giv❜n

The brightest glories earth can yield, And brighter bliss of heav'n.


100 Christ crowned as Lord of all.

1 ALL hail, the great Immanuel's name! Let angels prostrate fall:

Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all.

2 Crown him, ye martyrs of our God,
Who from his altar call;

Praise him who shed for you his blood,
And crown him Lord of all.

3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,
A remnant weak and small,

Hail him who saves you by his grace,
And crown him Lord of all.

4 Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget
The wormwood and the gall;
Go spread your trophies at his feet,
And crown him Lord of all.

5 Let ev'ry kindred-ev'ry tribe,
On this terrestrial ball,

To him all majesty ascribe,
And crown him Lord of all.

6 Oh! that with yonder sacred throng, We at his feet may fall;

[blocks in formation]

2 Few be the years that roll,
Ere all shall worship thee;
The travail of his soul
Soon let the Saviour see:
O God of grace!
Thy power employ;
Fill earth with joy,
And heav'n with praise.


HYMN. 7's.

1 WAKE the song of jubilee, Let it echo o'er the sea!

Now is come the promis'd hour; Jesus reigns with sov'reign pow'r! 2 All ye nations, join and sing, "Christ, of lords and kings is King!" Let it sound from shore to shore, Jesus reigns for evermore! 3 Now the desert lands rejoice, And the islands join their voice; Yea, the whole creation sings, "Jesus is the King of kings.'



103 Exhortation to Universal Praise.

1 FROM all that dwell below the skies,
Let the Creator's praise arise:
Let the Redeemer's name be sung,
Through ev'ry land-by ev'ry tongue.

2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord; Eternal truth attends thy word;

Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore, Till suns shall rise and set no more.




1 NOW in the heat of youthful blood,
Remember your Creator, God:
Behold the months come hast'ning on,
When you shall say-" My joys are gone."

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