Military Establishment Appropriation Bill for 1942: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Seventy-seventh Congress, First Session, on the Military Establishment Appropriation Bill for 1942

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1941 - Всего страниц: 769

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Стр. 60 - ... 1 ) The registrant is, or but for a seasonal or temporary interruption would be. engaged in such activity. (2) The registrant cannot be replaced because of a shortage of persons with his qualifications or skill in such activity. (3) The removal of the registrant would cause a material loss of effectiveness in such activity.
Стр. 175 - All printing, binding, and blank-book work for Congress, the Executive Office, the Judiciary (other than the Supreme Court of the United States), and every executive department, Independent office, and establishment of the Government...
Стр. 15 - That all officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of the Army of the United States, other than the officers and enlisted men of the Regular Army, if called or ordered into the active military service by the Federal Government for extended military service in excess of thirty days...
Стр. 335 - Parliamentarian from $2,760 to $3,000 per annum and $1,500 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent instead of $750.
Стр. 362 - Amounts appropriated for the expenses of the joint committee shall be disbursed one-half by the Secretary of the Senate and one-half by the Clerk of the House.
Стр. 48 - Such person, at the time the registrant is classified, must depend in fact for support in a reasonable manner, in view of such person's circumstances, on Income earned by the registrant by his work in a business, occupation, or employment (including employment on work relief projects but excluding employment as an enrollee in the Civilian Conservation Corps and similar employment in the National Youth Administration).
Стр. 48 - Such person must in fact regularly receive from the registrant contribution,': (including payments to a divorced wife) to the support of such person and such contributions' must not be merely a small part of such person's support. Even though the registrant is unable to furnish to such person money or other support for temporary periods because of the registrant's physical or economic situation, he may be considered to be regularly contributing to such person's support, if such person and the community...
Стр. 74 - In addition to these maintenance and repair activities, the Architect of the Capitol is charged with the planning and construction of such buildings as may be committed to his care by Congress from time to time. Over and above these functions, the Architect of the Capitol serves as a member of the Joint Commission to Acquire a Site and Additional Buildings for the Library of Congress, of the Commission for the Enlarging of the Capitol Grounds, of the District of Columbia Zoning Commission, of the...
Стр. 69 - Provided, That any appropriations under the control of the Librarian of Congress may be expended without reference to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 USC 5) in any case when the total amount of the purchase involved does not exceed the sum of $100.

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