Klamath River Indian Fishing Rights Oversight: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session ... May 21, 1979, Washington, D.C., May 26, 1979, Eureka, California, Часть 2

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Стр. 218 - Nothing herein (1) affects other limitations on judicial review or the power or duty of the court to dismiss any action or deny relief on any other appropriate legal or equitable ground; or (2) confers authority to grant relief if any other statute that grants consent to suit expressly or impliedly forbids the relief which is sought.
Стр. 216 - The general rule is that a suit is against the sovereign if "the judgment sought would expend itself on the public treasury or domain, or interfere with the public administration,
Стр. 303 - Indian tribes are unique aggregations possessing attributes of sovereignty over both their members and their territory, Worcester v.
Стр. 301 - In carrying out its treaty obligations with the Indian tribes the Government is something more than a mere contracting party. Under a humane and selfimposed policy which has found expression in many acts of Congress and numerous decisions of this Court, it has charged itself with moral obligations of the highest responsibility and trust. Its conduct, as disclosed in the acts of those who represent it in dealings with the Indians, should therefore be judged by the most exacting fiduciary standards.
Стр. 214 - Tribe] lacked full and fair opportunity to litigate the issue in the first action or unless other circumstances justify affording him an opportunity to relitigate the issue.
Стр. 66 - JOHN R. MCGUIRE, CHIEF, FOREST SERVICE, US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Mr. Chairman and members of the committee; thank you for this opportunity to present the views of the Department of Agriculture on HR 9719 and S.
Стр. 30 - Interior, provided that at least 30 percent of those entitled to vote shall vote in such election; but no amendment shall become effective until it shall have been approved by the Secretary of the Interior.
Стр. 37 - County supervisor, and officials from the state Department of Fish and Game, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Bureau of Land Management, tried to create a report that could recommend stabilization of the lake level.
Стр. 26 - Subsistence uses means the customary and traditional uses by rural Alaska residents of wild, renewable resources for direct personal or family consumption as food, shelter, fuel, clothing, tools, or transportation; for the making and selling of handicraft articles out of nonedible byproducts of fish and wildlife resources taken for personal or family consumption...
Стр. 103 - Pish canning and freezing establishments are located along the coast from Crescent City in the north to San Diego in the south.

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