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A wonderful book - thank you - amazing!

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This book is a wonderful piece of work both in content and how simply it is explained. When you read this book, it becomes very clear just how much our heavenly Father loves us. The knowledge I have received from this book has enhanced my knowlegde of the understanding of the Word of God and what it really means to have Christ in me. Many of us know that when you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and that God raised him from the dead, you become 'born again' - you receive gift of holy spirit. But many of us don't understand truly what this means and what we now are capable of. This book explains it - wow!! I recommend this book and look forward towards the author's publishing Vol 2. *****
Don't miss your opportunity to know who you are in Christ!

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From a splinter group from cultish US Christian sect/cult The Way (a charmless bunch of Gay-hating, Holocaust-denying brainwashers with an unpleasant sideline in bullying and sexual abuse), this is a typically evangelical piece of nonsense. You know the sort...let's delve the Bible, try to find evidence that supports our extreme-only-we-understand-Christianity approach. Of course, it's not an academic approach - just an exercise in mysticism.
Thankfully, although misleadingly, there's nothing in here to indicate the sect's extremely unpleasant ideas on the family, gay people etc.
Quite why anyone, other than the handful of group members, would want to read this is hard to comprehend.
But then it's equally hard to imagine why supposedly intelligent individuals would believe or be involved with such an unpleasant set of ideas.

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